Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Birthday Fun!

Wow...I'm in awe of what an incredible day I've had! Seriously, birthdays are so great. When I was little, it was all about the gifts. Now, I look forward to hearing from old friends.
A birthday recap...
My day started off right at midnight, when RJ woke up Will and came to wish me a happy birthday. I was fast asleep when they attacked! RJ said Will went right back to sleep... I still can't believe he was willing to take that risk....could have been a disaster!
As I got in my car to go to work this morning, there was a bag of my favorite brownies that my father in law makes. He put the ends (my fave!) in my car so I'd have them all day! Yum!

My students were so excited...really, are there any better people to spend a birthday with?! Yesterday, a boy said, "Teacher, I bet you're excited for your birthday since you get to spend it with us, and we're SO excited!"

As students were trickling in this morning, a student said, "Teacher, I bet everyone's late because they're buying treats for you." ha! I did have so many generous students... embarrassingly, many brought diet coke and Oreos! They know me too well! One brought me girl scout cookies and said, "I brought you cookies because you're ALWAYS eating cookies!

My other fave line was "You're 29?! I thought you were 38!" Awesome.

After lunch, one of students hinted that I should leave the room. I went to the faculty fridge to get the milk for our Oreos and milk party (like the teacher could have a birthday and NOT bring treats?!) I came back to all the lights off and my students sitting in a circle. They yelled, "Surprise!" I acted shocked...and they broke out into song. After singing, they ushered me to my chair which they had moved to the middle of the circle. One girl said, "I like Mrs. Cox because..." Each student then followed with something they like about their totally surprised and appreciative teacher. It was seriously among the sweetest moments of my teaching career. This one student had planned and carried out the whole thing. This girl is like destined to be senior class president...she's a wonderfully generous leader. It was so fun---after I thanked them all, we had our treats, including donuts that a student brought in (another total surprise!).

(love the "key" on this one...!)

This sweet boy made 5 paper airplanes, with a message inside each.

The best part was that they were made out of his multiplication timings!

At recess, they were sneaky and took some paper out to make a card. They had everyone on class sign it. Look at this awesome guy...and see the erased part? "Prity mama"...HAAA!!

My sweet coworker put this cute sign up!

These beaded bracelets must be the cool thing...I got 5! Check out the says "Ms Co". The student said, "Sorry, I didn't have an 'x'...So I was going to write 'cool', but I didn't have time."

After school, Will and I decided it was a park day!

We went to dinner with RJ's fam at was yummy and fun, despite Will's royal fit on the way. There was one catch...I should have known better...I heard the clapping and saw the sombrero headed my way. Awkward!

I let RJ enjoy the fun, too..

Will loved the fried ice cream....every time he took a big spoonful, it'd slowly can see how well it went by the expression on RJ's face in the background.

We got home and enjoyed my ultimate favorite treat...Greg's brownies. They're amazing.

Will helped me open my presents...then kept looking for more, while saying, "Merry Christmas!" and looking where the Christmas tree December!

It was an awesome day, loved every moment!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


RJ's dad, Greg, has cut Will's hair since...well, almost since he started getting haircuts! It's their thing. They head upstairs and come back with trimmed hair. Will loves it. But, Greg said Will's hair needed some to the stylist they went!

Greg said Will did very well, and felt so comfortable that he helped himself to a second lollipop!

Today, anyone who asked Will about his haircut got, "Kami!" (the stylists name), then a very dramatic pointing to his head and "Water! Water!"

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Day at the Park

We had a blast at the park this afternoon... I can't get over how big Will looks in the picture above. Hands in his pockets (which got loaded up with rocks on the way home!), flip flops and all.

When we were done playing, he excitedly ran over to Dizzy, "Hi, Dizz!" and hugged her. So sweet...


During our bedtime story tonight, Will said each letter on the page.

As he got to the end of this sentence, he wasn't too sure about that weird question mark.

He said, "Um... S?"

Took me a minute to figure out what he meant!

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Holiday Confusion

Me: "Will, tomorrow's Grandma's birthday!"

Will: "Happy birthday! Surprise!....Merry Christmas!"

Me: "No, not Christmas...Grandma's birthday! We're going to give Grandma a present! What do you want to give her?"

Will: "Santa Clause!"

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Herm's Inn

Last weekend, we ventured out to try the new Herm's Inn, a local breakfast/lunch joint.

I heard the story of Herm...that the building was an old gas station about 70 years ago. During the Prohibition, Herm was making Moonshine up the canyon. Someone got word that he was about to get busted, so they ran ahead to tell him. In his effort to get rid of things and get back down the canyon quickly, he crashed and died....and the gas station has sat, empty for all this time. Can anyone confirm that this story is true? I'm curious!

Anyway- the building was bought and rented to a local restaurateur (what chatted at our table for a bit and is great) and a partner, who owns a similar place, Eggs in the City, in SLC (very close to my parents' house).

Herm's is redone with a lot of character- really cozy and fun inside. Everyone was ultra friendly and the food was delicious! I'm dying to go back and try lunch.

These are the original signs, and are now inside the restaurant. They have new ones outside.

Cute Mason jar mugs...and a cardboard deer (the only kind of deer I think should be on walls).

We were there on St. Patrick's Day...festive green pancakes and a (delicious!) shamrock cookie!

My amazing skillet that they were happy to customize for me. I love the idea of little local quaint and fun...and of course, delicious!

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Awesome #2

My students turn in these slips with the title of their chapter book. This gal added some flair to her name:

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So, in my class I use tickets. The kids earn them, then can "buy" privileges and supplies with them. They can also enter them into a drawing for privileges and prizes.

Look who entered the drawing today:

See the little "Just kidding!" in the corner? Ha!

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Monday, March 19, 2012

New Fave

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

More Random

* I'm a day behind....two posts coming tomorrow.

* I've been in such a "I don't have enough time to get everything done" funk....

* But today I got a lot done, and it was a good feeling. I love that "accomplished" feeling...even if it's brief.

* Got some great deals on some spring and summer clothes for Will it weird that I think I like buying clothes for him more than for me?

* One of my posts tomorrow will be about a new restaurant in Logan called Herm's...we went today and looooved it.

....I think that's all...

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Big Dreams

Student: "Teacher, I've been thinking that when I grow up, I'm going to just buy a phone and sit and play games on it all day."

Me: "Oh. How will you earn money?"

Student: "I won't need any."

Me: "Oh. How are you going to buy your phone and pay your other bills?"

Student: "I'll work a job at night time."

Me: "Oh. Well then when will you sleep?"

Student: "During the day."

Me: "But I thought you were going to play games on your phone all day...."

Student: defeated glare

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Today, RJ and I both went to an Apple iBooks training at our district office. It was very well done and the presenter was very knowledgeable.

At the end, he was talking about the direction he envisions technology to go in our district/area. He turned to the district personnel and said, "How are your privates?"

Awkward silence.

She said, "My what?"
He said, "Your private schools. How are your private schools in the area?"

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Broken Moon

As we were getting in the car this morning, Will got a worried expression on his face and said, "Broken moon!" while pointing to the half moon in the sky!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Child Proofing

Last night, Will went to bed downstairs, in his room, at about 8:00. I checked on him before I went to bed and he was sleeping peacefully. RJ was having a hard time sleeping, and finally went upstairs to try to sleep up there at about 2:00 AM.

He walked up the stairs-no lights were was pitch black. He got to the top of the stairs, unlatched the baby/pet gate....and heard, "Hi, Dada!"....there was Will, just sitting in the recliner, in the dark! (Ha, can you imagine RJ's face right now, and how high he probably jumped, ha!)

He asked Will what he was doing and was about to pick him up, as he heard Dizzy scratching at the door. He said, "Will, did you let Dizzy out?!" "Yeah, Dada!"

Will got out of his room (he's only opened that door once before), walked up the totally dark stairs, opened the OUTSIDE door (!!!) to let the dog out, and settled into the recliner....for who knows how long! Of course I was freaked out that he could have opened the front door...or gone out the back door with Dizzy....yikes!

So, tonight, Grandpa and Grandma came home with a child proof doorknob cover!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Family Party

We were invited to a brunch at my aunt's house in Salt Lake. It was so fun...SLC isn't super far, but yet we don't get to see them that often. It was my mom's side of the family. Will's second cousin , Oliver, was there! They had a good time playing together...a lot of "mine!" and "no!" from both....but mostly a good time! It was a delicious brunch and such a nice day!

My aunt went through loads of photos and made a Shutterfly book for each of us. It's beautifully done, a keepsake for sure.

We had a nice afternoon!

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Saturday, March 10, 2012


Last year, I bought a winter coat for Will on clearance for around $6. I bought it a size big so it'd fit this year, and it was perfect.

But...this year? An even better deal. Found a winter coat for next season at Old Navy. It was originally $44.94. On clearance for $10.47. I used a coupon for $10 off. Next season's coat for Will? A whopping $0.47.

Friday, March 9, 2012


Here I am, 9 days in, and I can't think of a topic for today....


* Can't wait for Spring Break...April feels so far away, I wish it was in March. It takes forever to get here, then once it does it seems like the end of the school year is so close. I LOVE my job, LOVE my students...but....a whole week...ah!

* Our school had talent show girl in my class didn't make it and it broke my heart. I totally get the idea of "not everyone makes it", and that we all need to learn that life lesson....but it's still so hard to see. I didn't feel like I could say much to make her feel better. "Try again next year....You did your best!....You should be proud!" all felt so shallow. So, I just put my arm around her, told her about a time I felt the same way, and told her it might feel crummy for a while...but then it will feel better.

Yep...that's about all. Maybe a better topic tomorrow....Ohhh...I'm working at Sabor tomorrow night, maybe some good customer stories! ;)

Thursday, March 8, 2012


Ok...the truth....

1. I can't sew a button on.
2. I have never worn glasses.
3. I was a Sterling Scholar (it's a Utah thing for high school students)

I really can't sew a button on....and ironically, I was Sterling Scholar for Family and Consumer Sciences! My mom thinks that's just about the funniest thing. It was because I was really involved in the preschool we had at our high school. I've semi tried to learn to sew a button....but it's easier just to ask RJ to do it! ha!

I have worn glasses...and it was bad. In like maybe 4th or 5th grade, I had an awkward grandma-style haircut with navy blue rimmed glasses. They were always crooked, and huge. I was so awkward. Really, just ask my brother, he'll tell you!

1. I've never had a cavity.
2. I won a washer and dryer when I was 8 years old.
3. My family (growing up) has had these as pets: 4 dogs, many cats, many fish, frogs, turtles, hermit crabs, ducks, a snake, birds, flying squirrels, and a pig.

I had never had a cavity...until I was like 25. About 4 months ago, I made an appointment at the dentist after about 2 years. 6 CAVITIES. SIX! After not having ANY for years. No idea what changed...can we blame it on pregnancy? That's about the only thing that changed! Well, that and I started using a Sonicare toothbrush...maybe I take it for granted, or it's not as good as I thought! Ugh. Cavities are not a fun way to spend $.

I did win a washer and dryer when I was 8. My mom and I were at a furniture store, buying a new washer...hers had just gone out. I was bored and saw a poster for a contest. It was sponsored by a local radio station. The station was my mom's favorite, and we had been to a few live broadcasts, so I had seen all the DJs. The contest had handprints of the DJs, and the idea was to match the DJ names to the correct handprints. I filled out my paper, and I still totally remember looking up at the poster- a very vivid memory. I remember picturing the DJ and thinking of one that was really tall, and thinking he must have big hands. I tried to match them up the best I could. I walked over and put the contest paper in front of my mom to sign. She was busy talking to the salesman, so she just quickly signed. I turned it in and that was that. About a month or so later, my mom called from work after school one day and asked if I had entered a contest. I had almost every guess correct (or maybe even all? I can't remember...). Ironically, my mom's dryer had also just gone out. So she asked if she could have the dryer, then give me the prize amount for the washer to pick something out at the store. Of course, I wanted a tv in my room...but she gently talked me into getting "something nice, that would last". I ended up with a pretty cedar chest...that I still have, stuffed full of my beloved Cabbage Patch dolls!

The pets...oh, the pets! My family has indeed had all those pets...many at one time! My mom is the caring type that buys the feeder goldfish because she feels bad for them! The pig was a fun brother found the ad in the paper and talked my mom into "just going to look"! They came home with Rosie, who was supposed to be a little pot bellied pig and get up to maybe 20 pounds. But...she just kept growing. When she died, she was about 300 pounds! Her poor belly dragged on the ground! She lived in the backyard, with a mud puddle in the summer and a heated shed in the winter. We painted her toenails hot pink on a regular basis. She was fun, and SO smart. The flying squirrels...they are quite the deal! They stink so badly! Not sure how my mom ended up with those...Flip, Flop, and Flap. Yep. They can't quite "fly"'s more like falling gracefully. They kind of just glide. They are nocturnal, and make the funniest little noise at night. My mom has one still, and makes it gourmet meals...a full buffet with fruits, vegetables, meats, everything.

Well...there you have it! Truth.

Let's Play...

Two truths and a lie!

Here goes:
1. I can't sew a button on.
2. I have never worn glasses.
3. I was a Sterling Scholar (it's a Utah thing for high school students)


How about another set? (ha, don't you just get thinking of them once you get going?!)

1. I've never had a cavity.
2. I won a washer and dryer when I was 8 years old.
3. My family (growing up) has had these as pets: 4 dogs, many cats, many fish, frogs, turtles, hermit crabs, ducks, a snake, birds, flying squirrels, and a pig.

Can you tell I...
1. Can't sleep
2. Am putting off writing a paper
3. Am counting the limited hours of sleep I'll (hopefully eventually) get

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tantrums...Part 2

Ok...I got a lot of good feedback about the tantrums business.
A few thoughts....

*In my classroom (and in life, too) I'm a big believer in natural consequences. Didn't do your homework? That's ok, you'll just need to use your recess time to do it. Didn't line up appropriately? That's ok, I have extra time to practice with you during recess. I have tried to keep with this with Will as much as possible. Sometimes, being that he's two, it just takes a long time to stick to it. I have to really stick to it...when it'd be A LOT easier to give in.

*Speaking of giving in, I sooooo don't want to raise THAT child. He needs and deserves consequences, procedures, rules, etc.

*Amid my google searches, I found something (was it from the summary of Happiest Toddler on the Block? I think so?) about echoing the toddler's feelings in words and tone. (Don't quote me exactly, but something along those lines.) This was an ah-ha moment for me...because I've noticed that we (RJ and I) do a lot of trying to distract and diffuse the situation. So when Will is about to launch into a tantrum, we're saying, "Will! Are you grumpy gus? Hey! Did you remember that we get fruit snacks when we get home?! That will be soooo fun!" ...ok, that was exaggerating, but you get the idea. Just think about that a moment. If you were totally mad, totally furious...and someone asked if you were being a "grumpy gus"....would that just MAKE YOU SOOOO MAD and want to hit them?! No wonder he's hitting us! ha! So, I've tried to do more, "Oh, you sound mad. I'll talk to you when you calm down." Then I carry on doing whatever and when he is mellow (as long as he's safe in the meantime), I say something like, "Oh good, you're calm now. You sounded mad." It seems to mellow us both out and help end the battle quickly. Of course, if there's a consequence that needs to happen, it does. Anyway...among that babble, did that make sense?

*I definitely think a large chunk of this phase is his age.

*A coworker mentioned today that I might have days with his toddler phase that are so hard, but that the teenage phase is also so hard, if not harder. I agree. At least with Will, I can mostly control the environment and keep him safe. Teenage years are SO HARD. There is so much out of anyone's control, so much going on during those years...the hormones, the social stuff, the friends, the family dynamics, school, jobs...etc. Being a teenager could really be a whole other post. I didn't mind my teenage years at the time, but man am I glad they are over. It's just such a hard time of life. I hope teenagers know that the hard times will pass, and life will be good!

*I've also tried to be less in a hurry. If we're going to the store, I've tried to take some time and have some fun with him. It's more just changing my frame of mind, because really, it's 4:00 and we have nowhere to be until bed at 8:00. We can take our time pointing out colors, shapes, letters. Bonus...I find when I do this, the rest of the night goes much smoother. He's had a chunk of undivided attention, we both enjoyed our time, and now he's ready and willing to listen and follow directions more.

*Um...I think that's all?

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I'll be at Target

My "Daily Deal" text from Target:


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Monday, March 5, 2012

The Tantrums...oh, the Tantrums!

This little guy sure is trying out his independence these days! Everything is "my turn". Here's the thing...I'm all for him trying new things, learning new things, not giving up, being determined...all those valuable life skills that I definitely don't want to stifle.


When it has to be MY turn....either we really do HAVE to leave the store, we need to get going and I have to buckle the seat belt, etc ...there are shrieks and screams to be heard!

Despite that I have experience with kids, despite that I have a degree in early childhood education....I'm at a loss! So far I've given him the 5 minute all the way to 1 minute warnings leading up to something happening, I've ignored the screaming (and discussed it later), Ive done the questioning of what led to the fit, I've done timeout....Do I just need to wait it out? Will this pass? I'm planning on sticking to my words, doing what I said I'd do, and being calm throughout. Suggestions, please!

(Why yes, I did document today's tantrum....thinking "Here's my blog post for today!")

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Sunday, March 4, 2012


I got a Famous Footwear coupon in the mail for $5 off a shoe purchase. For some reason I read the fine print on the back....

See near the bottom? Limit 21 pairs of shoes. 21?! Who buys 21 pairs of shoes at once...even if there's $5 off?

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Saturday, March 3, 2012

"Bagel Store"

In college, I worked as a nanny for a wonderful family. Their son, Andrew, and I went to Einstein's Bagels often. He deemed it "The Bagel Store". I also worked at Einstein's in college...(and Rite-Aid, and at Cafe Sabor....)

I adored both (all, really) jobs. Einstein's was such a fun place to work-great people, an awesome boss, yummy food, and enough coffee to feed (start) my addiction. Those early Saturday and Sunday morning shifts sure came early after a fun night out...but all in all, I loved it there.

So, today, Will and I went to "The Bagel Store". It's really surreal for me to reminisce about working there and the fun of college, as I'm there with my own child nearly 10 years later!

The memories of dragging myself out of my bunk bed at the Chi Omega house to put on my khakis, Einstein's seasonal-themed tshirt (with the forever embedded everything bagel smell!), and drive to work and get started on my favorite vanilla hazelnut coffee. Memories of my friends coming in to visit about 4 hours later, at a normal college wake up time! Memories of taking the extra, to be thrown away, bagels home to the house to share.

Ah...the good old' days.

It's just so weird to me to think of mopping those same floors (loathed that part!), restocking the lettuce, refilling those same napkin dispensers....if I could have glimpsed into the future, thinking that I'd see myself as a wife, mom, teacher eating in that same strange.

The best part was when W held his bagel up to his eye and said, "Mama? See you!"

...or when he looked at the huge pictures on the wall. There's one with a bull rider, but instead of a bull, a giant bagel. Will couldn't figure it out and kept saying, "Sit? Sit? Bagel?" Except that "sit" had a "sh" sound in it...awkward! There I was, repeating, "Yeah, SIT. He's sitting on a bagel!"

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Friday, March 2, 2012

Wise Words

You know THAT friend on Facebook? The one who posts every detail of her life (yes, her...most are women)? "Eating delicious spaghetti!" "Walking down the stairs!" "Thirsty!" "Breathing"

Then there's the one who posts every dramatic detail of her drama....waaaaaaaaay too much information to keep it classy.

Yesterday, one of my friends posted this on FB:
"Instead of venting about your life with a status update, try writing a friend saying you need a good ear. You'll not only feel better, but you'll strengthen the bond between you, making your life richer."
I think she borrowed it from a friend...anyway, regardless of who wrote it, wise words! I'm sure grateful that I have friends I can chat with for hours....

Thursday, March 1, 2012

March Goal

On to a new month...finnnalllly! February seemed so long, and it wasn't just that extra day. I have major winter blues this year...but that's another post.

My month o' water (Feb goal) went fairly well. Here comes March! I like March....aside from it being my birthday month (yay!), it seems to signal the beginning of spring to me...despite today's weather...and I'm soooo ready for some sunshine.

March Goal:
I will blog every day. It may be short, may be long...but a post a day!

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