Tuesday, April 22, 2008

And last night's game gets even better!

Ok I was a Jazz fan before, and being married to my sweet husband who is a crazed fan makes me like a fan ten times over....but.... I'm now an even bigger fan of the Jazz, well, and State Farm Insurance! This is why...

Earlier this year I wrote a grant for $200 for early chapter books for my classroom. Every time the Jazz win, they award a grant. And courtesy of last night's win, I am the proud winner of $200 to use to order some super sweet books! Yay!

Furthermore, I (along with every other female in Utah I'm sure...) have a mundo huge crush on Kyle Korver. Like, I affectionately call him "my boyfriend". My husband reminds me often that I'm married. Since he basically shot a sweet shot to seal the deal last night, I'd like to attribute my $200 winnings to my boyfriend's love for me, and for small third grade children who need reading material! So, boyfriend, thank you! (Oh, and thanks to the rest of the Jazz, and State Farm too...) Room 12 has one very happy teacher and 20 very happy third graders!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Like 10th post today....

OK....so it's kindof a lazy Sunday and I have lots of posting to make up for! I just thought of a funny story from last time I was home. So, my sweet brother just turned 16 and is learning to drive. Good times! I thought I'd be the "cool" sister and took him out driving in a manual transmission car. First of all, my dad said, "He's pretty good at driving a stick, just needs some practice." So, imagine my surprise when we got in the car and this happened....

Me: "Put your feet on the clutch and brake..."
Him: "Which one's the clutch?" YIKES.

Then, later...

Me: "Ok, put it in neutral..."
Him: "Is that the one with the 'R'?" YIKES.

Anyway, he did really well once we got those basics down! I just thought it was totally funny and it brought me back to my days of learning to drive...which was... ten years ago! Weird. I still remember saying, "Mom, can we go driving again?" and she said, completely seriously, "No, my whiplash hasn't recovered yet." Whew. Good times being 16.

My new obsession...

Ok, let me preface this with...I am normally not a TV watcher. But...this season, I love American Idol! I am hooked! I love David Archuleta andtBrooke White best! I think Kristy Lee Cook needs to go...about 2 episodes ago. And Michael Johns?! What happened?! I liked him...well, more than Kristy Lee and Syesha at least! I almost teared up when Chikezie got voted off...he was awesome when he sang "She's a Woman" and is just so cute! Anyway, my Tuesday and Wednesday nights are blocked off...for at least a few months! And I'll definitely be in line for tour tickets....my mom and I are planning it already! We call each other before the show, during the show, and after the show....you might say we're obsessed.....

*FuN pArK!*

So Logan has this place called the Fun Park...lots of games that take tokens, bowling, skating, laser tag....and of course, the ever popular skee ball! (Is it ski or skee ball?!) RJ and I used to go there when we were dating- along with all the pre-teens of Logan! Pretty sure we were the only ones there without kids....but we're young at heart! We'd get $5 each in tokens, plays lots of games, hope for lots of tickets....then the best part! We'd take all our tickets and buy each other super sweet prizes. You know, classic ticket prizes....good stuff.

Anyway, we wanted to do something fun with our brother and sister in law the other day, so to the Fun Park we went! It was so fun....Here are some fun pictures....The glasses are our super cool prize purchase for the night...they have creepy images in them-lizard eyes on mine, and skulls on RJ's! Ew. Then we bowled...Let's just say I could definitely use some practice, while RJ is really good!

I love love love swaps!

Yay! I got my swap package! Thanks so much Barbara! I'm slow and just sent mine off Saturday (I just needed time to get all the right things! :)) So I made a little promise that I wouldn't open my package until I had her package to the post office. So....I finally came home and ripped the paper off, so excited! It's so cute! There were: cards, ribbon, a candle, treats, lip gloss, paper, and lots of other goodies! Among my favorite things....the lip gloss! I've been wanting to try that kind forever! Barb, thanks so much! I hope you enjoy yours as much as I enjoyed getting mine!


See the ridiculous margins on my blog?!? I try not to let it bother me, but alas, every time I open my site....the lack of a left margin drives me nuts! I tried (half-heartedly) to fix it....but don't really know how and got scared I'd really mess things up! Help? Anyone?

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Broken Computer :(

I'm so sad...our computer is broken! Thus, the lack of posts in the last two weeks. A new one is en route to our computer-less home....then I'll post a string of posts, including...my fabulous trip to Georgia, the swap, my sweet husband, my cute pets, Dr. Laura (to be explained later), my American Idol obsession....and more to come.....