Monday, May 31, 2010


Will likes to gnaw on limes and lemons when we go out to eat.
He makes this face every time...yet goes back for more over and over!

Sunday, May 30, 2010


Chomping on his fingers....5th tooth is coming in!
3 up top, 2 below.

Every morning while I get ready, Will sits in his Bumbo chair.
He just stares while I blow dry my hair...he's fascinated!

Will came in to work in my classroom with me one afternoon....he had a little diaper incident (complete flood)...and no extra outfit, so he just played in his new exersaucer with a diaper on!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I "Git Frustraidid"

Teachers have to work SO hard to establish routines and procedures in classrooms. I mean, imagine having 25 small people in control most of the time! If the students don't know what to do, they'll find something to do...and it's most likely not what you want them doing!

Since I took my 7 week maternity leave in October, my class was just W-I-L-D! I think it was quite the party in there while I was gone! When I got back, we had a lot of work to do to get back into our routines. A LOT.

When I teach kids, it's important to me that they know WHY we are doing what we are doing. I want them to realize that we have guidelines, procedures, and routines to make our classroom run smoothly. I don't want them to view the classroom as MY's OUR classroom and we all have a stake in what happens/doesn't happen in there.

I try to frequently vocalize how I think things in general are going in our classroom. I think it's important for students to recognize appropriate ways to show praise/frustration. I don't ever want them to behave just because they'll get in trouble if they don't. I want them to understand WHY it's important to make good choices...what will happen if they make good choices, and what will happen if they don't make good choices.

So...when I got back from my leave, it was challenging to get back on track. Challenging for all of us. We had a lot of sneakiness, fibbing, cheating, and even a lot of stealing.

One day I just had it! I said, "I'm very frustrated with how our class is running." We had a talk about what things were working and what things weren't working. I had each student write a letter about how they thought things were going.

I kept this one...I thought it was sweet....mistakes and all. Oh, and P.S. things have gotten MUCH better. We're back in the swing of things...and only 7 school days until summer!

"Dear Mrs. Cox,
We bin acting bad.
Where very very sorry.
I don't steel but other kids mite steel.
Where very very very sory that you git frustraidid.
We will try to not git you frustratid any more.
I willn't git you frustraidid
but I know it will happen again.
But I will try not to git you frustraidid anymore."

Monday, May 24, 2010


Bachelorette observations....

ENOUGH with the props!

I think they should get out of the limo, introduce themselves, and go inside.
Enough with the fake roses, weird antics, jokes, good luck charms, sun magnets, cz rings, this a talent show?!

P.S. And "Shooter"?! Some nicknames are best left in college...

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Test Anxiety....for me!

Heard today, during a math test:

Student 1: "Teacher, I don't know what to do on this one."

Me: "Well, do your best."

Student 2: "Yeah, don't's only a test."

Totally serious. ONLY a test.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Guess who has croup?
Guess who has TWO new teeth coming in?

This guy!

...and he's still very pleasant.
Just kinda groggy and not quite himself...

Getting LOTS of extra sleep...
(not such a bad side effect...)

Friday, May 7, 2010

Why Bingo is Retired in My Classroom...

"Teacher, kids are licking the bingo chips!"


"Because they lick them,
then stick them to each other's foreheads."

Oh, and P.S. 3 kids have pink eye in my room....
I'm sure that won't spread at all....

P.P.S. No, we don't spend the day playing Bingo... was Place Value Bingo!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Idol Thoughts....

I haven't been the most loyal of American Idol fans this season...just can't quite get into any of them...But....I have noticed two things that bug me...

1. Has anyone noticed how Randy will comment on a singer, then Ellen will comment. When it's Kara's turn she says, "I agree with the guys...." Plural. As in Randy and... ? (Simon hasn't commented yet) Ellen because she's not straight? I don't know...but she's done it twice!

2. It totally bugs me when Ryan Seacrest is saying the numbers to call to vote for a contestant, and the contestant holds up fingers to show his/her number.....Anyone else? I don't know why it bugs me, but honestly it's nearly enough to lose my vote!

In other news, I'm in love with Glee....