Sunday, November 28, 2010

Monday, November 22, 2010

First Haircut!

Will's hair was getting a little scraggly....we knew because we recently got two comments...

"Will looks like he's going for the Andrei Kirilenko look!"
"What's her name?"

So...time for a haircut!

Yes, we were totally those parents who took way more pictures than necessary....and left the salon with an envelope of baby locks for the baby book.


Bless the salon for having suckers....

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Book Orders Get Scandalous!

The other day I checked my mailbox in the faculty room....there was a book order catalogue, wrapped in plastic. It had come from the post office, with an apology letter saying it had been damaged.

I opened the plastic....didn't look damaged to me except for a few creased pages.

In my classroom I have a "jobs" bin where kids can do some extra jobs if they'd like when their work is finished. (Isn't it weird that they like that?!)

In went the book order.

Later that morning, one of my students grabbed the catalogue and began to pull the book orders out for distribution to students.

Suddenly, he came over to me. Completely stunned look on his face. Something was very obviously wrong. Wouldn't make eye contact.

"Um...teacher? This was in the book order..." He turned to the side, so he couldn't see what he was handling me.....a BRA AND UNDERWEAR CATALOGUE....with pictures of women modeling the bras!

Poor, scarred child! It was a Bali brand catalogue that was addressed to a home about 50 miles north of Logan....must have gotten mixed in my "damaged" book order at the post office!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Robot Will!

Isn't this the saddest robot you've ever seen?

Poor thing had an awful cold, so he pretty much just sat and stared.

Will dressed as a robot for Halloween on Friday....and a skeleton on Saturday. On Friday, he came in to see my class during our party for a little while. Even with the craziness of 21 third graders, his cold kept him pretty mellow. He just sat and watched all the Halloween madness!

So I totally logged in meaning to do a Halloween post....then came across these pictures instead. So cute. Halloween will come later...