Friday, July 31, 2009

Baby shower!

Ah...I had so much fun on Tuesday night. My sweet group of high school friends had a baby shower for baby Will/Drew/Cal. Baby belly aside, it was SO NICE to get together and catch up. Life changes in 8ish years (yikes), so it's great to chat.

We had a fab dinner at Red Butte Cafe (always great), then chatted at Rachel's house. They were oh so kind and spoiled us with great gifts--so grateful.

Leila made these cute cupcakes...yummy....

Thursday, July 30, 2009


I had to revise, as it seems I misquoted. Good thing I'm not a journalist.

So we're lying in bed, chatting....

R.J.: "Do you know one of my favorite things?"

Me:, me? our pets? our baby? cuddling? reading together? being married?


R.J.: "The middle bite of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich."

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bachelorette Finale!

OK wow....I was dying during tonight's finale....

-Did producers pay Reid to come back?!

-And did they buy him that hideous outfit...including the sneakers?

-And did they pay him to not get a haircut?

-Clearly they didn't pay for his ride from the airport...I'm all for minivans, but the other two got limos!

-Reid: "It just doesn't make sense." Yes, Reid, it sure does...remember when Jill didn't give you a rose last week? That's when it should've all come together for you....

-Jill: "That was heartbreaking..." Really, Jillian, I mean, you already denied him once...was the second time really that hard?

-Ed...the shorts, and now the pink shirt? But you're still totally cute...

-Poor Kiptyn, I really thought she was going to pick him....

Can't wait for the After the Final Rose tomorrow! And I may or may not set my alarm early for Wednesday to see Jillian and Ed on Good Morning America...Quality tv.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Utah Schools

Just heard on the news that Utah is officially the lowest-spent-per-pupil state in the nation. A full ten thousand below the higher states, and about four thousand below the national average.

First I got really mad and thought...that is so unfair!

But then I got thinking....what are my students really missing? I don't know. I really feel like we have what we need, including some pretty great technology.

But, is it just a case of we don't know what we're missing? I mean, I do spend a large chunk of my own money on supplies and such (as in about $1100 last year...).


McCall Road Trip

For the 24th of July holiday, we ventured to McCall, Idaho. RJ's sister Amy and her boyfriend Bill bought an awesome cabin there. It's a beautiful area...we all had a great time hanging out, eating!, and playing at the lake.

The parts we won't document:
-Idaho has a lottery. RJ loves the lottery. Let's just say we're not any richer.
-The "about 6 hours" drive turned into more like 9 or 10 each way.
-Mosquitoes like McCall too...and my skin.

The parts we will document:

Carter and I went on a walk, he smelled this flower and said, "I like it too!"

How cute is he with this hat?!

Carter chugged this Diet Coke! We've all trained him well!

The beginning of Greg's Sunkist modeling campaign.

Amy and Bill

Morg on the beach

Dizzy LOVED it there...she got to run all around and play and did so well in the car all the way there and back.

Brady was so sweet....he and Dizzy had fun playing fetch.

Carter and RJ had fun playing in the swing.

Ha....had to throw this in!

Friday, July 17, 2009

The Pool

Some observations from my favorite place in Logan....

The Logan Aquatic Center!

Yes yes, I know, it's kinda funny that I love it so much since I can't even swim! But Ah...those lounge chairs (if you're lucky enough to come upon a free one), with a good book in hand, ipod playlist, BIG mug of DC = bliss.

Ok first off...the lady in her bikini and high heels?! So not necessary. You're at the pool in Logan lady, not on MTV's latest Spring Break special.

And the boys behind me who thought they should listen to every ring tone in the phone, full volume....repeatedly? No bueno. That's about when my earphones went in.

But who wins? The kind person who must have felt bad for the prego. I asked her earlier if her (unattended) lounge chair was being used. Yes, it was. Sad. So I ventured over to the grass, put my towel down and people watched. A while later as she packed up to leave, she sent her daughter over with the big lounge chair ..."Yay! You deliver?"

The rest of the afternoon, the bliss ensued. Ah...summer.


So I need a new topic once again...and I'm going to go with this one....

The other night at work I served two couples out on a double date. One couple BOTH had a Bluetooth in ear...REALLY? How would that make you feel as the opposite couple?

"Sure, we'll come out to dinner with you, but, see...we're really important, so we MUST wear our Bluetooths (Blueteeth?) at all times. We can chat long as no one more important than you needs us..."

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Why Vampires are starting to SUCK!!!

It's time for another husband crashing post! My wife will regret giving me the password to this blog one day. :) My post will be about this obsession the public has with vampires these days. I admit that I have not read the twilight books but I have seen enough movies to call myself an expert on vampires. First of all, vampires are evil, blood thirsty, legendary monsters. They are one of the original classic Hollywood monsters. I am not a big fan of the old movies but I still think that Vampires, Mummies, and Frankenstein should be respected and not glamorized with pretty boys and lame stories. I am not just picking on Twilight but all the "new takes" on vampires these days. If you want to see some good vampire movies they are few and far between but the ones I like are The Lost Boys, Blade 1 and 2 (3 fell victim to the public and had the awful Ryan Reynolds in it), and Dracula 2000 (an ok movie but has the best vampire back story). That is it people. Every other vampire movies sucks! (pun intended) Let's stop the insanity and start coming up with new, original ideas and stop squeezing a classic idea just to make teenage girls cry and shell out money. Phew... Now I am all worked up and I have to go eat some oreos. Oh yeah, Transofrmers 2 is one of the worst movies of all time!!! Got that off my chest too.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

It's's's pouring!

So...on our way home from delightful Park City, a little Ford ding occurred and this lovely message popped up: CHECK TRANSMISSION. No thanks. I'd rather not check it (sounds expensive), I'd rather that little message just go away and everything work, thankyouverymuch. So, car #1 in the shop....but don't worry, they'll call me by 6pm and let me know what's up. It's 11PM. favorite car of my life-Volkwagen Beetle, red, affectionately known as Penelope or Penny for short, NOT Peen-a-lope as Alexis refers to her as, because something about that sounds inappropriate. Go ahead, say it outloud. See? Anyway, she has been resting in my parents' garage for oh...two years now. Long story, but when she died (as in, when I hit a piece of tire and she nearly exploded) I didn't have the money to fix her. Now...I'm loaded...HA..RIGHT. But, now I drive grannymobile (Taurus above, who you will notice does not have a cute name, or any name for that matter), and am desperately missing Penny and her cute gumballness. So...decided to have her towed on in to the VW hospital (dealership) to diagnose (er, price how many burrittos I'd need to sell to drive her again). Cross your fingers. Car #2 in the shop and I really miss that fun little car.

And, get your flood pants on, here comes the I was happily changing loads of laundry last night...DRYER BROKE! Luckily I dried my Sabor clothes just in time because something about this post tells me I'll need to sell mucho burritos. Blah. I tried my extent of dryer diagnosis...setting and resetting all the modes. And doing it all again. Then unplugging it and plugging it in. Then calling RJ in...who did all the same treatments. All to no avail. It hums along just fine...but sure doesn't turn or dry anything.

Get your umbrellas- there may be some good news...My buddy Jeff from college happens to be of the lovely Thomson in, Thomson Electric....and my husband happens to be a computer whiz...a little fancy trade and Wa-La! Almost. Jeff has our dryer all taken apart and there's one piece of wire that's no bueno. The culprit?

14 of these suckers were IN the dryer, as in worked their way out of pockets, out of the drum of the dryer, and TO the motor metal. Notice the lint still stuck on one of them. Yikes. Now I don't see any need to point any fingers here...but one of us happens to use paper clips a lot to teach a small group of third graders and keep her classroom organized. But really, why should we blame anyone? RJ has always said we both need to check our pockets better. All I know is, I should have pulled friend Jeff aside and paid him to blame it on something else, anything else.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

More Park City Fun

After the fireworks, RJ and I spent the night at a condo in Park City then played all day today. We started off with Park Silly- a farmer's market/arts festival on Main Street each Sunday. SO FUN...seriously, if you are ever in the area, go! I love those type of things. Great food, cool art, jewelry, etc. We had a great breakfast at The Bridge, then went on a chairlift ride. Took lots of great pics (as in 373 between the yesterday's fireworks and today's fun...yikes!) of all the scenery from up high in the lift...then apparently got distracted as you'll see in the pics....

Waiting for the bus...
Great scenery from the lift...then we started taking lots of other pics...

I got a close up of RJ's "skeptical face" and he followed with a side close up of my profile...yes, we enjoyed the scenery too....

Side note...we went to Petco while waiting for our dinner reservations...and got Dizzy the cutest new collar. And they have this cool dog treat bulk section with human-treat looking this pic of Dizz eating her "cookie" with her new polka dots!

4th of July!

Ah...such a fun weekend!

Every year my family goes to Park City for the 4th...Great food at Maxwell's, great firework show on the golf course. We got a new camera recently, so we experimented with taking firework pictures...trying all kinds of movement, settings,!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

New Topic?

I want to blog...but can't think of anything to blog about.

I could write about how RJ just started talking to me, then said, "Wait." and quickly ate a strawberry fruit rollup. Then said, "I only ate that for my breath." I said, "You know, most people brush their teeth for that." Him: "Yeah, well I use sugar." Don't worry, I'm buying a baby toothbrush today for our child.

Or I could write about how RJ said, "You know, I saw a childbirth thing on tv yesterday...and I don't think I'm ready for that!" I said, "Me too! I don't even want to see it until I have to go through it...nothing else I can do anyway!" And his best fatherly advice: "Well, you know, it helps to do squats. You should start doing that." As he gets off the couch and demonstrates a proper squat. Weird. Why does my husband know/think squats will help with childbirth?! Again, weird.

Upon asking RJ for a blog topic, he said, "Blog about how much you hate Carlos Boozer." I'm not a fan, but I feel that topic would be best suited for RJ to discuss as he was the one chanting, "Boozer the Loser!" as news came out yesterday of him staying with the Jazz.

I'll keep watching for topics....