Sunday, January 31, 2010


Can't really remember what I ever posted about B.W. (Before Will)....

No ideas for a new post that doesn't involve more pics of him...

Sunday, January 24, 2010


We got a Bumbo from a friend who was done with it (hence the purple! Sorry Will...).
Will loves to sit in it and check things out from that angle.

We need to work on photo backgrounds...sorry about the toilet/closet background...fancy!

He kept staring at his foot...I think he liked the stripes...

Love his hat and booties from Rachel! I love how his jeans ride up when he sits...he looks like an old man. He's found his fists these days and likes to suck on his fingers. He's drooling a ton...can't imagine that teeth are coming this early...we'll see....

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Details, Details...

3 kids came back from a class they go to in the afternoon...

'Teacher!!! She was running in the hall!"
...Pointing to another student.

Me: "Were you running in the hall?"

Student: "No!"

Accusing student: "Yes you were!"

Student: "No I was not....I was skipping."

Oh that makes it ok...

Which reminded me of last year when a student came up, totally grossed out and said, "Teacher, he burped in my face." I called the student over..."Did you burp in his face?" He, of course, totally denied it.

The other student kept insisting it happened.

The one doing the accusing was normally a very honest child,
so I had a hard time believing he had just made this up.

Neither side was relenting.

So, I said... "OK...did you burp?"


"Show me where your face was when you burped."

He then puts his face right up next to the ear of the other student....
"I wasn't in his face, I was right next to it. "

Again, so that makes it ok...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Like Father, Like Son

Yes, they're in the recliner.
Yes, they're in the tv zoned out mode.
Yes, they're sticking their bellies out.

And look closely at the shelf to the side...
two cans of Sprite and a bottle of milk.
They're set!

Monday, January 18, 2010

On the Wings of Love

Of course I'm addicted to The Bachelor yet again this season...It's just such a quality show....right. Oh well, love trashy tv!

  • So far I like Ali and Tenley....but Tenley's kinda emotional and Ali getting drama!
  • Michelle is C-R-A-Z-Y.
  • Vienna needs to bust out some mascara for tv.
  • ....and Michelle is oh so humble, "I consider myself a very attractive girl, and Vienna is the opposite of me."
  • There's no way I'd jump off that bridge.
  • Elizabeth needs to talk to Jake rather than write him notes.
  • Michelle's look of death is scary.
  • Ashleigh...enough with the tears.
  • No more flight references please....including this post title!
  • Wow Vienna....
  • Ella reminds me of that girl on Jason's season who had an accent and a daughter...what was her name? And they even brought her son on the show too....
  • Corrie...your comedy making fun of Vienna...good strategy, but made you look kinda mean.
  • Michelle, "I'm not overemotional or dramatic or anything like that." Um....
  • Michelle, "My mom wants another grandchild." Stellar reason to be on this show.
  • Good call on cutting Michelle STAT Jake...Michelle's weird. "I had no clue." RIGHT.
  • Nickname for Elizabeth: "Queen of mixed signals" Agree.
  • I like Corrie...but feel like we haven't seen much of her. Which is probably good...probably means she's low on the drama factor.

Can't wait for next week already!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Late Christmas Recap

So I never really posted about Christmas...and I know I'll regret that later when I print our blog as a

On Christmas Eve we headed down to Salt Lake to see my side of the family. We opened gifts at my parents' house with my family. Will got the cutest stuffed monster bowling set! My mom got him a beautiful snow globe to always remember his first Christmas.
Will loved talking to my brother Paul!

The cute bowling set!

Then on to the BIG family dinner at my cousin's (Emily and Joe). Great to see everyone...and yummy food. The gift exchange was fun- Will got a fun teething toy, a Baby's First Christmas ornament (yay, because I never found a cute one in my search), and a My First Christmas book (which ironically says Ages 3 and up on the back).

On Christmas Day we spent our time with just our little family at our house. I LOVE that we do this, so that we get a little quiet time to relax and enjoy. Plus we get to see each side of the family for a whole hurrying from house to house. We slept in late and ate a delicious Christmas breakfast that RJ made....the GIFTS! It was so fun to open presents with Will. We couldn't believe that just a year ago we had no idea he'd be here this year...and next year he'll love Christmas. We played with our new toys for the day and rested.

Check out all his loot!

RJ got him one of this light up star-stacking toy...he loves it!

The day after Christmas we got together with all of RJ's fam at his parents' house. We had a big turkey dinner and opened gifts. Will got lots of outfits and some diapers. RJ's mom made us a beautiful "quillow"....a quilt that folds into a pillow. She made one for each kid and worked so hard! She's so talented.

Carter is still not so sure about Will. We wanted a picture of them together,
but Carter kept scooting over!

Sara's mom Tami made these cute PJs for Will and Carter!

It was a wonderful holiday enough with the snow and onto sunny days!

Monday, January 11, 2010

We were tired...

I'm sure it's incredibly unsafe to sleep with a newborn...let alone a newborn AND a very furry cat....but Christmas afternoon naptime was lovely. And glad we were so sleepy that RJ was able to sneak in and take pictures. Love these moments. Love this baby.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

There's a WHAT in our garage?!

So....back in October RJ said he was already working on my Christmas present. The only clues I got between Oct. and Christmas:
  • He's building it with wood
  • He was working on it at his parents' house
  • "It's time for me to paint you want it red or blue?" Not knowing what "it" was, I chose red...
  • He had to go to Ogden to get some parts for it forward to Christmas Day. I got a letter from "The Comfort House" AKA, my in the Valentine's Day celebration around here (refer to VDay post...can't get the link to work!). The letter explained that since I enjoyed my stay, they've extended their amenities to include a spa and workout facilities. RJ went to the garage and told me to knock when I was done reading the letter.

When I knocked, he opened the door to this:

That's right....a hot my garage! haha! Wonderfully ghetto! It's so great....he painted the garage and hung pictures to make it look...less garage-ish! For the presentation he also had plants in the window, Martinelli's poured, and roses. He also had a flat screen mounted so we can watch tv in the hot tub, then turn it to run on the treadmill (which is in our garage too). He also had a new Wii Fit all set up for me!

Once you forget that you are sitting in a garage, the hot tub is sweet! It heats up super fast and is easy to take care of. It's really mobile too, so it will be nice to take with us if we ever move. I was just so shocked, because as you may have noticed, NONE of the clues applied. But if you know RJ at all, that is not surprising...sneaky!

And I totally fell for it!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Fave Present

Will got many great presents for his first Christmas...donations to his college fund, a beautiful snow globe to always remember his first Christmas, even a case of diapers (yay!).....

Among my favorites is this rocking horse that RJ got for him. It was a complete day there was just a huge box wrapped under the tree to Will, and RJ wouldn't tell me what it was.

It's solid, beautiful wood...and I love that RJ got him something sentimental (as in, not battery operated) so that it will last forever. Can't wait for the little guy to be able to go for a rock, er...ride on it!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Got my midnight kiss!
{Will was really happy about it too...}