Thursday, April 30, 2009

New Favorite Student

Haha...just kidding, I love them all...really, I do!
So this sweet little gal (seriously, this girl would not hurt a fly, is always nice and fun to everyone)...came in yesterday....
"Teacher! I got my nails done!"
I was thinking, "Oh cute...."
Then she put them up in front of me:
ItalicThat's right....she has letters on them to spell out MRS. COX!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Update to my pathetic morning sickness post...I'm totally feeling better! Better than better...because not only can I actually stand up without getting dizzy, I also have renewed energy! I can go to work and be chipper, I can get stuff done...somehow my house isn't getting cleaned, but eh, maybe that will come later. (Right...)

So, I actually think it was the flu bug maybe...No no, don't go sanitizing your screen, I did not say Swine flu... just the regular ol' kind of flu. I'm thinking that because I had this mysterious sickness from week 14 day 3 to week 15 day 2. Odd time for morning sickness I'd say! But...a BIG THANK YOU to all you experience mothers out there who were more than willing to dish out the tips, remedies, and advice. Much appreciated. And even more soothing to know that you will all be there to dish out months and months more advice regarding this child rearing process....because something tells me I'm gonna need every bit of it!

In other news...I had a depressing realization. Isn't it sad when you are eating a pack of say...animal crackers (which I may or may not be..) and think, "Yes, this is a fairly healthy snack. I'll eat half now and half later....two servings seems about right." Then you check the Nutrition Facts just to confirm your thought. Eight servings?! Eight?! For WHO?!

Still two servings for me, thankyouverymuch. I'm eating for two you know...or four, whatever.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

We eat at home now!

So...a little background as to what prompted my economic stimulus....RJ printed off a month of our bank statement. And proceeded to do something very dangerous...added up how much we spent on eating out.

Ready for this?! $600. In one month. EW.

Thus, a new budget and new goals were made. Total since then: $20 eating out! Woohoo!

Friday, April 24, 2009

A good cry and some venting...

Ha...what a depressing title! I just watched Marley and Me...ok, well, I actually just finished it...I've been "finishing" it since Monday! That's what happens when one is pregnant and sick...every time I started the movie I'd soon fall asleep and my sweet husband would have to come in and turn it off. Anyway...I'm not a crier, some may call me insensitive, some may try to force me to cry (Denise!)...but whew, things about kids and animals just GET me! Anyway...great movie, even better book.

Here's the venting part...I'm sick of being sick! UGH.

Enough complaining, because I happen to have a cousin who is on bedrest for FOUR MONTHS. She can get up to use the bathroom and for a quick shower. And the worst part? She feels fine. Poor thing...that's a prescription for a serious case of cabin fever! I could have it A LOT worse! better news...maybe I'm the last to know about this but my friend (and former bagel ever!) Kelly told me about the JJ Cole warehouse sale in Logan. It was SO COOL! We got some awesome deals....a diaper bag (that is so neutral and cool that even RJ said he'd use it!), a Bundle Me, and some car seat goodies...all for $50. The bag alone was normally $69.95! Anyway...would HIGHLY recommend it....great quality stuff, great deals. It's been fun to get some good baby stuff on a budget, and we've become very good at getting gender-neutral stuff so we can use it all for future children (If I ever decide to have future children after this morning sickness goes away!)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fun Weekend

I have to add, from 3 weeks ago, that my "Economic Stimulus" went well. Only spent a few cents (which I found in my car!) on penny candy. What can I say, I'm pregnant and find it necessary to succomb to such cravings.

In other news...
I went to Salt Lake last weekend for a SO MUCH FUN all started off with a Chi Omega Alumnae Luncheon. So good to see everyone. It's been years since I've seen most of them, many came from out of state, even out of the country (yay Suker!). It was an amazing program...Patty did a fabulous job. There were about 150 of us there of all ages.

Next, my mom and I spent the day at IKEA. It was so fun...I got a cute new patio set and some baby-sized dishes. It was tough for us to not go crazy in the baby section. I found a lot of crib bedding, room decor that I like. Now I'll just need to wait to see if it's a boy or girl (40 more days!) before I go on my next shopping spree.

A few days before I went home, I got a message... "Hi Kate, it's Mom. I just got a phone call from the Easter Bunny. He said he forgot a few people last weekend, and will be making a few stops this weekend. He'll be able to fill your basket on Friday night, so make sure you stop by to get it." Side note...I was telling my friend at school about this message, when I realized a few students were around. I can just hear it now, "Mom! My teacher said that the Easter Bunny is coming again!" Ooops. When I got home, this is what I found....

On Sunday, I went to Brianna's wedding shower. It was a time shower, and so fun to get together!

Later that day my family had their monthly dinner. We met at The Spaghetti Factory (YUM) and it was so fun...

All in all, it was such a fun weekend! It's always so refreshing to go to Salt is "home" after all.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It's been 3 weeks!

Wow...I haven't posted in THREE weeks...yikes. I'm not sure why! How cute are these onesies though?! The extent of our baby clothes buying thus far...the top one was what I gave to RJ for Valentine's Day...he calls us "Team Cox" a lot, so I thought the third member of our fam only deserved his/her own attire. And the cute Santa one was given to us by Sara...won't it be so fun to put our little baby in for Christmas?! Can't wait! It's so hard to believe that soon we'll have someone in our family to wear that!

A few random things...Things are going mostly great! I am just over 14 weeks pregnant now, and am really excited for June 2 (41 more days...but who's counting) when we get to have THE BIG Ultrasound to see if whether we have baby boy cox or baby girl cox!

I'm afraid I jinxed myself...the other day I was telling a friend that I have hardly been sick at all! She asked if I had even thrown up once...luckily, I hadn't. Well...the very next day, I threw up EVERYTHING....and it hasn't stopped since. I'm taking the day off tomorrow to rest the day away (throwing up in front of 3rd graders isn't really my thing...poor kids!), and I'm definitely going to call the doctor to beg for any sort of relief!

Any morning (all-day) sickness tips from all you moms out there?!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Own Economic Stimulus

We're on Spring Break right now for the rest of the week....and I've made a big decision around here. I'm not going to spend A PENNY. For the rest of the week. I want to force myself to have fun and get things done without spending money. And we have a pantry FULL of random food items that we could seriously get rid of rather than buying MORE at the grocery store!

What I want to do over Spring Break.....
Go to Hawaii (or somewhere equally as warm)
Shop for fun maternity stuff
Shop for fun baby stuff
Be crafty...
Make a wreath
Make baby stuff
Make cute frames
Make the cute boxes on tv today
Buy new cute socks (I need them!)
Paint my bathroom (I even have the colors picked out!)
Buy/put up the bead board for our sweet baby room

Please notice all the things above cost MONEY...thus...

What I actually will do over Spring Break....
Read (all three books I've started)
School stuff
Sleep...a lot, while I can
Watch movies
Take the dog for walks while it's semi-warm
Blog/Facebook (addicting and free...bonus!)
Attempt to not run up my credit card
Make long, boring lists on my blog (check!)

We'll see how this goes....

Monday, April 6, 2009

Current Faves

It's Spring Break, I'm lazy and somewhat bored...I'm trying to enjoy the boredom because I know it'll only last so long with school coming back soon, and a baby coming soon as well....but for now....a Favorites post! In no particular order....

Burt's lip balm...and every Burt's product really. Actually, I used to work at a little gift shop that sold Burt's stuff. The owner went to a trade show and there was a Burt's booth. They had each of their products out to TASTE. That's right...taste. The point was that it's SO natural that it can be eaten. I think that's pretty cool, considering that most of the ingredients listed on beauty products can't even be pronounced....
My Scentsy stuff....It's just fun to put in a new scent. My current faves are Black Raspberry Vanilla and Winter Wonderland. I didn't think I'd like either at first...but they grew on me.

The sun...if only it'd come out more. It's Spring Break around here....which has been fun and lazy, but it'd be nice if it was about 20 degrees tired of the snow.

Crystal Light lemonade mix....It's just sweet enough, but not overpowering.

Penny candy...I'd die if I could find the place where this picture was taken...ah....I'd need a LOT of pennies. I may or may not have gone to two separate stores to get my favorite kinds tonight. And it was worth every penny.

LOVE this book. A word of warning, while it is hilarious, I probably would not recommend reading it unless you actually ARE pregnant. As in, do not start reading it just when you think you'd like to start trying to become pregnant. It may scare you too much....It's brutally honest!

Sleeping! Lame, I know. But there's a lot of this going on around here (for me at least, RJ's working his tail off on his latest video so the same can't be said for him)....seriously, I go to bed at 8:30ish these days.

American Idol....totally cheesy, glittery graphic I know...matches Megan Joy's eyeshadow really. Anyway, totally addicted, again. Love Danny, think Scott is great too....Like Allison ok too. I think Adam is a tad overrated (gasp!), but ok too.

Loving this book as well. It's about a climber who set out to build a school in a Pakistan village. I've been reading portions to my class and they are really interested. I think it's good for them to hear humanitarian stories and about the lives of children in third world countries. They can't even fathom what that life is like. I just found out there is a childrens version of the book as well, so I'm excited to get that.


Did anyone out there watch Oprah today?! Yikes....hilarious, and good...but for us expectant first time moms (coupled with the crazy "I didn't know I was pregnant..." show I watched last night..YIKES) was quite scary!

Moms confessed hilarious things like...

"I haven't showered in 3 days..."
"I haven't bathed my children in 3 weeks..."
"Good discipline should make your kids think mom's finally gone crazy..."

Anyway....whew. Good thing I'm already pregnant and there's no going back.... :)