Sunday, March 27, 2011

I'm in one of those pensive moods friend texted me this morning, telling me that she thought a college friend's husband passed away based on some comments on her Facebook wall. A quick click on her Facebook page confirmed it.

It just totally freaks me out how fast life can change. This couple is maybe 25-ish, totally outdoorsy, active. It appears he died in some kind of outdoorish accident. Which admittedly can be dangerous, but holy cow, walking can be dangerous.

It scares me...none of us can know what life has in store. I bet week ago, the wife could not even fathom that in a week she'd be planning her husband's funeral. Or contemplating, now what? Don't we all assume that our adult children will be planning our funerals, long after we've raised a family, led a successful career, lived a good life. All the what-ifs get me...what if this guy had changed his plans that day? What if he got a cold and didn't go? What if his wife had a bad feeling about this trip and urged him to stay home? Maybe they had weekend plans...spring break plans...summer plans....starting a family plans. What was the last text message he sent her, and her to him? What was the last thing he said? all just scares me.

Life changes so fast. Yet we can't all live thinking we might pass on at any moment. Oh my gosh, I'd never leave my house. But yet in a way, we have to live like that...boggles my mind.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Creepy Commercial

Has anyone heard that commercial on the radio for The National Children's Study?

The one with "Eddie"...the baby talking to the mom from the womb?! It's all echo-y and the voice is creepy as he is encouraging his mom to sign up for the study.

Anyway, it's enough to discourage me from the study
change the channel immediately.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


The sadness in Japan is so overwhelming. Sometimes it's out of my mind, not intentionally, but because natural disasters are so foreign to me that I can't even fathom what to think, what to picture, what that must feel's so...far away.

It's all so very sad. But, I did think an experience I had last week was sweet.

I have a half Japanese boy in my class. His mom's family is in Japan, so their family spends summers in Japan. When he got back about 2 weeks into the school year, we were all so interested to hear about his summer. He told us a lot...from the plane ride (" smelled like strawberries"), to the school, to the friends, to the beach ("You can listen to the shells and hear the ocean!").

So, when news of the disaster came, I didn't think he'd be in school. But he came in just like any other day. He didn't say a thing about the disaster all day, and did not seem stressed. I didn't want to ask, figuring maybe his parents hadn't talked to him about it until they could check on the extended family in Japan.

The next day, I overheard the boy talking about a tsunami. So I pulled him aside and asked if everybody in his family was ok. He said, "Oh yeah, everyone's fine." I asked, "Was your family near the areas affected?" "Yes, there was an earthquake and one person died." "One person in your family?" "No, no, not in my family. One person in Japan died. Everyone in my family is fine." I think we have a misconception here....the casualties are sure higher on the news... I didn't want to clarify and confuse any talk going on at home.

So...yesterday, the local newspaper comes....there's a story on the front page about a girl from Logan who was studying in Japan for a year. She was right in the affected area and her family was able to fly her out and home quickly. She's my student's sister! Bless his little heart....not sure if he didn't know, or didn't want to talk about it....ha! Oh well, glad his family is together and safe!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sick Day

Woke up yesterday with a scratchy throat and that, "Ew, I'm feeling yucky and can definitely feel a cold coming on..." feeling. After school, it hit full force. So, I planned for a sub and looked forward to sleeping the yuckiness off.

Best sick day ever. Well, you know, as good as a sick day can get. I went to bed at 9 last night and slept until noon today! Whew, it was needed.

When I woke up, RJ had to run an errand. Let me tell you why he is the best husband ever. He came home with my fave tomato soup and breadsticks from Center Street Grill (if you haven't tried their soup, you must. Amazing.), sugar cookies from Temptation Cupcake (Again, amazing.), AND a Diet Coke. Not only is this the best meal ever, filled with all my favorite things, but the thoughtfulness...awww. I would so rather RJ do something kind like that than send flowers. I mean, flowers are fun to get and all, but....really, they're expensive, pretty for like 2 days, and a fairly easy go-to to look thoughtful. Instead, I so appreciate that he knows what I like and can show his love that way. It'd be easier to jump online and order some quick flowers...but to think about the things I love, then take the time to go to those places and surprise me with them....thoughtful.

Monday, March 14, 2011

"Unforgettable Season"

Ha, aren't all Bachelor/Bachelorette Seasons the "most dramatic ever"?! I've got my Reese's eggs in tow, ready for the finale!

Prediction: He'll pick Chantal. Emily's TOO good for him; she's gorgeous, she's established, she's very proper.

  • Whoa, manpris on Brad
  • Classic rail scene
  • He cried when his family got there...cute.
  • Wow, he's crying hard!
  • But his family looks kinda weirded out about all the crying
  • And another rail scene
  • His brother is his twin!
  • wears leopard print. I think she'd like Chantal.
  • ha, didn't realize that his bro Chad is actually his twin...
  • I'm curious what the story is with Chantal's first marriage...
  • I like her thoughts on if you're ready to be engaged, you're ready to be married
  • Do brothers really have these heart to hearts on the beach? I hope so. Charming.
  • Do you think Brad's real dad watches? Wants to contact him?
  • His mom likes her.
  • Chantal's playful with him...and he seems to be into it.
  • Hello linen, Brad!
  • Emily, nice touch! Did Chantal bring anything?
  • Emily and the SIL have the same hair color.
  • The daughter comes up already
  • Is Emily wearing shorts?
  • Ricky's father topic = awkwardness
  • Saddest story.
  • The family talk from the brothers...heart to heart on the beach time.
  • They're 38?! How did I not know this? Probably because they look so good?
  • Emily's talk with Brad's sweet.
  • Wow, Emily really is so pretty.
  • "Emily is poised"....perfect word for her
  • AND...a rail scene...again!
  • Wow, South Africa is sooooo pretty
  • Maybe I'm just jealous that I can't pull the look off, but Chantal...those shorts. Yikes. Too short.
  • ha, Brad's pep talk...Chantal's not convinced
  • Um...Chantal's about to fall out of that wetsuit. Can it zip up?
  • Yikes....sharks! Not convinced that the shark cage is safe....
  • Her outfits are so weird
  • This really would be so's hard enough to think about what the other person's thinking in a relationship...let alone when you know they're "dating" someone else too...
  • I don't really love Chantal, but I think he does...
  • Oh good, finally a helicopter. What would the dates be like without helicopters?!
  • It bugs me how much he keeps talking about how he's excited to be a father, and his family is excited for him to be a father....he met the daughter for a few hours. Does not make one ready to be a parent!
  • And, yes! Emily puts him in his place on the being a parent. "It's not 'cool, Uncle Brad' anymore!"
  • Well, this looks like it's about to be an awkward conversation...
  • Real awkward.
  • Ok, Brad, sweaty...nervous wreck. He's like having an anxiety attack. Hello, a tad of reality.
  • This is serious break up talk.
  • I don't think she "messed it up"...a real conversation.
  • Yeah, it's over.
  • I think he wants to want Emily (more than physically), but is super into Chantal.
  • OK REALLY. I am fully aware that I am no fashion queen, but REALLY Chantal. Really.
  • Now we get an Emily rail scene.
  • The getting-ready scenes are so awkward. Do they really do their own makeup?
  • I accidentally just ate a whole bag of Reese's eggs. That's how stressed out I am.
  • "Where do I begin?"!?! Get it out!!!
  • Chantal looks really pretty.
  • Love Brad's suit and tie.
  • ...and his scruff.
  • Is there a "but..." coming?!?!
  • This is soooooooooo sad!
  • It feels so heartless to watch.
  • Oh her fist is she going to punch him??!?!? I'm in full support!
  • She's responding very gracefully
  • A true test of my parenting: Will just climbed into my lap with a book. Pause to read while being totally preoccupied!
  • Poor girl. Wouldn't you feel like such an idiot....all dressed up, then rejected.
  • Every girl deserves to have the hysterical, ugly break-up cry (or any kind of cry, really) totally alone...Or with a best friend. No judgement from anyone, let alone national tv.
  • And a true test of my marriage...RJ just asked me for some Tylenol. Don't worry, I told him it was the last 5 min of the Bach.
  • Ohhhh...I just don't know if Emily and Brad are realistic.
  • Awww....tender.
  • She leans down to kiss him...Ah!
  • Hello diamond!
  • Um...has he even met her parents?!
  • This is sweet though.
  • Ouch, cheesy Train song.
  • Whew. Time to enjoy After the Final Rose. Oh, and read to my child!

Here's my Bachelor idea: Time for some reality in reality tv. No more exotic dates, helicopters, limo rides, stylists. Real life dates. Jobs. Fast food. The guy plans the date. Ha, can you imagine?! No fantasy suites, just the Super 8. Regular amounts of alcohol...or none at all (gasp!).

Monday, March 7, 2011


Do many of you online shop?

I totally love the convenience and options. But...the wait for my new shoes to get here is killing me! Free shipping is awesome...but I just want those shoes.

And here's where I confess about the other shoes that I'm not in such a hurry for. See, if I was ordering new, fun shoes, I might as well order new work (Sabor) shoes. See, I keep thinking, "This will be my last semester working at Sabor..." And, well, here I am 6 years later.

I started there with a cheap pair of Airwalk-fake-Crocs from Payless. They lasted a l-o-n-g time, many many shifts. Oooooh- but I do think they could be to blame for THE fall. They were cute (as cute as Crocs, make that fake Crocs, can be)--especially once my former manager's daughter gave me a cute flower to put on them (do you remember that Emily? I still have's adorable, even if it is covered in caked-on beans). Then...I was at Wal-Mart one day and they had fake Crocs on clearance...ONE DOLLAR. Plus, they were fleece-lined (kinda ew, I know). Who couldn't resist new work shoes for one dollar. Not this girl.

But, alas, both work shoes are worn out. Time to order new ones. If I'm going to sell those burritos, I need good shoes. Especially for this summer...that patio is far!

So...I looked and looked. Problem is, anything cute is...cute. Not efficient for work. My feet will hurt, I'll probably fall (again), and I can't clean them easily enough. So...I cracked and ordered some Crocs...real ones! I know they're not super cute (have you seen toddler ones though...cute!)....but you guys, I can hose those things right off! The beans and guac will be gone!

P.S. Denise, will you still be my friend?

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March Resolution!

I really like this whole monthly resolution thing...I can do anything (almost) for a month, knowing there is an end in sight! I feel like the effect carries over too. Like I'm totally exclusive about what sugar I want since my January resolution. Since I didn't have sugar for a month, I load up on only the good stuff now!

March: I'm going to drink at least 64 ounces of water a day.

I used to be totally good at this. It was just a habit. Fill the Nalgene twice and I'm good. But...not so much lately. In fact, it's always been my excuse for drinking so much diet coke. I justify with, "If I have my full daily allotment of water, then extra diet coke is totally ok."

For me, drinking water is totally one of those things that once I'm in the routine I just do it. But once I'm out of the habit it gets hard to get back in.'s to getting back in the habit!