Sunday, April 14, 2013


Just few random things...

-Went to our first appointment for baby. All along W has said he's having "a baby brother AND a baby sister at the same time!" Don't worry, there's just one! Baby was kicking and moving all over the place. So cool!

-I walked in the room today and Will said, "Mom, I just looked at those pictures (ultrasound) of the baby again. It made me so happy!" He regularly mentions the things he's going to teach baby to do. So sweet.

-Still been feeling yucky....usually late afternoon/evening. I've eaten A TON. No, seriously. RJ's convinced I eat more than him these days, and as he says, "That's no small accomplishment!" I've already gained 10 pounds!

-Our house should be done in 60 days-ish. So excited! It's looking good so far!

-We got in to sell RJ's pallet creations at the Logan market each Saturday, as well as two Sundays at the Park Silly Market. We're so excited...and have been busy building, sanding, painting, staining! It'll be easier when the weather gets nicer!

-Starting to feel the end of the school year crunch! Stress! Testing! Yikes.

-Guess that's all for now! Just wanted to keep note of a few things so I don't forget. Been such a blogging slacker lately!

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