Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What I Can't Believe

So. My first 5 years of teaching, I was lucky to be on great insurance. $10 copays for most prescriptions and similar for office visits. Ah. The good ol' days.

NOW. Our district is on a high deductible plan. I get how that saves money for most involved, and how it forces me to be more mindful of my health choices. For instance, you bet I'd go the doctor if I felt an inkling of needing to. Now, I will really think about it and wait it out a day or two, as it will cost me $100-200.

But...prescriptions. Oh MY. I just got put on a new prescription...$52 a month. Whew. (And I realize that's relatively cheap when we're talking health, and comparing to other meds... but when it used to be $10....). So, I called and asked for other, cheaper, options.

Here's the clincher. When I called one pharmacy for a cash price....$47. When I called another for a cash price on the VERY SAME item? $9. Nearly $40 difference a month! 

I'm all for taking my own health into my own hands...but I'm sure glad I checked. That $40 a month sure adds up. I just can't believe the same thing can be that big of a difference. I guess I need to think of prescriptions like any other item I buy and start shopping around for the best price, not just assuming stores will be comparable. Wow.

Monday, April 23, 2012


"Teacher, why is there a sticker of a skirt with jeans and shoes....? (rotates sticker)

...oh, it's a sailboat!"

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Valium = Volume

Inside recess, while watching a movie...

"Teacher, do you have any Valium?"

Me: "What?"

"Do you have any Valium? I can't hear the movie..."

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Will: "Mama? Chocolate milk, please?"

Me: "No, you can have regular milk though."

Will: "No. Chocolate milk."

Me: "No, white milk."

Will: "Yeah, WHITE chocolate milk."


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Monday, April 16, 2012


Will has started saying prayers at night. It's adorable...I tried to sneak in and film it one might while he and RJ were praying. He immediately opened his eyes and said, "Hi, mama!" Oops!

A snippet of tonight's prayer...

"Thank you for alligators and baby chicks...."

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Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring Break...Day 6...Day from Hell!

5 days of bliss before this...good thing.

It started off well when I got to unexpectedly see this lil' gem...

The "Up" house! It was adorable!

Off to City Creek we went. It was lovely...at first. The calm before the storm.

Will, adoring Josh as usual!

Then it came.

Will threw THE BIGGEST FIT I'VE EVER SEEN. EVER. EEEVVVEER. It was so bad. I'm NOT exaggerating when I say a solid hour (or even more) of kicking and screaming. Now, all you parents are probably thinking your child's done it too. Will's thrown his fair share of fits. At home. Or at a place where I can quickly get to the car/home/a calm corner. He is able to be reasoned with or at the very least, bribed and distracted out of the fit.

Oh NO, not this one.

First of all, City Creek was understandably packed. Saturday afternoon. I knew that going in, and would never put my child in a situation like that if I saw any potential for what was about to happen. This has NEVER happened. He started with a little drama (hence, the ear plugging pic)...and full on screaming and kicking commenced. I was trapped in H&M...a steady stream of the slowest walkers of my life in front of me..while holding Will's flailing legs as to not kick any unsuspecting shoppers. We got outside (finally!) and it was just as bad. Oh the looks. My goodness. I KNOW people thought I was either awful at controlling my child or that I was kidnapping a child. Bless the souls of those nice few that gave me a sympathetic smile.

We walked the length of City Creek, yep, still kicking and screaming. I really thought once we saw RJ, he'd be able to calm him...usually a change of scenery (or parent) will do it. Nope. It continued.

Long story short, we gave up our Cheesecake Factory table we'd waited an hour and a half for to cram into a packed elevator (poor people), while the screaming continued. Let it be said that I craved Cheesecake Factory all week....or you know, since I had it last...in Vegas, like 5 years ago. And RJ's never experienced the joy! The minute Will was put in his car seat, he went right to sleep. Bless his tired heart, but he has NEVER reacted that way or had SUCH a fit before. It was quite an experience.

The day only got worse...I was feeling nauseous all day and it soon started to really set in. I spent the night resting and went to bed as the worst houseguest ever at 10. I was so bummed...was SO looking forward to a night of games and laughing with our friends. But, alas, it was not to be.

The good news is...Spring break took a turn back to bliss and Easter was awesome! More to come...

P.S. RJ just walked in the room and asked what I was blogging about..."City Creek" "Oh, you mean 'City Shriek'?" See? Told you it was bad. Awful. Pretty sure we've been blacklisted from City Creek...or you know, all of Salt Lake...

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Spring Break...Day 5

We headed down to Salt Lake for a weekend o' fun with our pals Liz and Josh. We left early afternoonish, with plans to hit up the Living Planet Aquarium. It was awesome! I'll admit I kinda had doubts about an aquarium in Utah...landlocked, desert-ish Utah. I was pleasantly surprised! RJ and I both thought it was pretty near and Will LOVED it. It was just the right size for him...they did a great job putting steps near each exhibit, so little guys like Will could just weasel their way right through the crowds to see everything! It was fun to see Will get super excited about the simplest fish!

That night, Will hung out with my parents...AKA "Nana and Bobo"...while RJ and I met Liz and Josh for a huge, wonderful dinner at Rodizio! It's been a loooong time since we had dinner with friends and no Will (although we adore him, dinner out is not quite the same ;) ). It was so fun!

Us, being dorks as we waited for a table. I didn't take any pictures with L & J, because we were far too busy chatting!

Another awesome Spring Break day!

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Friday, April 6, 2012

Spring Break...Day 4

Baby Animal Days at American West Heritage Center! While it was fun, it was also crowded...

Some highlights...
The bean bag toss...Will just walked right up and put the bean bag in the hole!

Waited in line forevvvver to see baby bears....Will's persistent request. They were awesome...and Will was more interested in the LIGHTS. Lights! Funny what kids like...

At the bears, the kids got a bear mask. Anytime I told Will to put the mask on, he'd look at the bear side...which would show the not-as-cute back:

On our way out, Will hit meltdown mode...afterwards, he said, "Mama? Timeout." ...and sat himself down right there for a timeout!

The cutest moment was when we were walking along and Will randomly said, "Mama? I like dada." I said, "I like dada, too!" and he replied with, "Yeah, mama, I like dada, too!"

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring Break...Day 3

Day 3 started off sleepy....Will slept in my bed with me. The lack of sleep was beat out by the moment when Will pulled the covers up to my face, said, "Here you go, mama!" Then kissed my cheek and said, "I love you!" which is adorable when it comes out, sounding like, "I shudge ju!" Man, I love that sweet boy!

We went to First Dam this morning to feed the ducks. Will loved it!

After staying on the dock for a bit, we headed down by the water. I told Will not to go in the water twice. I'm all for it in the summer...but it's just not quite that warm yet! When he kept trying, I thought he might as well try it...

As soon as he felt the water in his shoes...

After First Dam, it was on to Whittier Park!

On our way out, Will stopped to smell the tulips...the ones without any blossoms....and loudly proclaimed, "Ahhhh!"

Another great Spring Break day!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring Break...Day 2

Busy day!

Started off with a visit to "Dr. Doug", Will's dentist. He thinks his name is "Dr. Duck"....I wonder if he was disappointed in the lack of a duck at the appointment.

Will did awesome...it helps that he got to play so much in the fun, kid-friendly waiting room first. He loved the TV in the ceiling and headphones, and opened right up when it was time.

This afternoon, RJ came downstairs and declared it was "Time for a date!" and we headed to a movie (Hunger Games) and dinner, while RJ's mom so generously watched Will. It was lovely. Fun to get away a little bit!

Later, we went to the Fun Park! Will LOVED the games, and the tickets...although he didn't even know what they were for, but soon discovered the prizes!

The face of one VERY happy boy!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring Break...Day 1

We have big "staycation" plans this week.
It's been fun so far to not be too busy
and just do whatever, whenever.

On Monday, we hit up Wal-Mart. I know, big day! Our car needed an oil change, which was the perfect chance to kill time on the toy aisle(s) for an hour. Will was in heaven!

A big goal of mine this week was to find Will a trike of some kind. My awesome brother got him one of those new "balance bikes" for his birthday. It says ages 2-5....but my two year old is still a bit too timid for such a big step. So, we're working up to that! We found an awesome Radio Flyer trike at Wal-Mart. His cool bike-riding aunt, Amy, got him the frog helmet for Christmas.

We were riding along when I saw this:

See that little tail? I asked Will what was in the trunk...."Mr. Monk!"

Will looooves the new bike. We're still working on actually pedaling.
In the meantime, RJ and I are getting a great workout!

Sunday, April 1, 2012


RJ: "Hey, I'm going to run to the store...need anything?"

Me: "Nope."

RJ: "Ok. Will, do you need anything?"

Will: "Yep. Toys."