Monday, May 28, 2012

Back to blogging the Bachelorette..... Watching with my SIL Amy, a fellow fan who has her money on Ryan (no, literally, she has money on him winning), but wants Charlie to win.

-Um...her mom serves her breakfast in bed?
-Ooooh...Ricky getting camera shy? Producers will bribe that away real fast
-Here comes the adventurous date....
-"Relationships are a steady climb..." Blah.
-Chris is maybe cute?
-LIGHTNING!?! That is not ok!
-"We accomplished something together..."
-"I was going to give her a kiss, but went for the high-five instead..."
-OK, she is really is so pretty
-They might be too physically attracted to each other....
-And...his age might be a problem....
-"She likes Jef, and that annoys me" (Says Amy, and yes...totally)
-Oh, Chris backs up his age...good move
-How awkward would it be to have a private concert....with thousands of people watching...
-"Could I give you a kiss at the end of this song?" Awkward. Don't ask.
-Amy: "Cue the slow song... and is this a break-up song?"
-"It's like it's just the two of us..." You know, aside from those people behind the yellow tape...
-Amy: "Charlotte is a town full of awkward dancers!"
-Remember how John's nickname is "Wolf"?! Let's leave the nicknames at home. Or you know, in college.
-Ryan might be too arrogant?
-Oooooh....the friend interviews...harsh!
-"They're all moms, they're very protective of me, and they are here to grill you." Yikes.
-I don't know if she'll choose someone who is a dad...too much competition
-OK, that egg. Really?!
-And dancing
-"Here for the right reasons"...cliche
-OK, Emily's friend is more into Sean than anyone else is...
-I know Emily can pull off anything...but that skirt?
-I love her big curls...I wish I could do them in my hair
-Why does she look so orange in the confessionals?!
-Someone that warns you from the start that they're picky/"selective"...uhoh
-It's cool that Sean admires his parents' marriage so much
-Ha, Doug saying that the friends remind him so much of his friends' good move
-Doug...break my heart with his family story
-Crying dad, Tony?, way to play the dad card
-Amy: "I don't know if crying is ever a good strategy..."
-Oh, Tony, get that sympathy
-Amy: "And I thought the women were bad..."
-Amy: "And what is with that sweater collar?! He's like Darth Maul"
-And here comes Emily to the rescue....
-RJ's commentary..."Did she just say 110%?" His ultimate pet peeve.
-Amy: "Doug is Ryan Reynolds to a T."
-Amy, about Jef: "HE IS NOT CUTE." Amen.
-Arie....bad grammar...not Emily and I....Emily and me
-I love how all the guys think no one else will have the "connection" they have
-Love her shirt
-You know Ryan is bummed that everyone gets all these dates on planes and helicopters...and he gets watching the soccer practice from the creeper car
-Ugh... that rollercoaster. I would HATE it. I don't do rides.
-Oh, Dolly
-Me: "I'm not sure Dolly Parton is the best person to be giving marriage advice...."
-My FIL: "Actually, she's been married to the same person for almost 50 years..." Oh. Who knew.
-More dancing, more slow songs, more kissing...
-I think it's awkward when they have these intensely close slow dancing moments...when they barely know each other
-Amy and I agree that Emily looks better with less makeup
-These first dates are so intense...anyone in a normal setting would RUN after these questions
-It's cool that she knows and will say that she is a good mom. Moms question our abilities too much.
-I like cute, seems genuine
-Ugh. I hate the fake sending home, then give a rose. Mean.
-Amy: "Dolly's going to go around on the carousel singing..." Creepy.
-Oh here comes Kalon with the hipster glasses
-Arie looks like someone...can't figure out who....
-At least Jef has a cute tie
-Wow. "I love it when you talk, but I wish you'd let me finish." SASS!
-"I do like tall, skinny and funny...but I don't like tall, skinny and condescending."
-Ok, egg boy whose name I don't even know. This is not ok.
-Yes she wants to smash it.
-The egg has a name?!? Didn't think it could get creepier.
-Compromise boy is done for. Might as well go get himself an egg.
-Goodbye compromise boy!
-But "here for the right reasons"...blah
-Arie to the rescue!
-Charlie's adorable. And should be expecting a call from Amy if Em doesn't pick him.
-Long hair boy....who are you?
-That updo is bad news bears
-Alejandro and his curly mullet with earrings...
-That dress flattering...she needs a pushup

Hum...loving this show! It's so trashy!
But...enough about "I'm ready to be a dad." Does she realize they're ALL going to say that?!

Monday, May 7, 2012

April/May Goals

I never blogged my April goal...because it was boring! About a day or two in, I was still thinking of one that I could manage. Then I saw my friend's April goal to floss daily. Yep, I copied! It was actually good for me...because maybe you all are loyal flosses out there...but me? I'm tired! Brushing is about all I can handle! But, you know, I found that flossing doesn't take so long and feels good, too! Plus, believe me, we had a whopper of a dental bill this year (after 20+ years of no cavities!) so every little bit helps.

On to May...

May is among my most stressful of months at school. Things are winding down, yet the biggest tests of the year lie ahead. And motivation lacks...for both my students and me. But, I've found that organization helps my motivation. The more I do, the more I continue to do. So, my goal is to leave with a clean desk daily. I've found that if I put things that absolutely have to get done on my desk, then make sure to clear said desk before heading home, work doesn't pile up. So....there you have it. So far, so good!

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