Thursday, December 27, 2012

Winter FUN!

We have had SO MUCH SNOW this week....

Will got stuck...
So Carter tossed his shovel over 
and said, "Hold on! I'll pull you!"

Saturday, November 3, 2012


Turns out 3 was the magic age for Halloween to be fun for Will. He had SO. MUCH. FUN! A few weeks before the big day he announced the costumes: I would be a witch, he'd be a princess, and RJ would be the tooth fairy! HA! Luckily that changed a little...he now wanted to be a witch. I kept trying to think of how I could do a boy-ish witch costume....he was adamant that be was NOT a warlock, NOT a wizard...a WITCH! So, we went with it!

He had a blast at his day care, then Daryla picked him up and brought him to the Ellis parade. The kids LOVED seeing him....he did NOT love seeing the Garbage Monster!

After a restful nap, we went trick or treating. My goodness, he loved it this year! He would cackle his way right up to the door, knock, then sweetly say, "Trick or treat!" And always a thank you! At first, he made up a little song and skipped his way from house to house singing, "It's Halloween! It's Halloween!"

At one neighbor's house (who we know, luckily!), he took his treat, then said, "Give my mom one please...then give my dad one, please." Ha! We didn't even practice that! ;)

We passed a lady pushing a stroller (the kid it belonged to was out and trick or treating)....he worriedly looked in, looked up at her, and said, "Um, your baby fell out." His tone was just so funny.

We had a great Halloween!

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Doctor Visit

I was explaining to Will that he'd be going to see the doctor tomorrow...

Me: "Maybe he can fix your runny nose!"

Will: "Yeah, and maybe he can fix that ouch..." while pointing at the monster zit on my chin. Awkward.

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Sunday, September 23, 2012


Tonight, Will was watching a show on the iPad. I told him I was going to clean the bathroom while he finished his show, then it was time for bed.

When I came back, he had finished the first show and started another. I told him it was time to turn it off and go to bed. His response? "Go, I mean, The bathroom is still just a little bit messy..." with a sneaky little smirk! Ha!

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What a Morning!

So...we left for work about 7:20 this morning, driving along to W's child care. He grabbed the iPad and was playing "Where's My Water?" I suddenly could hear liquid in the first thought was that the game has really awesome sound effects! Ha....Will was throwing up EVERYWHERE! Poor thing. He started crying and saying, "I need a wipe!"
We pulled over and cleaned up a little...then headed into my classroom for some quick sub plans. Poor Will sat in a chair, crying and saying, "I just need some help cleaning up, mom!"
Once we got home, had a bath, washed the car/car seat/clothes/EVERYTHING....W started eating and says he's all better now. He pigged out on corn, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, beef jerky, and applesauce....isn't that just the grossest combination?

When he got dressed he said, "I'll wear something that will make me better!" and chose his "I love Nana" shirt! He's beginning to work the system, "Mom, I need that cereal. It makes me better."
Let's hope this is short lived....I'll be cleaning my car...That SMELL! Ew.
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Monday, September 17, 2012

Primary Program

Our church meeting today was the Primary program. The nursery kids had a song to sing. At the practice yesterday, Will was not having it. He stood, saying, "I don't want to do it, mom!" in the saddest little timid voice. So, I didn't expect today to go well! As I gave him a pep talk this morning, he said, "No, mama, you sing. I'll sit on the couches (pews) and read those books (hymn books)." Ha! the Primary kids got up from their seats to go sing, Will joined in. It wasn't the nursery kids turn yet, but I didn't want to burst his little bubble. He was adamant, saying, "I go by myself, mom. All by myself!" He was so proud!

When it was actually time to sing, he just smiled...but it was cute and of course I was SO PROUD! One lady commented afterward that she had more fun watching me than watching the kids! Ha...I was just so happy watching him up there!

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Church Bulletin

Today at church, Will opened the church program and moved his finger across the words like he was "reading" it...

It said: "Get some pizza....Get a treat....Get a snack...."

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Will Funnies

Last night, W was brushing his teeth. He finished and let out a big sigh, then said, "Ah, I feel much better!" I said, "It feels good to have clean teeth!" He replied, "Fantastic, baby!"

Today, we were at City Creek looking at the stream. He spotted a fish and yelled, "SHARK!!!" Stopped some mall traffic!

Last week, we went shopping at Target and discovered that W is "so scared, mom!" to walk on the floor there. The reflection of the lights on the shiny linoleum floor freaks him out. I think it looks like the floor is moving? Not sure, but he scales the shelves trying to avoid the floor, or heads right to the carpet. It's actually kinda cute!

While at Target, I was paying and W found a toy by the check stand. When it came time to put it away, there was another customer blocking the way. Will looked right up at him and said, Move." while motioning with his hand. Luckily the guy was nice, because it was really pretty funny...and embarrassing! We had a little chat about saying, "Excuse me"...especially to strangers!

Will has also started calling me Josè! It's pretty funny to see people's faces when he calls his pale-faced, blonde-haired mom Josè! It started when I said, "No way, Josè!" to him, and he replied, "Yes, Josè!" stuck!

He doesn't understand that someone/something can have more than one today I said, "You are my best guy!" and he said, "No mom, I'm Will!" and the tone he says it in is so cute, it's as if I keep forgetting his name or something!

Speaking of which...we were headed to Salt Lake to see my family. He knew we were seeing "Nana and Bobo", so when I said we were going to Salt Lake, he started crying, "Not go to Salt Lake City, go to Nana's!"

I've been trying to explain to him that "Nana and Bobo" are my parents (despite the circus sounding names!) and that Nick and Paul are my brothers. What an abstract concept! I was talking about it the other day and W said, "Not your brothers, mom. They are my buddies!"

Will has been telling me lately that he wants a baby brother AND a baby sister "at the SAME TIME mom!" Yikes! I asked what their names would is DooDoo and sister is DooDee!

Love this kid!

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

RJ the Builder!

I'm so behind on some serious updates...loooooots of photos to weed through! 

In the meantime, we have had a busy summer! 
On a whim one day, we got on Pinterest and got building! 
RJ whipped up some awesome little step stools, 
and just kept going from there! 
He's been selling them via a link on Facebook and a new blog. 
It's been a fun summer hobby and they've been selling really well. 

Blog address: 

RJ's quite the Pinteresting! ;)

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Grocery List

Me: "Will, I'm going to the store!"

Will: "Ok! Get Cheetos, cookies, chocolate, and coke."

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Smart Kid

Me: "Will, do you want a kissing attack or a hugging attack?"

Will: "I want a cookie attack."

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Saturday, July 14, 2012

June Goal: Accomplished!

This may be the goal I am the very most proud of! In June, I decided I wanted to be a runner. I always hated running (I thought), but after an awesome run up the canyon, I think I just hated running on the treadmill. So, I set a goal to run in The Freedom Run on July 4. It's a 15k (just over 9 miles) through Blacksmith Fork Canyon, ending in Hyrum City Park.

A couple of things from the month:
  • Running is addicting. Start, and you'll want to keep it up!
  • Of course, some days it wasn't appealing, but I "rewarded" myself with new running pants, etc. on those days!
  • For me, having someone to cheer me on/kick my trash kept me going...BIG shout out to my sister in law, Amy, for the daily texts. Hugely kept me going! 
  • I feel like I don't really have a lot of hobbies/talents that I keep up on. So, making a goal...working on it nearly every day...then MEETING that goal was SO huge for me! Especially because it was a running goal...and I never thought I was a runner! Just the other day, RJ said, "Remember how you always wanted to be a runner?" YES! And now I am! And I LOVE it!
  • During the race, I had my iPhone with me. I had trained using it because I have a running app that I love and a playlist, too. I know a lot of runners don't like to hold anything, let alone something so bulky, but I loved it. It gave me a distraction when I needed it- picking out the next song, checking my running app, etc. Plus, so many awesome friends and family cheered me on via text during the race and that was super motivating for me. It was like someone was there with me keeping me going! There were a couple funny parts...when I got to the big hill, the song "I Hate This Part"  came on...when I was about a mile from the finish line, "Feel So Close" came on! Then as I got closer, "Glad You Came" and "Good Feeling" came on...thought those titles were pretty fitting to the moment! I finished to "The Fighter", which was motivating. felt really good to do something just for me, that I wanted to do, that I had to continually work for....and then actually accomplish it! What a great feeling! I know you all out there have experienced that in some way in your life, and have had the same accomplishment feeling.

Now for all the pictures!

The three runners...Amy (my sister-in-law) and Greg (my father-in-law)  

At right about the 7th mile, there is a hill...whew! I had in my head that I'd run as far as I could up the hill, then walk when I needed to. But...I was able to run it! When I was about half way up the hill, I got a text from RJ with this sweet picture of Will cheering me on! Definitely helped me finish that nasty hill!

The three of us runners! Amy and I fulfilled our craftiness quota for like years by making our own shirts!
We wanted to be to Pinterest we went!

Greg got 6th place in his division!

Will was sooo tired being up that early...

This race, and the feeling of accomplishing something I had never remotely done before, was among the coolest things I've done. I enjoyed it so much and plan to continue. I'm so grateful to Amy for pushing me and keeping me going! We're set to do the Boise City of Trees half marathon in October!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

iPad vs. computer

W's first time on a computer at the library. He kept trying to make it a touchscreen (kid is an iPad master)...when I explained he needed to use the mouse, he did hand on the mouse, one hand still trying to use a touchscreen!

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Monday, July 9, 2012

My Sweet Husband

Will and I went to Salt Lake for the weekend (more on that later). While we were gone, RJ worked on a secret project! He's so good at surprises, and I looooove being the one to benefit.

I got home Saturday afternoon to discover our room completely cleaned and reorganized. He (and his generous dad) built a new tv mount and a new shoe shelf. the best part...he setup a little "getting ready" station for me! Organized all my makeup, perfumes, and girly stuff.

His newfound love of Pinterest (!) lead him to repurpose this paint can! So crafty! And look in the background...he's so sweet and hung up my award, complete with adding a polka dot ribbon!

How cute is this?! He clipped the race results from the Freedom Run I ran on the 4th, glued my race number, framed it and hung it on the wall! So thoughtful!

I have a little quirk that I love little sayings/quotes...he grabbed the ones I had hanging, bought a little mirror, and glued them around to make a fun frame! So pinteresting! ;)

Love my organized, clean room and REALLY love my crafty, thoughtful husband!

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bed Routine

After W's bathe and teeth brushing, we're off to say prayers. If you haven't heard a toddler pray lately, find yourself one (in a non-creepy way!) and listen in on that prayer...will melt your heart. He's very thorough that all arms are folded and eyes closed...even Mr. Monk. He's also thorough that everyone from both sides of the family is included. Sometimes we show our gratitude to other items as well...a few weeks back we were grateful to have alligators and baby chicks. Last week we blessed the couch. And last night we blessed pizza! Anyway-sweetest little thing!

Then we have to say goodnight at the door, so that Will can close his own door (you see this raging independence streak). We do knuckles, 5, slide, love, and kiss. Then he closes the door. But...just last night he discovered he could still talk to me before I walk away. So right as the door closed.... "Mama?" "Yes?" "Mama, what are you doin'?"
"Oh just getting ready for bed, what are you doing?"
"Oh just getting ready for bed, too!"
"Well goodnight!"
"Goodnight mama! Sweet dreams! Have a good day soon!" (I think that was supposed to be a mixture of have a good day and see you soon...still cute mixed!)

So sweet! He's speaking in sentences a lot more, and is able to articulate what he's thinking. Yesterday we were driving around town and he said, "Mama? Go to the bank, the park, and the chicken place. Sound like a good plant mama?"
Loved that he has started to think sequentially like that, and that plant = plan!

Love this kid!!!!

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I have a feeling that my blog posts are going to be little gems from Will for quite a while...

In church yesterday, there was a picture of Jesus blessing children. The teachers were talking about the picture and one girl said, "Yeah, my daddy gives me blessings!" Another said that her dad helps her say prayers. Another said her dad reads scriptures to the can see where this is going.... Will says, "My dad watches movies!"


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Sunday, June 24, 2012


Yesterday, I told Will we were going to go on a walk.

"Bring my baby sister?"

Me: "Your baby sister?"

W: "Yeah. I bring her?"

Um....maybe Will knows something I don't? We don't have any announcements though...!

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Fruit Pizza

Me: "Will, we're going to make a fruit pizza. It's a giant sugar cookie, with fruit on top!"

Will: "No, mama, I don't want the fruit...just the BIG cookie!"

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Friday, June 15, 2012


Will's starting to say really funny things....

He can usually count accurately, but sometimes it's more like, "5,7,9,20!"
Tonight, his Grandpa was helping him count correctly.
As Grandpa finished counting, Will said, "You did it!" if Greg was practicing for his own benefit!

Then he put a hanger on his head and roared at his cousin Morgan. He quickly moved the hanger and said, "It just me!" As if she couldn't tell...

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Sunday, June 3, 2012

June Goal....Yikes!

Ok, first of all, I've become a horrible blogger! May was a whirlwind of school craziness. I had a bit of an epiphany....As RJ finished up school, I knew it would be so fun to have the same schedule. Especially once our kids are in school, we'll all have the same days off of school/work. Something I failed to take into consideration is that when we're busy and stressed out about work...we both are. I think in a lot of marriages, one or the other has a busy, hectic schedule and the other can kinda pick up the slack at home, with kids, etc. This year, and especially May, was a bit of an eye opener (in a good way!) that our stressful times will need some accommodating! Which is fine, we're just learning how to best navigate the craziness!

SO...although I haven't even blogged EASTER yet....Here I go with my next monthly goal! May's goal was to clear off my school desk daily. It went...mostly well. Toward the end (again, the craziness!), things just got....crazy! But overall, it was ok.

My June goal? Well...I'm nervous! RJ's sister, Amy, has convinced me (conned me? ;) ) into running the Blacksmith Fork Freedom Run on July 4. It's a 15k (9.3 miles). So...June's goal is to be ready! I've been following my strict training regimen that my hardcore trainer (AMY!) has given me, and so far...all is well! Let me tell you though, I do not care one little bit about my long as I'm not the very last runner. I just want to finish to be able to say I did it! One of those life goals that if I don't do it now, when will I? goes! out there? I'll take all the advice I can get. Training strategies? Clothing? Shoes? Energy goop? Day of the race? Etc. (Liz? Marcus? I'm looking at you....!)

Monday, May 28, 2012

Back to blogging the Bachelorette..... Watching with my SIL Amy, a fellow fan who has her money on Ryan (no, literally, she has money on him winning), but wants Charlie to win.

-Um...her mom serves her breakfast in bed?
-Ooooh...Ricky getting camera shy? Producers will bribe that away real fast
-Here comes the adventurous date....
-"Relationships are a steady climb..." Blah.
-Chris is maybe cute?
-LIGHTNING!?! That is not ok!
-"We accomplished something together..."
-"I was going to give her a kiss, but went for the high-five instead..."
-OK, she is really is so pretty
-They might be too physically attracted to each other....
-And...his age might be a problem....
-"She likes Jef, and that annoys me" (Says Amy, and yes...totally)
-Oh, Chris backs up his age...good move
-How awkward would it be to have a private concert....with thousands of people watching...
-"Could I give you a kiss at the end of this song?" Awkward. Don't ask.
-Amy: "Cue the slow song... and is this a break-up song?"
-"It's like it's just the two of us..." You know, aside from those people behind the yellow tape...
-Amy: "Charlotte is a town full of awkward dancers!"
-Remember how John's nickname is "Wolf"?! Let's leave the nicknames at home. Or you know, in college.
-Ryan might be too arrogant?
-Oooooh....the friend interviews...harsh!
-"They're all moms, they're very protective of me, and they are here to grill you." Yikes.
-I don't know if she'll choose someone who is a dad...too much competition
-OK, that egg. Really?!
-And dancing
-"Here for the right reasons"...cliche
-OK, Emily's friend is more into Sean than anyone else is...
-I know Emily can pull off anything...but that skirt?
-I love her big curls...I wish I could do them in my hair
-Why does she look so orange in the confessionals?!
-Someone that warns you from the start that they're picky/"selective"...uhoh
-It's cool that Sean admires his parents' marriage so much
-Ha, Doug saying that the friends remind him so much of his friends' good move
-Doug...break my heart with his family story
-Crying dad, Tony?, way to play the dad card
-Amy: "I don't know if crying is ever a good strategy..."
-Oh, Tony, get that sympathy
-Amy: "And I thought the women were bad..."
-Amy: "And what is with that sweater collar?! He's like Darth Maul"
-And here comes Emily to the rescue....
-RJ's commentary..."Did she just say 110%?" His ultimate pet peeve.
-Amy: "Doug is Ryan Reynolds to a T."
-Amy, about Jef: "HE IS NOT CUTE." Amen.
-Arie....bad grammar...not Emily and I....Emily and me
-I love how all the guys think no one else will have the "connection" they have
-Love her shirt
-You know Ryan is bummed that everyone gets all these dates on planes and helicopters...and he gets watching the soccer practice from the creeper car
-Ugh... that rollercoaster. I would HATE it. I don't do rides.
-Oh, Dolly
-Me: "I'm not sure Dolly Parton is the best person to be giving marriage advice...."
-My FIL: "Actually, she's been married to the same person for almost 50 years..." Oh. Who knew.
-More dancing, more slow songs, more kissing...
-I think it's awkward when they have these intensely close slow dancing moments...when they barely know each other
-Amy and I agree that Emily looks better with less makeup
-These first dates are so intense...anyone in a normal setting would RUN after these questions
-It's cool that she knows and will say that she is a good mom. Moms question our abilities too much.
-I like cute, seems genuine
-Ugh. I hate the fake sending home, then give a rose. Mean.
-Amy: "Dolly's going to go around on the carousel singing..." Creepy.
-Oh here comes Kalon with the hipster glasses
-Arie looks like someone...can't figure out who....
-At least Jef has a cute tie
-Wow. "I love it when you talk, but I wish you'd let me finish." SASS!
-"I do like tall, skinny and funny...but I don't like tall, skinny and condescending."
-Ok, egg boy whose name I don't even know. This is not ok.
-Yes she wants to smash it.
-The egg has a name?!? Didn't think it could get creepier.
-Compromise boy is done for. Might as well go get himself an egg.
-Goodbye compromise boy!
-But "here for the right reasons"...blah
-Arie to the rescue!
-Charlie's adorable. And should be expecting a call from Amy if Em doesn't pick him.
-Long hair boy....who are you?
-That updo is bad news bears
-Alejandro and his curly mullet with earrings...
-That dress flattering...she needs a pushup

Hum...loving this show! It's so trashy!
But...enough about "I'm ready to be a dad." Does she realize they're ALL going to say that?!

Monday, May 7, 2012

April/May Goals

I never blogged my April goal...because it was boring! About a day or two in, I was still thinking of one that I could manage. Then I saw my friend's April goal to floss daily. Yep, I copied! It was actually good for me...because maybe you all are loyal flosses out there...but me? I'm tired! Brushing is about all I can handle! But, you know, I found that flossing doesn't take so long and feels good, too! Plus, believe me, we had a whopper of a dental bill this year (after 20+ years of no cavities!) so every little bit helps.

On to May...

May is among my most stressful of months at school. Things are winding down, yet the biggest tests of the year lie ahead. And motivation lacks...for both my students and me. But, I've found that organization helps my motivation. The more I do, the more I continue to do. So, my goal is to leave with a clean desk daily. I've found that if I put things that absolutely have to get done on my desk, then make sure to clear said desk before heading home, work doesn't pile up. So....there you have it. So far, so good!

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What I Can't Believe

So. My first 5 years of teaching, I was lucky to be on great insurance. $10 copays for most prescriptions and similar for office visits. Ah. The good ol' days.

NOW. Our district is on a high deductible plan. I get how that saves money for most involved, and how it forces me to be more mindful of my health choices. For instance, you bet I'd go the doctor if I felt an inkling of needing to. Now, I will really think about it and wait it out a day or two, as it will cost me $100-200.

But...prescriptions. Oh MY. I just got put on a new prescription...$52 a month. Whew. (And I realize that's relatively cheap when we're talking health, and comparing to other meds... but when it used to be $10....). So, I called and asked for other, cheaper, options.

Here's the clincher. When I called one pharmacy for a cash price....$47. When I called another for a cash price on the VERY SAME item? $9. Nearly $40 difference a month! 

I'm all for taking my own health into my own hands...but I'm sure glad I checked. That $40 a month sure adds up. I just can't believe the same thing can be that big of a difference. I guess I need to think of prescriptions like any other item I buy and start shopping around for the best price, not just assuming stores will be comparable. Wow.

Monday, April 23, 2012


"Teacher, why is there a sticker of a skirt with jeans and shoes....? (rotates sticker)

...oh, it's a sailboat!"

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Valium = Volume

Inside recess, while watching a movie...

"Teacher, do you have any Valium?"

Me: "What?"

"Do you have any Valium? I can't hear the movie..."

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Will: "Mama? Chocolate milk, please?"

Me: "No, you can have regular milk though."

Will: "No. Chocolate milk."

Me: "No, white milk."

Will: "Yeah, WHITE chocolate milk."


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Monday, April 16, 2012


Will has started saying prayers at night. It's adorable...I tried to sneak in and film it one might while he and RJ were praying. He immediately opened his eyes and said, "Hi, mama!" Oops!

A snippet of tonight's prayer...

"Thank you for alligators and baby chicks...."

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Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring Break...Day 6...Day from Hell!

5 days of bliss before this...good thing.

It started off well when I got to unexpectedly see this lil' gem...

The "Up" house! It was adorable!

Off to City Creek we went. It was first. The calm before the storm.

Will, adoring Josh as usual!

Then it came.

Will threw THE BIGGEST FIT I'VE EVER SEEN. EVER. EEEVVVEER. It was so bad. I'm NOT exaggerating when I say a solid hour (or even more) of kicking and screaming. Now, all you parents are probably thinking your child's done it too. Will's thrown his fair share of fits. At home. Or at a place where I can quickly get to the car/home/a calm corner. He is able to be reasoned with or at the very least, bribed and distracted out of the fit.

Oh NO, not this one.

First of all, City Creek was understandably packed. Saturday afternoon. I knew that going in, and would never put my child in a situation like that if I saw any potential for what was about to happen. This has NEVER happened. He started with a little drama (hence, the ear plugging pic)...and full on screaming and kicking commenced. I was trapped in H&M...a steady stream of the slowest walkers of my life in front of me..while holding Will's flailing legs as to not kick any unsuspecting shoppers. We got outside (finally!) and it was just as bad. Oh the looks. My goodness. I KNOW people thought I was either awful at controlling my child or that I was kidnapping a child. Bless the souls of those nice few that gave me a sympathetic smile.

We walked the length of City Creek, yep, still kicking and screaming. I really thought once we saw RJ, he'd be able to calm him...usually a change of scenery (or parent) will do it. Nope. It continued.

Long story short, we gave up our Cheesecake Factory table we'd waited an hour and a half for to cram into a packed elevator (poor people), while the screaming continued. Let it be said that I craved Cheesecake Factory all week....or you know, since I had it Vegas, like 5 years ago. And RJ's never experienced the joy! The minute Will was put in his car seat, he went right to sleep. Bless his tired heart, but he has NEVER reacted that way or had SUCH a fit before. It was quite an experience.

The day only got worse...I was feeling nauseous all day and it soon started to really set in. I spent the night resting and went to bed as the worst houseguest ever at 10. I was so bummed...was SO looking forward to a night of games and laughing with our friends. But, alas, it was not to be.

The good news is...Spring break took a turn back to bliss and Easter was awesome! More to come...

P.S. RJ just walked in the room and asked what I was blogging about..."City Creek" "Oh, you mean 'City Shriek'?" See? Told you it was bad. Awful. Pretty sure we've been blacklisted from City Creek...or you know, all of Salt Lake...

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Spring Break...Day 5

We headed down to Salt Lake for a weekend o' fun with our pals Liz and Josh. We left early afternoonish, with plans to hit up the Living Planet Aquarium. It was awesome! I'll admit I kinda had doubts about an aquarium in Utah...landlocked, desert-ish Utah. I was pleasantly surprised! RJ and I both thought it was pretty near and Will LOVED it. It was just the right size for him...they did a great job putting steps near each exhibit, so little guys like Will could just weasel their way right through the crowds to see everything! It was fun to see Will get super excited about the simplest fish!

That night, Will hung out with my parents...AKA "Nana and Bobo"...while RJ and I met Liz and Josh for a huge, wonderful dinner at Rodizio! It's been a loooong time since we had dinner with friends and no Will (although we adore him, dinner out is not quite the same ;) ). It was so fun!

Us, being dorks as we waited for a table. I didn't take any pictures with L & J, because we were far too busy chatting!

Another awesome Spring Break day!

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Friday, April 6, 2012

Spring Break...Day 4

Baby Animal Days at American West Heritage Center! While it was fun, it was also crowded...

Some highlights...
The bean bag toss...Will just walked right up and put the bean bag in the hole!

Waited in line forevvvver to see baby bears....Will's persistent request. They were awesome...and Will was more interested in the LIGHTS. Lights! Funny what kids like...

At the bears, the kids got a bear mask. Anytime I told Will to put the mask on, he'd look at the bear side...which would show the not-as-cute back:

On our way out, Will hit meltdown mode...afterwards, he said, "Mama? Timeout." ...and sat himself down right there for a timeout!

The cutest moment was when we were walking along and Will randomly said, "Mama? I like dada." I said, "I like dada, too!" and he replied with, "Yeah, mama, I like dada, too!"

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