Friday, February 29, 2008

Water vs. Diet Coke

Ok so...I had kindof a rough day! Just "one of those days" and I decided that a MUG of diet coke was necessary. Not just a cup, a MUG. As I was filling it with ice at the gas station, I caught myself thinking....does the ice melt-off that dilutes my coke count as drinking water? If so, I've had plenty of water today! Horrible, I know.

I just like this picture!

I am horrible, and just keep taking more and more pictures, without ever actually clearing my memory card! Then, when it is finally too full to use, I just delete a few off so I can take a few more. Then, when I eventually look through ALL the pictures, it takes forever to sort them! Anyway, long story short, I did just that last night...and found this picture...and I like it! It's fun when you find a picture of when you were doing something fun, and look genuinely happy. And we were! This was at my family's Christmas Eve dinner at my cousin's house.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Things I LOVE....

  • A BIG diet coke...lots of ice, no lime, no lemon.
  • BIG, chubby sugar cookies (I made some delicious ones today...)
  • That the first two things are food items..haha
  • When Dizzy is really sleepy and gets really cuddly
  • When Rocky and Dizzy are really playful and crazy-I can only hope our kids are as good of friends!
  • How RJ hugs me and gives me a kiss everytime we see each other
  • The kids at school- this week one said, "Oh great, another pimple! while rubbing his chin!
  • How my mom always sounds so excited to talk to me, even if we have just barely talked
  • How no matter how late it is when I call, my mom and I can talk for hours
  • How my mom and I say goodbye like 8 times, then think of something else to say, before we actually say goodbye and hang up!
  • Hummus platters at Rooster's in Ogden
  • Parents who enable their children to develop social skills-i.e. when a child orders his/her own food at Sabor, I'm so impressed. So many parents order for their kids-this totally limits their chance for developing skills!
  • Cadbury Mini-Eggs! YUM! Good thing they only make them once a year...
  • A BIG box of those little clementine oranges
  • Nice people...the type who smile and say hi when you pass them, even strangers.
  • Nice drivers....the type that when you accidentally turn out in front of them, they choose not to honk and flip you off!
  • A good sale...I need some good guilt-free shopping!
  • When RJ pulls me close and hugs me in the middle of the night...he never remembers in the morning, which I think is actually better because it means it's instinctual!
  • Accomplishment! When I get done all I wanted to get done! SUCH a good feeling!
  • A closet of clean clothes...laundry all folded and DONE!..for a few days at least....
  • Grey's Anatomy DVDs...I live by them!
  • P.S. I Love You...we all should remember to love the ones we love before they are gone.
  • Beef jerky...and mostly the memories of making it with my grandpa
  • How I heard a kindergartener call RJ "Mr. Hawks" the other day!
  • When my students from last year come back to visit and tell me about little things in their games, sicknesses, test scores, book recommendations, all of it!
  • Using good coupons! Even if it's only 50 cents, it feels good! haha
  • My sweet brothers
  • When my dad just reason...just to chat
  • Good trashy magazines, like Glamour, Cosmo, etc.
  • Bubble baths! It's become a nightly ritual lately!
  • My i-pod. Good stuff.
  • The Office
  • Dwight
  • Lost
  • Jack
  • Kyle Korver....whew...
  • Exciting Jazz games
  • Having a surprise for RJ
  • Doing something nice for someone who will never find out...
  • Long lists....that just keep going.....
  • The pool in the summer
  • with my ipod
  • and my diet coke
  • and magazines
  • and lots of time to relax!
  • Good kids' books....picture ones, chapter books....Ramona, Matilda....
  • Texting
  • When my cousin has good gossip for me!
  • Seeing a text from Lex...I miss her! Salt Lake is too far....
  • The good old days at Chi is so fun.
  • Emigration Market
  • Making a good, healthy lunch for RJ and makes me feel like a good wife
  • Making a good, healthy dinner for us too!
  • Crawling into bed at part of the day!
  • The talks RJ and I have before we fall asleep...from anything about the day, to religion, to families, to goals, to future kid names...anything.
  • Walking with Dizzy...although this will be SO MUCH BETTER when it's about 40 degrees warmer outside!
  • Talking to my grandma and grandpa, Papa and Birdie
  • Birdie's cooking...all of it! Homemade noodles, cookies, cakes, pies....
  • The way Birdie would always let me eat the cookie dough
  • And the way she'd always let me slurp my noodles from chicken noodle soup
  • When the little email screen pops up at work telling me I have a new email from RJ
  • Playing Speed with RJ...we both get so into it!
  • Seeing RJ finish classes...I can't wait for him to graduate and teach...he'll be SO good at it.
  • Oreos. Anytime.
  • More diet coke.
  • Woody's wedding!
  • Thinking about my wedding and honeymoon...what a fun time of life!
  • Dreaming about when we have's not something we're ready for yet, but we can't wait at the same time!
  • Tuna melts and oreo shakes from Village Inn
  • Almost anything from Cafe Sabor
  • Cuddling up and watching a movie
  • Going tanning....guilty pleasure!
  • Getting my hair done
  • Painting my toenails...bright colors!
  • New jeans
  • Having a new outfit that you're so excited to wear!
Ok this is forever long! And I'm sure no one read all the way to this point...but alas, my goal was accomplished, and I feel much better! Now I can get some stuff done!

I'm feeling thoughtful....

So I had kindof a gloomy day. Not bad, just gloomy. I have been excited ALL week to go home and see my family in Salt Lake. I haven't seen them since right after Christmas, and I miss them. I love love love RJ's family, but sometimes a gal just needs to see her own too, you know? Life's been kinda rough on me lately, school's just killing me! Anyway, so I was really looking forward to just being able to chill out, eat some delicious homemade food (I even called to request my favorite meal!). The point is...I was excited!

Then....we were heading there and got to the canyon. Not good. A blizzard. Since I am terrified of a bad car accident happening, we thought we'd better turn around. I immediately started crying! Now let me justify and say I am normally not a crier! But I was sure crying! Anyway, I cried all through telling my parents that we weren't going to make it. Then I was in one of those pathetic self-pitying moods when you need a good old fashioned cry! (All girls are familiar, yeah?) So, after my sweet husband hugged me, kissed me, cuddled with me...I went to sleep. I needed it!

I noticed in the paper today an article about the pastor who talks about the change you can make in your life if you quit complaining. Very moving. So... being in the thoughtful, reflective mood that I am in...I am going to make a list of things I DO there, gloomy day! Take that!

I think I'll make it a new post....mostly because this one is getting so long.....

And a MONTH later...

So, I know the purpose of a blog is to actually update things about one's life....thus, I think I should probably update mine more often! So, after about the 5th person to comment on my lack of blogging...Here I am, updating! One thing I have discovered is that I think that blogging gets WAY more fun once children are involved! No, no..his is not to say there WILL be anytime soon, just something I noticed from looking at friends' blogs! There are only so many "cute" pictures I could post of RJ or me sleeping, playing, eating (would any of those be cute?!)...but once there are small children, ALL of those things are "postable"! So, while there will be none of that anytime soon, I am hereby vowing to become a better blogger! First step- change to cute, after about 2 hours of frustration, it's done! Luckily I have a nice sister-in-law that is an expert and helped me out! I'll keep practicing. My goal is to get to be one of those people who updates it like weekly to match the holidays, seasons, weather, my socks, whatever! The point is I want to be good enough at this that I can change it easily if I want to!