Monday, November 28, 2011


No real topic today....just random thoughts.

•I'm not sure I like the gas at the dentist's office. Everyone says it's so great...but I feel so self-conscious! Makes me seem crazy. Like all my senses are exaggerated...and I might say/do something weird. Kinda reminds me of the good times in college ;). Only everyone else had the same "gas"...
•I get so annoyed when capable people leave their shopping carts in a random parking lot place. So irresponsible, so lazy. Saw a lady do it at Sam's yesterday, I silently grumbled.
•USU is finally going to a bowl game! So happy for them, win or lose. But, you know, hoping for a win!
•I have the greatest students this year. Really. They are sweet, witty, and willing. They rarely complain. Overall, the best thing? They are so kind to one another. It makes a difference, to me and to them, and I hope they never lose their compassion.
•I had a dream that I stole (well, more "borrowed" wasn't malicious) a police car. Then was trying to figure out how to quietly ditch it without being caught. The dream was so very real! Proud to report I do not have a criminal record.
•You know how nice my husband is? He made me lunch today. He forgot and left it in the fridge, but it's the thought that counts! And, AND!, he always buys me diet cokes....big, frosty fountain ones!
•With every stage of Will's life, it just gets better and better. Though I sometimes miss his tiny baby days, I love this toddler fun!
•I've never been Black Friday shopping, ever. And I wasn't that impressed with Cyber Monday deals today. Anyone get good deals?
•Had so much fun meeting friends for dinner last week...Katie, Crystal, Emily, Jenny, and Lex....we just talk and laugh and reminisce. Makes me really long for a night in the Chapter Room, surrounded by food, our big ol' big screen (that thing probably had to be lifted out with a crane!), late night chats, and laughter....right after flipping my tag for a "late plate" and doing my "hootie duty"....Miss the good old days.

Ok...well....that may be all my randomness for today....

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Books for Christmas?

The GIANT set of book orders is out for Christmas/Holiday books! There are so many cute ones for gifts. It is due by this Friday, December 2. The books will be in by Friday, December 16.

Below is my previous post about how to order online:

I'll be honest...I LOVE ordering books from Scholastic book orders. Always have. I loved book order day. I'd circle all my top picks, my mom would do the final selection and write the check...and I'd wait anxiously to see them on my desk.

Still love it.

Only now I order a ton more for my classroom. So I got thinking....where would I get good, cheap books if I wasn't a teacher (and didn't have kids in school)? Then I got thinking some more (it's a rare event!), and thought maybe others are interested in ordering too. And if so....every time someone orders from my class site, my classroom gets a free book! And, well, many of my students don't own any books at home (SAD!), so what I have is what they have daily access to. Thus, I'm continually building up my classroom library.

They have books from $1 (good ones!), and I love the seasonal picks for Will. I've included all age level book from toddler-middle school.

So, if you would like to order any books, go to:
Class Activation Code: GQVLJ

If you order, they will ship to my classroom and I will let you know they are here. Then I can either deliver or you can swing by and grab them. Also, you can pay online. Just click on the "parent" section and put your name as the kid, so I'll know who you are.... I'll post each month when I'm doing an order. So if you can't do it this time, there will be other times!

I feel sales-pitch-y, but I promise I have nothing to gain other than books for 22 sweet third graders. So, consider this your community service by providing books to adorable, witty, bright kids....there, two birds with one stone! ;)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Family Halloween

Monster, Cowgirl, and Wolverine!

Best Costume Ever.

My niece wins best costume award. How funny is this?! She ratted her hair right up and busted out loads of makeup and animal print..... SNOOKI!

We tried to take pictures together...

Since I clearly didn't know how to pose like a cowgirl, Snooki demonstrated...

Then I was more cowgirl-esque...

Halloween: Part 2

Isn't he just the cutest monster? You should hear him "Rrrrroar!" Adorable.
Grandma brought him to school for our parade, he was a hit! It was so fun. He waved and said, "Hi Guys!" to everyone.

Later, we went trick or treating around the neighborhood. Except....Will hadn't had a nap (who has time for pesky naps on Halloween?!). He was grummmpy! He said, "Trick or treat!" at each house, but then wanted to eat the treat right then and threw a monster fit (maybe he was just in character?) after each house. So....We made it to a grand total of THREE houses and called it good! Poor kid was in bed by 6:30 for the night! It was a fun day though!

Halloween: Part 1

Yep, I'm behind. Here goes!

We started with carving pumpkins....then roasting the seeds with loads of butter and salt...yum!

(P.S. Leave it to my creative husband to use a saw to simple knives for this guy)
Will discovered it was funny to put the pumpkin top on my head!

The finished products:

Will Fun

Love this kid. I feel like I'll forget things if I don't regularly blog here goes!
  • He is obsessed with the iPad...calls it either "the game" or "pa-pod". He can play a lot of apps, and is actually really good at a lot of them!
  • He repeats anything you say....
  • He is on this new thing where he wants to know peoples' names. If someone comes on TV, he says, "His name?" If I don't know, then he also says, "Don't know!"
  • He learned to shrug his shoulders, and would only answer questions with a shrug for a good week or so.
  • If he wants you to leave him alone, like when it's bedtime and I come to get him from Grandpa, he says, "Bye, bye!"...usually in an ultra cheesy voice with a smile and a wave.
  • He heard, "Have a good day!" somewhere and now says it the other night when I put him to bed. So funny!
  • He dances! To ANY music!
  • He randomly says family names. Like we'll be driving in the car and all the sudden, "Mama, Dada, Nana, Bobo, Nick, Paul, Grandma, Grandpa, Morgan (which sounds like Megan)..."
  • Loves "Mr. Monk"...his stuffed monkey that my dear friend Leila gave him
  • Still obsessed with Elmo and all things Sesame Street
  • Suddenly gets scared of things. Not sure what or why, but will say,"No, no!" and cuddle up.
Um....I think that's it for now. We adore this wonderful child and are so grateful for his spunk and sweetness every single day!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Some recent student funnies:

Sitting at reading groups, one boy gets THAT look (a mix of perplexed and pensive)....

"Teacher? Where did you come from?"

Me: "What do you mean?"

"Where did you get borned?"

Me: "Oh, I was born in Salt Lake City..."

"Oh, ok." Continues working.


A student had to come to class during recess to do an assignment he hadn't done. It had been up on the board EVERYDAY during reading groups the week it was due.

Him: "No one told me I had to do that."

Me: "Oh, it's been on the board in bright red all week."

Him: "I know, but I thought everyone did it except for me."

Me: "Hum....why would you think that?"

Him: "I don't know. But still, no one even told me to do it."

Me: "When it's up on the board to do, that's me telling you to do it."

Him: "OHHH!"
(As if this JUST clicked!)

"Teacher, I had a silly band that said 'I love Justin Bieber!'. But don't worry, I gave it to my cousin in first grade."

Me: "Oh, does he like Justin Bieber?"

"No, but I didn't tell him what it says and he can't read yet!"

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Sunday, November 13, 2011


I teach at Ellis Elementary. RJ teaches at Bridger Elementary. At a local grocery store, customers can drop off receipts to give a portion of the proceeds to local schools. We went shopping the other day and faced this:

So, naturally, I pretended to be heading for the Bridger slot....and slipped it in the Ellis section at the last second. RJ was disappointed!

Next loyalty tester....
I went to East High (my students think that's totally cool....hello High School Musical!). RJ went to Logan High.

Guess who's facing off in the state 4A championship game this week?

Go Leopards!

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Truth Comes Out

We've been working with Will on saying full sentences. Instead of just saying one word, he repeats what we say to form a sentence. He'll pretty much repeat anything. I go all out and have him call me things like "my dearest mother"'s a good time.

Today, as we're dropping RJ off for work....

RJ: "Bye, Will!"

Will: "Bye, dada!"

RJ: "Say 'I'"

Will: "I..."

RJ: ""

Will: ""

RJ: "...dada!"

Will: "ELMO!"

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Friday, November 4, 2011