Friday, March 28, 2008

Golden Dragon Acrobats!

Oh wow....we went on the coolest field trip yesterday! We walked up to the Ellen Eccles Theater to see the Golden Dragon Acrobats. OH MY! If you ever get the chance to see them....GO!They've performed in 65 countries, and all 50 states. It is amazing. I mean, you hear "contortionist" or "doing a headstand on a tower of chairs 30 feet tall" and it sounds cool and all...but when you see it in person! Wow. I can hardly touch the ground without bending my legs, let alone fold my body completely in half! And standing on ONE chair scares me....add 28 more feet....yikes. On many of the acts I caught myself covering my eyes as if watching a scary movie. I was just sure all balance would be lost at any second! Anyway, I know the show is playing in Logan this weekend, go if you can. The kids and I were AMAZED! Words can't do it justice!

Monday, March 24, 2008


Easter was so fun! Luckily the Easter bunny stopped by our house! He even made it to each of our parents' houses. We had a great day, starting off with going to church with RJ's family. It was also his mom's birthday, so we all went. It was really nice! We had a nice ham dinner and lots of treats, then we headed to Salt Lake to see my family. Of course my mom had the house beautifully decorated! We had fun easter baskets, played Wii (my arm is still sore...), ate a delicious turkey dinner, and even celebrated my birthday (which is this Friday...yay! I'm finally 25!) I got some magazine subscriptions, some easter decorations, a book I've wanted, and a beautiful clock. The clock means a lot in my family because my mom and grandpa LOVE clocks. It's a really nice solid wooden clock that will look beautiful in our home! We had a great day celebrating Easter!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Survey Time!

Yay, I got tagged to do this fun survey! I honestly was about to fib and say I got tagged by a made-up friend or something because I wanted to do it and needed something fun to blog about! So now I don't have to lie, and can go for it!

How long have you been together? About....a year and a half. Married for almost 9 months.

How long did you date? Hum...about 4 or 5 months. Looking back it was so short, but it was just perfect. It's true, you "just know" when it's right...

How old is he? 29....almost 30! I always joke that he's old...I say mean things like, "Do you want to hurry and have kids? You that you're not too old to pick them up and stuff?" haha, good can imagine his reaction!

Who eats more? Doesn't the husband always? Mine does! I mean, he's a guy!

Who said "I love you" first? He did. It was cute because he was so nervous. He said, "I need to know your long-term plans..." then we got talking and he said, "Because I kinda love you....and by kinda I mean...really." Aw! And apparently I took a really long time to return it, I maintain that I was soaking it all in!

Who is taller? RJ is...again, aren't most husbands?! Probably because they eat more....

Who is smarter? Depends on the topic...he's brilliant with computers, and with creative stuff. He always has great ideas for my classroom and stuff

Who does the laundry? We each do our own...isn't that weird? It works out well though, and I'm sure it'll change once we have kids. We share the washing of sheets, towels, rugs, etc.

Who does the dishes? We both do. Usually who ever didn't cook.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? RJ does. We tried to switch once, it was weird and neither of us could sleep!

Who pays the bills? Again, shared. He usually writes all the checks and I mail them off. Auto bill pay does a lot of the work too!

Who mows the lawn? Yay for HOA! (Ok...I didn't mean for that to rhyme!)

Who cooks dinner? It's mostly shared...I'd like to do more, maybe in the summer when I'm not at school late everyday! RJ's a very good cook- he likes to surprise me with breakfast a good at french toast, with warm homemade maple syrup!

Who is more stubborn? Hum....does Dizzy count? Probably me...RJ's too easygoing to put up a fight!

Who kissed who first? He'd claim that I kissed him first....but I just initiated the lean! Plus, someone had to do it...he was taking so long! He says I kept running off when we said goodbye so he never had the chance. I was scared!

Who asked who out? Hum... he came by my classroom all the time to hang out after school (which the kids frequently pointed out! "Teacher, I think Mr. Cox likes you...")...and one day I asked if he wanted to go get a snackwrap from McDonald's (I know, we're super classy) I guess that counts? He invited me to come work on a decorating thing at the school...not sure that was a date, but it was fun! Finally he asked if he could take me out on a "real" date. He had flowers delivered before he picked me up and was really cute!

Who proposed? He did, it was so great! On Monday, the principal sent out an email saying we had a quick assembly at the end of the day on Friday about all the red burn days we'd been having. I am kinda dense and didn't think a thing of it. So, Friday came and I took my class to the assembly. The principal started explaining the things we'll be doing for inside recess, and I remember thinking it was kindof a lame assembly, like they could have just explained all this in an email. Then she said they'd have an American Idol room for the kids to sing and we have a few guest singers to demonstrate. The secretary sang a cute song, then the curtain came up...and there was RJ in a tux! I'm so dumb, and was thinking how weird it was that he was performing and hadn't told me. Suddenly it clicked and I was freaking out! I was so nervous! He had our mascot, Captain Eagle, come get me and all the kids were dying! He sang a fun song and gave me roses, a bear, candy...and at the end....the ring! The kids were so cute and so grossed out (especially when we kissed!)....he even had his family and my family sneak in the back of the assembly! Anyway, it was really fun and it meant a lot that it was at the school since it was where we met (and most of our dates!). When we got married we had an open house there for all the kids with creamies and our principal decorated the playground SO cute for it.

Who is more sensitive? Depends....I'd say RJ is a lot more caring and sweet than most guys, but I can be too...I am a girl after all!

Who has more friends? Eh....I probably have kept in touch with more because of Chi Omega, but he has a lot of close ones too since he is from Logan.

Who has more siblings? RJ...he has 2 sisters and 2 brothers, I have 2 brothers.

Who wears the pants in the relationship? Depends on the situation....RJ puts his foot down when he needs to...but I can talk him into things pretty easily! We're pretty equal. We're good at negotiating when we need to for important issues.

Ok, that was really fun and my tagging need is fulfilled! haha. I tag....Mindee and Sara. Enjoy!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Home in SLC

OK, so we finally made it to Salt Lake to see my family! It was so fun...and sunny, no there were no tears this time! haha. It's funny how Salt Lake isn't that far, but feels like it sometimes! It's so fun to see my family. It's so nice of them to be around and ready to hang out whenever we're there. I just happened to have my camera in my bag, so I took some RANDOM pictures! But, thought I'd post them! The first one is just funny because my little brother is so funny. He's 16, and has such quirky style. In this pic, he had just gotten home from snowboarding and was telling us about it. His outfit is just funny because he always wears bright colors that totally don't match! The second pic is weird, I know! But my mom is just so great! She got out her good china for us and set the table all up, even with a tablecloth and fresh flowers! When I was little the china was on the top shelf of the cupboards, and only came out for Thanksgiving and Christmas! She's so great- she made a HUGE roast dinner with appetizers, a BIG meal, and dessert! The last pic is also random but just cute. My older brother Nick is so sweet...he always does all the dishes. It was especially cute because he had already eaten, so he didn't even USE any of the dishes, yet still cleaned them all. He's a great guy....I can't wait until he gets married, that girl will be SO lucky. Anyway...long story short, we had a great time and I love seeing my family! We started looking through old pictures and artwork from when we were little....that always makes for a lot of laughs!