Friday, May 29, 2009

Kid Funnies

It seems that my students get extra funny as the summer nears. I think it's because we all get a little crazy...myself definitely included.

*My class went to the 5th grade State Fair this week....the kids work so hard on these awesome reports about a state. Then, classes like mine go around and see the presentations. Very cool. As I sat in the "Wyoming" presentation....

Kid: "So...that's it, do you have any questions?"
Me: "Yes...does Wyoming have a state song?"
Kid: "No, they just play Garth Brooks songs."

*Later, my class was in the hallway. A woman walked by and a kid in my class talked to her for a minute. He's new, so I haven't met his parents.

Me: "Is that your mom?"
Him: "No, that's my fake mom."

* Later, we went to the cute First Grade Program. It was fabulous, and each student stood proudly on the stage...EVERY student had a paper hat on...all 80ish of them.

Me to girl in my class: "So, which one is your brother?"
Girl: "The one with the hat."

Only 4 more days...can't believe it....

Friday, May 22, 2009

Classics in the Class Concerns

So today I got ambitious and thought cleaning out my desk at work seemed like a good way to keep me at work until 7 P.M., reminisce, and fill up a garbage can all at the same time. It was.

Two years ago, we had a "Class Concerns" jar that was actively used. The idea was this: students can write about any problem in class to let me know what's going on. No names are involved...of the accused, or the author. Once a week, we gathered at the rug in a sort of roundtable fashion and discussed said concerns. Only the one holding the ball is the one allowed to speak, again no names mentioned, and all are calm and polite. For some reason (can't remember), I don't do this system in my class anymore.

But...don't worry, I have kept the gems of the first year....which I found in an envelope tucked away in the very back of a very messy drawer (messy as in there were 6 boxes of staples people...that equals 30,000 staples. I just ordered more boxes in my supply order last week. It appears I've hit the staple jackpot. Lucky me.)

Some classics that gave a editing involved:

  • "we should have more recess" (agreed)
  • "I think we ned naps" (agreed)
  • "sumwun kald me faaat!!! :( "
  • "evrybody bosses pepol around." (welcome to life)
  • "sumewun kalld me old lade" (better than faaat, I'd say...)
  • "peaple ask others to stop doing stuf but they won't" (again, welcome to life)
  • "win I be nice he beese mene to me" (sad...)
  • "poeple are looking at me!" (um...sorry?)
  • "ther is some books on the floor" (time spent writing the class concern = could have picked books up)
  • "people are making people talk" (don't you hate it when someone moves your lips and forces words out?!)
  • "people are wasting tape by taking like 40 long strips and putting it on their mouths" (where was the teacher?! uh oh...and how big are their mouths?!)
  • "people are doing something wrong" (right....we'll need more details about this 'concern' of yours...)
  • "peple are doing things when there not sposte to" (getting closer to the details...)
  • "are class is rille smart" (I can tell!)
  • "pepole are yelling out not riasing there hand!" (the funny part is the girl that wrote this signed her name, even though they're not supposed to...and she's by far the child that just says anything without EVER raising her hand! Hello pot, hello kettle)
And among my personal favorite finds from the bottom of the drawer....a note that I got on my desk one afternoon from a child who had apparently come back to school to tell me he got the incorrect math sheet and needed the correct one:

"Dear Mrs. Cox I'm on x9 math facts (homework paper), not on I got a big shit of that."
Took me a few minutes to figure out that "shit" = "sheet"

Love these kids!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

We're well trained.

Today someone was commenting to me how RJ cleaned the lunchroom at school for an assembly to start on time, and commented that I "have trained him so well" kinda made me chuckle. Because the guy does way more than I do at home.

For instance, he has always done his own laundry, he just does. He does the dinner dishes every night, feeds the pets, cleans the cat litter boxes (yes, there are two), does all the vacuuming, empties all the garbages, takes Dizzy out most of the if anything, I'd say he's trained me!

Plus, I had forgotten that I left my clothes in the dryer the day. If I were him, I definitely would have just put them in a ball on the bed (I know I'd do that, because it's what I do if he ever happens to leave his in the dryer)...I came home to this:

All my clothes perfectly spread out! Because everyone knows if a clump of freshly dried clothes is left in a clump, they're a wrinkled mess...and I'd be much more likely to rewash them to dewrinkle them rather than iron, because who irons?!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Favorite Nephew! I may only have one! But...he sure is my favorite. Seriously. LOVE this child...he's hilarious, so....sweet! I have a secret fear that I won't love my own child as much as I love this one! He had a fantastic 2nd birthday party on Saturday...Curious George themed- his favorite. It was perfect weather, and SO cute....Sara, I'm hiring you to do birthday parties for my kids!

Look at this cake! Sara's sister Emily made it....she's amazing!We brought Carter regular presents...and....DIET COKE and Swedish Fish...his favorite treat that I seem to always have with me.
Look at this cake too...Sara made it and it was rainbow swirled inside, so cool!
Loves those swedish fish!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

And...first maternity clothes too...

OK thanks for all the advice out there, I caved and bought some maternity clothes. Why didn't anyone tell me how comfy they are?! I feel like I am in my more sucking in to button, woohoo! I went with some pants on sale at Shopko (they had a few good ones, most were no bueno), and a few good buys at Motherhood. Glad many of you suggested the secret belly kind, love them. I'm taking a gamble and ordered a few things online from Old Navy...I hope at least a few things fit, if not I'll be at the post office. Getting a few new things has really helped to make me feel and look more prego, instead of just feeling chubbier!

Friday, May 15, 2009

First Baby Shower!

Today was so fun...we had a GIANT baby shower at school. There are FIVE teachers pregnant...something is in the water! Well...technically only 4 of us are still prego...Anna had her baby 2 months early--luckily she and baby are both recovering well, but Anna we missed you at the shower!

There were yummy treats, fun games, and wow....I'm in awe of the generosity, such nice gifts!
It was so fun to start getting some baby stuff, and I'm so grateful for EVERYTHING we got today, wow.

Sue and Shelly leading the "Guess the Song with baby in the title...." game....super, not so good at it!

Shelly strategizing about what numbers to pick in Baby Concentration....
Mary, Denise, and DeAnn chatting...

Love love love these bibs my aide Betty gave us! I jokingly told my class, "Eh, we won't need that green one!"

Seriously! Look at all these goods! So excited to use it all...plenty of diapers and wipes, I'm sure those will come in handy...when RJ is changing the baby's diapers while I sleep....;)
We even got a beautiful handmade blanket from soft flannel, with delicate crocheting on the edges. She is so talented. I was secretly hoping I'd get one of these, because I've heard how good she is at making them...and let's just say I'm not so good at it! It's wonderful, and a cute gender-neutral pattern. We also got an amazing handmade thick quilt from RJ's mom Daryla that was made by her mom who has passed away. It's a pretty green color, with a lot of small details. Amazing!

RJ showing me that we can now watch the baby's every move. Something tells me this is the same look our future children will get as they leave on dates in high school....

Everyone contributed to a giant group gift...a large gift card to Shopko! I was amazed at how much people chipped in...everyone is so generous and thoughtful to us first timers! We went and got a baby monitor...the video screen kind! We've really wanted one, so we were really excited to be able to get it. And it just happened to be on sale for the exact amount of our gift card...fate, I say!

Again, playing around with the monitor...we love it already!

Great day, so grateful for all our kind co-workers!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It's time...

I need maternity clothes! The regular people kind just aren't cutting it evidenced by the marks left on my belly after I struggle out of my they've been permanently indented all day into my belly. Because they have.

So....all you moms out there....
Where do you get yours?
Certain brands/stores you like/dislike?
Advice for the rookie here!

Monday, May 11, 2009

He's 31!

Not only was Sunday Mother's Day...but RJ's 31st birthday! We celebrated on Saturday by going to Ogden (I know...huge vacation...) to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. I hadn't been there since I went when I lived in Texas...and it was super good. We got LOTS of food..and I went "to the restroom" but actually went and told our server it was RJ's birthday. A few minutes later they brought the saddle to a table near us and RJ goes, "Oh no...don't tell them it's my birthday...that's embarrassing!" Mission accomplished. It was funny when he had to get on the saddle.

Afterwards we went to Fat Cats and played all their sweet games. I've decided it kinda stinks to be the adult in such a place...only because you have to be polite and let all the kids go first. I had to wait my turn for SO LONG as kids just kept walking right in front of me to play. It's probably because we were the only adults actually playing, not just chaperoning kids! Oh was super fun....especially when I beat RJ in skee ball....ha!

Then came bowling...I had the lead for awhile (pure luck), then reality took over and RJ beat me! There were some cute families there that had ordered pitchers of soda, a couple pizzas, and just bowled the night away. I hope we take our kids to do that kind of thing when we have older kids....they looked like they were having so much fun. When the 4-year-old-ish girl bowled and the ball took about ten minutes to make it to the pins, the whole family was really sweet. birthday! RJ insisted on opening presents right at midnight....a ceiling fan, a sander for his furniture projects....and even a present from our baby....a case of diapers!