Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Fire...and Some Rain...

Summer finally got here (we thought) so we decided to
do some tinfoil dinners in our little porch fireplace.

It was a nice sunny day...until it was a DOWNPOUR!

I tried to take a picture out the window (I was not going out there!)...this doesn't do it justice. Love the garbage can as a wind-blocker....trashy! (bwahahaha...I'm funny!)

Poor RJ was in charge of the fire and was drenched!

But...he did keep the fire going!
Doesn't he look excited?!

We were so proud of our completed dinner that we tried to take a self-timer pic...

And the camera was on continuous shooting mode...

took like 10 pictures....

which made for some funny pics of our surprised reaction!

Once the storm cleared up it was time for marshmallows...

Josh was in charge of holding Will...

...while Liz and I enjoyed our marshmallows!


I love summer so much that I secretly like my first sunburn of the summer. Isn't that terrible?! I'm all for sunscreen...but something about feeling some heat really brings in the summer. I think I just like playing in the sun all day. I just HATE being cold, hate winter. Every year I tell RJ we should move somewhere warm....he says, "Send a postcard!"

On Monday I sat out on our patio reading. I really didn't think I was getting too much sun, just enjoying the warmth. But...I'm totally burned. And I was wearing long shorts and a tshirt so I have the weirdest lines!

RJ says I look like
"neapolitan ice cream...without the chocolate."


Great day at the pool yesterday...My friends Angie and Hailey joined us. We're college friends, but now we're all teachers. We mentioned more than once yesterday how much we love our jobs...especially this time of year! ;)

Angie spent a good chunk of time...and many breaths... inflating Will's floaty!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Friday, June 25, 2010

More Calendar Fun....

Before I give you today's whopper, the last two days' gems were good ones:

"Appreciate what you have while working for what you want."

"Challenge yourself to not utter a negative comment for the next twenty-four hours."

Then we have:

"Ask your boss to name the Seven Dwarfs."

No, please don't. Awkward. Pretty sure your boss will not trust you with his/her next big project if you respond with, "Name the Seven Dwarfs."

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Will and I had our first day at the fun! He loves the water and had a great time. I took the camera, but RJ says I look "creepy" in all the pictures. I tried to explain to him that girls don't wear makeup and do their hair for the pool...but he says I look creepy like I just went around and took pictures with random kids...? I assure you, I only took pictures with MY kid!

Anyway... he was asleep before long!

In other news....Will is crawling all over the place these days and is starting to pull himself up on furniture to stand. He has 8 teeth!!!

And...we're pretty sure he says, "Dizzy" now. He kept saying something when she came in the room, and it's the same word every time. Definitely has a z sound. RJ said now we won't be able to say he likes one of us better as we would if he had said, "Ma ma" or "Da da" first. Turns out Dizzy is the fave around here...and I'm not surprised!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Calendar Weirdness

Ok...remember my previous rants about my weird Life Little Instructions daily calendar? In short, they are usually little bits of wisdom.

BUT...sometimes they are SO weird. Today we have another gem:

"Offer to be a friend's chauffeur for an evening.
Dress the part."

What the....weird?!

I've heard of high school kids getting a parent/older sibling to chauffeur for prom, and I get that. But to just offer it to a friend randomly? Hum....

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day!

Will sported his "Dad is my hero!" tshirt and we "made" RJ breakfast.

His request was a granola bar and instant breakfast....ew!
(He said he's "saving himself for dinner later"....)

You can see Will was a lot of help!

Friday, June 18, 2010


Every summer Logan has Summerfest....
an arts-fest type event.
It's downtown at the Tabernacle.
Has awesome booths, and the BEST food!

Will hung out in his stroller...

I enjoyed my fave food of summer...
roasted corn on the cob!

RJ got these yummy ribbon fries...

We didn't buy much, but our best purchase
was the caricature we had done of our little family.
Great day!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


So, I've blogged before about how I love my Life's Little Instructions Calendar. It has daily little quips of wisdom, quotes, advice. I save my favorites and throw away the rest.


Occasionally there are some that I don't love...or even like.

On Memorial Day:
"Design a business card that no one will forget."

Really?! On a day that means so much to so many?

When probably 75% of the Facebook status updates I read had something to do with loving family members that have passed on or honoring our military men and women for all they do to keep our country safe and free?

One click on my Facebook had some beautiful quotes as reminders of what Memorial Day means.....and none of them had a thing to do with designing business cards.

Monday, June 14, 2010


Nearly half my closet was made up of tshirts from college.....Utah State and Chi Omega. If I knew a thing about sewing, I would have made a quilt out of them.

But...I can't even sew a button on!
So...I had my friend (sister-in-law's sister) make it instead.
She did a FABULOUS job and I love love love it!

It has tshirts from Chi O formals, Bid Days, Recruitment Weeks, WOW Weeks, ATeam, Texas, Philanthropy Nights....etc. Even my tshirt from SOAR/Connections...nearly TEN YEARS AGO (yikes!)....Such fun memories. The back is gray cozy sweatshirt-like material.

I love it!

Ah.....Summer! it finally felt like summer.

I just cuddled up with Will....he smelled like summer.
Weird, I know...but he had the sweet smell of his vanilla almond baby wash,
baby sunscreen, graham crackers, and soil from gardening...
all combined.

We had such a fun day...went to Shopko to get new flowers for pots.
Every time I drove past their outdoor garden section I got so excited to plant!
We picked the brightest blooms and got to work.

Summer begins!
About 20 more degrees and Will will have his pool debut!

(P.S. Sorry mom,
I know the plants you gave me were perennials.... thumb = not so green!
I went with annuals this year,
then I won't feel bad when they die.)

Friday, June 11, 2010

We're SO Romantic....

Today is our 3 year anniversary!

To celebrate...
RJ cleaned the carpets.
I made breakfast.

Will ate prunes (ew...poor kid).

Dizzy wished she could eat our breakfast.

And RJ just left to get me a giant Diet Coke.

Here's to many more years!

P.S. And really, the carpets cleaned and a diet coke? Couldn't want anything more!
I know, I know...romantic!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Recommendations Please!

Last week:
Student: "Teacher, you're getting wrinkles by your eyes...."

Last night:

Dishwasher at Cafe Sabor: "Are you 35?"
*He's the same one that asked when I was pregnant if I was having "one nino or two?" Love him!

But really, the funny thing is that I noticed the wrinkle situation just a few weeks ago too. I really feel like I suddenly have some wrinkles. I'M ONLY 27! I mean, I realize that's almost 30, but wow...and the reputation of the group of students coming in for 3rd grade next year? Let's just say I should expect more wrinkles!

So...this got me thinking...I've never been really super good at taking care of my skin. I use Cetaphil face wash and moisturizer, and occasional sunscreen.

So...I want recommendations....What face wash/moisturizer/cream/scrub/lotion/liquid gold do you use? Help this wrinkly-I-look-35-years-old girl out!

Will loves to sleep with his monkey every night in his crib....
my dear friend Leila gave it to him.
It's a favorite around here...

And then he finds his foot....fascinated....