Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Monday Addiction

Bachelorette!...A few days late. Still waiting for me on my DVR. Am I a bad person if I kinda cringed when my husband came to bed last night, because I was just about to start this week's episode? Don't answer that. And don't tell him that either.

P.S. Jenny O. and Angie...can we please start watching soon? I'm dying here! Ang, just end school early. Your kids, parents, and boss will totally understand.

P.P.S. I've already heard from 3 friends (via texts during the episode while I was slaving away selling those burritos...made the suspense build even more!) what a weirdo Bentley is. Ah...what Michelle and Bentley are doing for Utah....

Here goes! (Probably to be continued tomorrow, because I just noticed RJ is getting ready for bed. Think he'll notice if I "accidentally" lock the door? Ha! I'd watch with him, or rather let him watch with me, but he really just doesn't appreciate good tv. ;) )

  • Aw...William is cute. Still worried about his career in Ashley's eyes though...
  • Ashley is tiny. Was she that little last season?
  • I'd want to be on the show just for the fun cars they get to drive...
  • Look at them ALL scoping her out...then following them to the car. Awkward.
  • Oh good, Zorro the mask guy added a hat to the mix
  • OK really, did the producers make him wear that?
  • "I've taken the stealth approach...I feel like I can stay high up above and just kinda watch down below..." Creepster.
  • Ah Vegas! I want to go! Looks warm...which is about all I ask at this point in Logan's weather.
  • Weird that people in the Bellagio are hugging Ashley.
  • Ha, he looks creeped out about the wedding talk.
  • The ring shopping is awkward.
  • Ew, this is dumb. Poor William.
  • Is he really going to do the ceremony?!
  • Is this her lame attempt to give him a rose?
  • She just said this was her best first date...I think the carnival biz with Jake topped this.
  • Ew, you are not "falling for William"...you are giddy and on a fun first date.
  • Seriously, I think the Bellagio fountains at night are among my favorite place to be. Ever.
  • When we were in Vegas once in college, my friend dropped her cell phone in that water. Oops.
  • She drags out sounds when she talks...it bugs me.
  • Didn't she have a serious dad talk with Jake on their first date, too?
  • Oooh-love the watch story. Still think it's kinda a bit much that he wears it. I'd put it in a special place. A similar clock story happened with my mom when her dad passed away.
  • Cute first kiss....should have timed it with the fountains!
  • Do you think the producers wouldn't "let" onlookers cheer until now? They didn't when the big kiss happened...or the audio was cut at least.
  • Matt looks like someone? A celebrity?
  • Weird outfit.
  • West has never been to Vegas? I guess South Carolina is far...
  • Love Monte Carlo...they have the BEST pool and lazy river.
  • I bet that dance is so fun to see live!
  • She's buff....I want her abs
  • West is a trash talker
  • "No Rhythm Nation" winners!
  • "I want to throw myself in the engine right now" dramatic!
  • Hello Bentley's abs!
  • Maybe they should bring a new mask home to zorro
  • "I just want her to know I'm better than any other guy"...Oh, Bentley's off to a great start!
  • Way to skirt the convo, dentist
  • Oooh. I forgot that it was West's wife that passed away. Sad.
  • And, Bentley sweeps in.
  • Ew. He's gross.
  • Slimy.
  • He's totally there for ratings. And she just begged him to stay for more ratings.
  • Bentley gets the rose. Ratings.
And with that, I did not lock RJ out and it's bedtime! Until tomorrow's drama!


Lately Will has had an obsession
with picking the lint from his toes after he takes his socks off. My little brother used to do the exact same thing- even in his sleep.

Today, we were driving and Will was snacking on some cereal. I looked back to see him putting the cereal between his toes...then trying to get it to his mouth!

Now THAT'S talent!

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Monday, May 30, 2011

Poverty, Puberty, whatever!

A group of kids were working on a project. The debate came up whether they were kids or grown-ups.

One boy: "I'm not a boy, I'm a man!"

Other boy: "You're not a man, you haven't even been through poverty yet!"

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Shot Sadness

Will's feelings about getting a shot in each leg.
But check out those Daffy Duck band-aids!
Later, he was pointing to the band-aids saying, "Duck! Quack, quack!"

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Part 2

Um...let's just talk about how weird it will be when I print out my blog in a nice lil' family book...wedding, house, Will's life and milestones....and then...this Bachelorette trash! Ha!

With that...part 2!

  • Cocktail party begins!
  • Who's the kiss up yelling that she looks beautiful while she's talking?
  • OK Mr. I've said maybe, MAYBE 4 words to this woman and can say, "Ashley is beautiful, I can see myself marrying this girl!" REALLY?! Really?!
  • Who just said, "It's going to take a little guts and nuts." Really?
  • Is "Really?!" my theme? Going all Seth Myers here.
  • Solar boy is a bit braggy too. Hello life story.
  • He seems like a cheerful type of guy though.
  • Does she have a major overbite?
  • Love gingham shirt with polka dot tie guy
  • You're calling your mom?! Weird!
  • Awkward!
  • Oh the motherly advice...
  • OH MY! Her advice!! AHHH!
  • I'm kinda done with the gimmicks...wine, compass, calling mom, the guitar....
  • Guitar thing was weird
  • This situation always causes the guys to get so girly and drama!
  • Like the creepy music that plays whenever mask boy comes along
  • Mask guy reminds me of vampire girl last season
  • He should go on that show in the dark...was it Dating in the Dark or something?
  • Tim is a jerk...reminds me of that dude last season who was always drunk and picking fights....what was his name?
  • Enough with the gimmicks, sign boy
  • William? First impression rose?
  • Is Tim really that drunk? Really? Really?!
  • He's a creeper!
  • Ha, that guy nailed it, "He's the drunk guy!" Every party has one!
  • "wine and spurs" ha!
  • And....still drinking. Dude, stop. Someone cut him off.
  • Amen, William. Amen. Good guy.
  • Enter mask dude....getting weirder.
  • Even drunk Tim says he wouldn't "rock the mask"
  • Tim's totally THAT guy at a party that everyone wants to back off...trying to out drink everyone, then fight. We all knew THAT guy in college.
  • "If you can't take the heat, get out of the oven." Um...isn't the expression out of the kitchen?
  • That snoring is SO bad! Is it real?
  • Ha, he totally has the fur thing that she had wrapped on her earlier
  • Love how the producers don't step in
  • Love the guy saying, "It happens to all of us!"...in college, at a party, with friends...maybe. NOT on national TV!
  • Wouldn't you love to see his face in the morning, "Wait...what...?"
  • Cue first railing scene of the season....creepster mask!
  • "Here for the right reasons..."BLAH
  • "Ok, I want to hear everything that's going on..." to mask guy. AKA, "What the he** are you wearing that mask for?!"
  • "So....do you think I'll ever be able to see you?"
  • It is TOTALLY a "stunt to get your attention".
  • JP is cute. I like his rugged look.
  • "I haven't had a cavity since junior high, and I floss everyday!" Cute.
  • OK the cupcake stuff is a little much.
  • Here for right reasons count: 4
  • "Cozy...I love that name...so cute...." ha
  • "She's my first priority..." RIGHT. Is that why you are on a dating show?!
  • Loganites: Bentley kinda looks like Jim Grewe? Eh?
  • She's totally into him. First impression rose?!
  • Or Ryan! He's cute.
  • That would be sad to go home the first night.
  • Here for the right reasons count: 5
  • Totally want to nominate my brother to be on the show...He's a catch.
  • Mask boy. Oh mask boy.
  • "I will miss all of you guys..." Even though I hardly know you....
  • Kinda wondering if mask guy has something to be self conscious of...? Maybe like a scar or...I don't know!
  • It's sad when the people leaving act as if their lives are OVER and all their dreams are crushed.
  • "I'm lost...I'm definitely defeated...I don't know when I'll find love..." Come ON!
  • "I'm beside myself...to see this slip away...it's heartbreaking. What's wrong with me? I thought Ashley was the one..." (from the hour, maybe two, that you spent with her and 24 other men?!)
  • Is he CRYING?
  • Is West gone? Where is he?
Hum...ok. Until next Monday! Ahem...when it will be S-U-M-M-E-R!!!

Monday, May 23, 2011


The Bachelorette has started! My Mondays just got a LOT more exciting. But...apparently I cannot handle just watching. I want to comment on EVERYTHING. And...well....Will's asleep and RJ's working. So...I paused the DVR after 4 minutes and got out the computer. Here goes:

  • OK this intro is embarrassing to even watch!
  • All the cheesy gaze-off-into-the distance....oof
  • Ashley was cute before, but I really like her makeover
  • Her workout scenes...enough already
  • Awkward laugh into the camera...and the punching! Awkward!
  • Ha, the lying in the ground in the theater. Weird.
  • Love her dark hair
  • Laughing, running backward in the red pea coat. Yikes.
  • Just because you CAN wear a cut off shirt, doesn't mean you should. IMO.
  • Ooooh- burning rose. That's one we haven't seen!
  • Sidenote: I think that phone commercial (ha, must be effective, can't even remember what provider it's for!) with the flash dance guy is so funny!
  • Classic running shirtless on the beach scene. Something tells me this won't be the last one.
  • Ah...the bad puns. The "only thing not sunny in my life"... from the solar guy.
  • Um...JP. Awkward hard hat scene, surveying an empty construction site.
  • JP's too into his career...foreshadowing.
  • Ames....Overachiever. And braggy. Nobody likes a bragger.
  • ARGH. That "on a scale of 1-10" stuff, when someone says a higher number...TOTALLY bugs me. Um, you're not on a 1-10 scale then. It's like the phrase "110%" NOT possible!
  • "I hope to have a lasting love, and the greatest one." Is anyone else thinking of Casey "guard and protect your heart"?
  • Benjamin the winemaker....yum! (on the wine, not so much on him...although he seems sweet)
  • Oh, just drinking a glass of wine by the barrels.
  • Oh Bentley. Blah. COZY?!
  • THIS MAKES ME SO MAD. I'm about to get all Dr. Laura here. You were warned. "I got divorced about a year and a half ago, basically because we tried to take on too much too fast...so now I just want to have more fun." YOU ARE A FATHER. That means a different kind of fun. That does not mean go-on-a-dating-show-and-look-like-a-fool fun. Ok I'm done. For now.
  • Family fun center? Where in SLC?
  • Love his house though. And he would be cute with Emily.
  • New Jersey butcher....hum. I think she'll like the businessman type instead.
  • Ha, second shirtless scene.
  • West...sad story. Not to be insensitive, but they seem to always put at least one sad story on the show.
  • Gazing longingly to the lake.
  • West is cute and seems like a sweet guy.
  • William...a cell phone sales guy...not sure if she'll go for him.
  • Ah, the stepping stone.
  • Third shirtless scene. Wow stare into the mirror.
  • He still wears the watch everyday? Put it in a special place.
  • She looks good. That dress looks fun to wear.
  • I wish I could do my hair that way...love the loose waves.
  • I hope she doesn't talk about Brad and her regrets all season long
  • Fireworks reference...was that a crazy Michelle reference?
  • ENOUGH with "the right reasons"
  • ha, she already has dirt on a guy! Ooooh....Bentley!
  • Little does she know single dad is Bentley!
  • A fellow dentist...is she a dentist yet, or still a student?
  • Jon's cheesy. Schmoozer.
  • I like William's scruff.
  • Oh Mickey...going bold.
  • Tim, liquor distributor...is he the one who passes out? Seems like he's had a few already.
  • Ah Ben, pulling out the foreign language already. Kiss up.
  • Hairstylist! Ha, he comments on the color of her hair.
  • Chris....the...rapper?
  • I totally think West is cute. Ha, the compass is totally cheesy. But, clever.
  • Anthony...wanna be Prince Charming. Bugs me already. Unbuttoned shirt. ew.
  • Rob looks like the party boy
  • Ames totally bugs me!
  • Mask boy. Um....
  • She seems totally weirded out.
  • Oh my...this is a long post. Only 15 guys so far.
  • Wow Ben...bringing a bottle.
  • Love his tie
  • OK Frank...a little much. Enough with the twirls.
  • Mike totally planned a dentist joke
  • Maybe Chris is the party boy?
  • ....or Ryan? He's cute.
  • JP is kinda cute? I like the pink shirt. I'm glad he didn't bring a prop. Enough with the props.
  • Nick....too much hair. A poem. Ew.
  • She would look good with Blake. She's into him.
  • And Bentley. She knows it's him. Oooh, the rebel music.
  • Lots of guys with shaggy hair.
Ok really. I've only watched half! I'm exhausted, and this is a loooong post. So...part 2 tomorrow.

P.S. THREE AND A HALF days of school until SUMMER!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day at the ZOO!

Will and I went to Salt Lake yesterday for some fun!
He enjoyed some lunch in the most comfortable rocking chair ever.

...and some potato chips in the swing....

Then, off to the zoo!
Took the yearly picture in front of the gorillas. This time he could stand, but was afraid of the silhouettes.

Will and Grandpa, giving high fives.

Will enjoyed some chocolate ice cream....and dripped it all over my poor dad's shoe.
Good thing grandpas are such good sports.

Playing with the garden gnomes....ha

Making the dog food, as he does every time we're there!

Hanging out on his uncle's motorcycle.

We had a lot of fun...and can't wait for summer so we can venture down more often.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pictures Digital?

Opinions, please:

I have LOADS of pictures in crates, bins, drawers, books...everywhere.
And I'm not sure what to do with them.
But, what I'm thinking is....

Should I scan them all in and save them on a hard drive?
And if I do, should I throw them away after?

I just feel like they are sitting, taking up space.
Maybe summer would be a good time to take on this project?

Monday, May 16, 2011

Of Course

Me, to student who got a haircut over the weekend:
"Your hair looks nice. Did you cut it?"

Student: "No, the lady did."

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Easter...part 2

We had a great Easter in Salt Lake....
an egg hunt, a stuffed basket, and a perfect pot roast dinner!

We made a cement garden stone...
Will loved decorating it,
but did NOT love putting his hand print in it...

He caught on to finding the eggs quickly...

And Roxy was super helpful!

Will loved his basket goodies...
bubbles, plenty of treats, a stuffed frog dressed as a bunny,
and plenty of other fun things...

He checked out the motorcycle selection...

One of his favorite things to do at my parents' house
is to "make dog food" with measuring cups and spoons.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Whatever Works?

I have a student in my class who has a hard time controlling his emotions.
Today, he walked over to me and said,
"Teacher, I brought something that will help
when I am getting angry. It helps me calm down."

Out from his pocket: A tampon applicator.

I'm speechless.
So, I said, "Where did you get that?"

"Oh, just from some junk."

As he walked away from me,
he needed both hands to pick something up.
So he just popped the applicator
right in his mouth


(Don't worry, without describing why, it successfully
(after much prodding)
ended up in the garbage.)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Birthday "Cake"

Happy birthday to my awesome husband.
I could get all mushy-gushy,
but how about I just say he's rad...then move on to the cake, eh?

So, we're addicted to a local cupcake shop.
We recently discovered their cookies too.

So, I thought....hum, how can I do a cookie treat for RJ's birthday?
I asked them to stack cookies and make it into a "cake".
It was so cute, and tasted even better.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Token Mother's Day Post

I know, I know...everyone thinks their mom is just the greatest. I'm sure they are...for you. My mom is the greatest for me! In honor of my sweet mom, I'm going to list 28 things I adore about her. 28 is random, I know...but since I've known her for 28 years....28 it is!

1. She is so incredibly selfless. She would give anything to anybody and do anything for anybody. Really.

2. When we were little, there were the "bad kids" in the neighborhood. Most other parents seemed to ban their own children from being near them. Not my mom. She knew that these kids simply just needed some love and a better example. They were always welcome at our house. I know they felt the love, and even now, years later, I feel the love and try to do that same thing.

3. One time...ha, scratch that, it happened more than once....we'd be heading to bed on a Sunday night around 10, when one of us would say, "Mom! I need __________ for school tomorrow!"
It was usually something like black pants for Nick's choir performance, or a poster board for a class of mine or something that of course would be tricky to find and wouldn't be in the house. So, she'd head to the store at midnight and get what we needed.

4. Whenever my dad was out of town, my mom would let us sleep in her bed. Isn't that just the most fun a kid could have? I bet it's not so fun for the crammed, being-kicked parent!

5. One of those times, my mom and I were dozing off and heard a noise. Creaky, but with a few bangs...possibly steps. We were terrified. We were just sure the house was being robbed and we'd be left to die. We were all cuddled up in the middle of the bed, not sure what to do...when we realized we had started the dishwasher before bed and it was right above us in the kitchen! Ha! Those things are noisy!

6. My mom and I are both night owls. We could stay up until 2 or 3 in the morning, then sleep until 9 or 10 and be just great. We have so many memories of staying up, eating, and laughing...or as my dad would say, "cackling". Nothing like a bag of potato chips and a funny story to get us going.

7. Speaking of potato chips....we both LOVE the folded over ones. You know, the crunchy good ones!

8. Once, we got on a cleaning charade and cleaned my whole room. Most moms probably would have just yelled at me to clean my room and made me do it myself. Not my mom. We gutted everything and reorganized. It was so fun to do it together and such a good lesson for me. When we finished, it was about 2 A.M. and we were tired. But we were also hungry. So, down to Dee's we went! Had our early morning breakfast with all the crazies out that late and went home to bed.

9. The dripping glue, and the ring and necklace to go with it. Treasured forever.

10. When we were little, I never remember our home being out of order. She kept our house spotlessly clean. Windex in hand at all times! I'm sure I never appreciated this at the time, but now...whew. It's hard work to keep a home clean. And it really does change the atmosphere and mood of the home to have a clean, organized living space. She always made sure we had that.

11. It's been so fun to see my mom be a grandma. She ADORES Will and is so good to him. They have so much fun together.

12. Not only is she good to Will, but to me as I begin the adventure of motherhood. When I call with questions or need help, she can give me good ideas of what to try. She's never judgmental or forceful, just gives thoughts.

13. When she met RJ, she loved him and knew he was the one for me. She has always been kind to him and welcomed him entirely into the family.

14. Especially the way she welcomed him to Easter dinner a few months before we got married....We all sat down to a nice dinner out on the patio. Beautiful garden, decorations, matching serving bowls. It was all just perfect. Then we looked down. Each of us had a full-size, laminated placemat...a picture of RJ playing the baton in a performance when he was about 6 years old! Ha! It's the funniest picture.

15. When we were planning our wedding, my mom was so helpful. She was completely fine to have and do whatever we wanted. You know how some mothers get CRAZY about what they want? Nope, my mom was completely fine with how we wanted it. Well, except those ugly raised motorcycle/Precious Moments looking announcements she wanted us to get....ha. Remember mom? Those were awful.

16. I rarely remember my mom being sick in bed with a cold or the flu. She got them, in fact, she gets bad allergies every season. But she hides it well. She's not the type that will wither away in bed, feeling sorry for herself. She'll get up and get going.

17. Ha, one time she was cleaning the kitchen and I was in my room. All the sudden, I heard violent coughing from the kitchen. I rushed in. I got her water, patted her back...didn't know what to do. I was about to call 911, when the coughing eased. After some water and deep breaths, she could tell me what happened. She was trying to get a drink of her iced tea...but instead of picking up the glass, she picked up the Ajax container that was right next to it. Without looking, she put it to her lips. Of course she pulled it away at that point, but enough was in her mouth to make all the coughing start. It was so scary!

18. My mom has the kindest heart. She will ALWAYS believe the best about anybody. (Well, ok, except for a democratic politician! We don't talk politics in our family!) But really, I remember once we were eating at a restaurant (Hires, maybe?) and the waitress was just awful. She was nice, and meant well, but just kept forgetting things, couldn't answer the questions, that kind of thing. While most people would complain, my mom gave her a bigger tip, saying, "It's probably her first day. Or maybe she's just had a bad day."

19. Speaking of being charitable, she'll always buy from those workers that sell garbage bags and such for some kind of charity (Who is that?!). Even if she has to say no to someone selling something, she's kind and apologetic. She's not a door-slammer!

20. She has always made birthdays a BIG deal and it's so fun! The house is decorated, you get your favorite meal, favorite dessert, it's YOUR day! That was fun growing up, but it's even still fun as an adult.

21. For birthday gifts, she really tries to find something you will like and use. She's very good at finding these goodies. It's always very heartfelt, and wrapped gorgeously. When we were younger and would ask for money, she didn't just give money in a card. She would find some creative way of making it fun. I think one year she rolled bills all over a plant or something. Way more fun than just cash in a card.

22. Probably the thing I admire most about my mom is her empathy. If someone is sad, she is sad. If someone is excited, she is excited. And she's not superficial. If you have something exciting going on, she wants to know the exact time so she can be thinking of you at that moment. Then she'll call to find out how it went.

23. She's just FUN! Any of my friends could tell you that, she's just fun! We just have fun being together, doing nothing! We can talk and laugh for hours. One time we went shopping in Salt Lake. Between Tai Pan and Ikea, I think we were out 9 hours. Most of it was just wandering the aisles, talking and laughing.

24. It does not matter what time I call my mom, or for what reason, she always seems happy to hear from me. Even if she's in a hurry, she will chat for a minute first, then ask if she can call me back later. She's never rude or rushed or wanting to know why I called.

25. I know I already said she sends the best gifts....but her care packages in college! Ha, one Valentine's Day, I got a big box. Inside....candy, a card, a roll of Valentine toilet paper! Hearts and cupids all over! Hilarious. Oh, and there was a little stuffed rat...with blond hair! It was so oddly cute....but it gets better. When you squeeze it, it plays a Nelly song, "I love you...baby, I need you...." HA!

26. Not only can my mom and I talk for hours....but we find the same things funny. Someone will say or do something and we will just erupt in laughter while my dad and brothers just stare. Get us going late at night and pretty much anything is funny.

27. My favorite mom story....we were out running errands and drove past a local high school. On the marquee, it said, "Can drive Feb.25". My mom said, "Hum. That's fun...I wonder who can drive. I bet it's like the football captain or the student body president that is getting his license on that day. He's probably so excited that he'll be able to drive so he put that up there." She was going on and on about who it could be that was driving. Once I figured out her mistake, I couldn't stop laughing to tell her! I finally got the words out to explain that it was a FOOD drive for canned items! We laughed so hard.

28. And...the best thing about my mom? How she raised us. I genuinely think she did a stellar job of raising 3 honest, hard-working kids. We were never really spanked or punished by losing privileges, or grounded....but somehow we became adults that are empathetic toward others and want to do what is right. This probably had a factor in my lack of rebellion. One time in high school, I wanted to sneak out, of course to see a boy, at about 2 A.M. But...I was afraid that if my mom woke up and saw that I was gone, she'd be worried that something happened to me. (ha, not that I'd get in trouble, but that she'd worry...I was such a dork!) So, I left a note. Granted, I fibbed on the note and said that I was with a (girl) friend. I told her to call me if she needs me to come home. Of course, she got the note and called me, and yes, she did want me home and not out with some boy at 3 in the morning! We never wanted to cause trouble, because it would be rude to our parents...and we liked them! I think a lot of teenagers don't care what consequence their behavior has for their parents. I mean, sure, we were teenagers for sure, but we genuinely liked our parents and wanted to do our best for them. I think that's a hard feat to accomplish as a parent...to not threaten your kids so much that they're scared not to behave, but to have them see WHY they should behave correctly and make them want to choose that course. I think my parents accomplished this by example. They're just good people. And I love them!

My mom's mom passed away when my mom was only 9 years old. For most of her life, she didn't have a mom to model how to be a mom. While I can't imagine, can't even fathom, that...she somehow learned how to be a trusting and kind mom, and how to take care of a home, and how to cook and clean. She's the best role model I've ever had, and I thank God for her everyday in my prayers.

Happy Mother's Day, mom! I love you dearly, and I admire you so much. Thanks for all you've ever done, and mostly for the example you've set for me as I learn how to be a mom.

Friday, May 6, 2011


Stress? What stress?