Saturday, January 19, 2013


In other big changes....we have finished house plans and signed on the contract to build! So excited! We'll be living in Nibley, just a few doors down from some good friends. We've been ever so grateful for the opportunity we've had to live with RJ's parents and save $$$. A dear friend of mine said something that really resonated with me the other day...she was talking about something unrelated, but said, "Don't you think your self-esteem comes from taking care of yourself?" This is so the point we're at right now...ready to take care of our family, in our house. We're so excited for our next adventure!

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Big changes around here lately. RJ has a new job! Which is sort of sad, but also awesome! He didn't mean to quit teaching mid-year, but an awesome job came along and he just had to go with it!

He is a media specialist/technology guy (that's the official title, I'm sure) at Logan Regional Hospital. Totally utilizing his tech skills and great pay/benefits. Awesome opportunity for him! (Plus, it's Thinking Map free! ;) )

Will and I took him to breakfast on his big first day. We put together a little first day goodie bag, too. Now, he'll be THAT guy with a desk stocked full of Star Wars supplies!

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Will: "Mama, I like you."

Me: "I like you, too!"

Will: "Do you know what I like the BEST?"

Me: "What?" (Thinking of all sorts of sweet things about to be said...)

Will: "Daddy!"

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Monday, January 14, 2013

Bachelor Week 2

Watching with Monday night BFFs....Cynthia, Ivie, and Adrienne. And candy. Lots of candy.

Shirtless, already.
Showering! Awkward.
Our first helicopter
And the obligatory daredevil date
We feel like ABC is maybe focusing too much on the arm?
"Tierra's a brat, but she's sure pretty!" -Ivie
Adrienne- "How can you NOT give the first girl a rose?" Good point.
And a balcony shot
Hellllo booty shorts
Shirtless shot
I feel drama brewing!!! open shirt
Group dates are awkward.
But they payout on the drama
I really just like Kacie B.
Oh the fringe. No.
Love Desiree. Seems so genuine.
Oh my gosh.
This is hilarious.
Shirtless again.
He's so into her.
We love her. Like the rest of America.
His tie is cute!
Helllllo yellow dress.
Amanda just went right to smiles!
I can't even keep them all straight when there's this many!
So much DRAMA!
This show is trashy!!!

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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Bachelor Week 1

  • The drama begins!
  • Sean's got the vnecks already
  • Shirtless pic...took about 4 seconds for the first one
  • And...second shirtless
  • Remember the awkward love speech last season
  • We all want Emily's sequined skirt
  • Remember the joke Sean's family played
  • ...and I totally fell for
  • Look at them putting the kids in the hammock...pulling at the heartstrings
  • And another vneck
  • Oh there just happens to be a wedding on the beach
  • Oh good, Arie has a mini vneck too
  • I feel like this pep talk will be awkward...
  • I can never decide if Arie is cute
  • Oh no. Do they really practice this, "Will you accept this rose?" 
  • Maybe after a few beers...
  • Do boys really do this?! The practice breaking up?
  • "That's not what you said in the fantasy suite last night..." ha!
  • Oh he is NOT going to give kissing tips...
  • Arie was such an intense kisser...
  • Desiree- I bet she gets asked about her husband/BF at work ALL THE TIME
  • Tierra- looks emotional
  • Robyn- she practiced that heart move
  • Diana- What salon does she own in Salt Lake?! 
  • Sarah- Seems cool....but maybe has too high of expectations of the show? 
  • Ashley P.- "I have no idea why I'm still single!" Followed by the cats comment. And 50 Shades obsession....and "I hope Sean rips off my clothes and spanks me!" YIKES.
  • Lesley M.- Pretty. I think he'll dig her. 
  • Kristy- "The best from the midwest!" Ew. I think she's into her trainer. 
  • Ashlee F.- "I'm obsessed with being organized." I think that would stress most guys out. Ivie has a genius observation...she's obsessed with the organization because she likes the control. 
  • Jackie- The kisser
  • Selma- Ew.
  • Leslie- A poker dealer!
  • Daniela- A
  • Kelly- Cruise ship entertainer?! And a song. 
  • Enough with the gimicks
  • Katie- no yoga
  • 50 Shades is creeeepy
  • Taryn- looks nervous....we think he likes her
  • Catherine- exotic...he's into her
  • Robyn....why would you think that is a good idea?! Why? Ivie: "First of all, let me show you my crotch!" AGH
  • Paige...Jumbotron operator...Bachleor Pad Superfan!!!! 
  • Tierra-is he about to give her the first impression rose?!!?
  • Eeeeek...I like this!
  • Put a target on her! Those girls are MAD.
  • Amanda- What is a "Fit Model"...the awkward pause is...AWKWARD. Ivie and Cynthia: "I can't even watch!"
  • Ivie: "Could he just cut her right now? This isn't going to work!"
  • Maryann- kinda masculine
  • Cynthia: "Why do all the blondes look bad?" They really are orangey.
  • We like Desiree.
  • He's really  into saying, "I look forward to seeing you inside..." to ALL of them
  • Football girl.... ha, "She's fun."
  • Kristy- Weird hair
  • Ashley M.- A fashion model. For mermaids.
  • Lauren- Brought the dad message
  • Wedding dress. Lindsay. That was a bad idea.
  • Ways to NOT get a rose: "My dad said he'll break your legs." "I've got balls!" Show up in a wedding dress. 
  • Who's the mystery girl?!?!
  • KACIE B! 
  • Why isn't it fair
  • No screaming
  • Not so sure on the middle of Kacie's dress
  • I think he's into her
  • She has crazy buff legs
  • "I work at a bridal salon." No pressure!
  • I like her
  • Look at all those GLARES!
  • "This is a game changer!" 
  • Selma....hum......
  • How many roses is this?!
  • "I wish I was more sober right now!" 
  • Cynthia: "Oh, I cannot even watch this."
  • "Do we need me to start dancing?" No.
  • "She just needs a lot of water!"
  • Sean: "I also brought a rape whistle.."
  • "That girl's a trip...she is a LOT to take in!"
  • "50 Shades of Grey may have become 50 shades of drunk!"
  • Cynthia: "I don't think it's good to give out the roses as we go along. Because people start crying and they can't leave!" 
  • Cynthia: "Has it ever been this awkward?!"
  • And we found the crier.
  • I loathe the expression, "at the end of the day"
  • And she's said it twice. 
  • But I admire how she's handling the arm topic.
  • Whew. Glad Kacie was in there.
  • Poor Paige. 
  • Oh the DRAMA! LOVE IT!
  • Can't even wait. 
  • Even the rose petals fell, you guys!