Tuesday, August 31, 2010


WHEW.....little did I know just stopping for pizza would cause so much drama tonight!

Papa Murphy's is having a $3.99 large pizza deal, so we're really smart and go at 5:30. It was SLAMMED. I pulled to the side of the parking lot so RJ could run in. I was about to move to a safer spot when a van turned around me...and hit my bumper.

I definitely felt it...and was pretty sure the driver did too. BUT he kept driving! I honked, but on he went. I hurried and wrote down the license plate number. It scratched up our bumper a bit, and honestly I probably wouldn't have cared much except that he drove away.
That part bothered me.

So I called dispatch. They took my info and sent an officer out. The officer called me on his way out and while we were on the phone happened to spot the minivan. He pulled him over and said he'd send another officer to meet us.

Meanwhile...Poor Will had a BLOWOUT of a diaper and was beginning to cry. RJ took him out of his seat...and wrapped him in an extra shirt that happened to be in the car. We were only heading to grab pizza quick, so no diaper bag.

And...we had run by the store pre-pizza and had almost 100 popsicles in the trunk for RJ's students. Melted.

As the (very nice and helpful) officer was talking to us, a parent of one of my former students walked by and waved. Just what I want, a parent seeing me with police (looks sketchy!).

Soon after that, some friends walked by and waved.
We're getting quite the reputation here!

The guy said he "didn't know he was involved in an accident, but since my van has marks on it, I guess I was!" Maybe he genuinely didn't know he hit me...but I can't imagine how he could have missed it. I mean, minivans are big and all, but goodness! He was cited for "leaving the scene of an accident". I don't mean to be malicious, but I was a little relieved. It's definitely not ok to hit someone's car, even if it is minor damage, and leave.

Anyway...we have melted popsicles,
Will's dirty clothes soaking,
quite the scratches on our bumper,
an accident report, and...

3 Papa Murphy's pizzas for less than $10!
Go get some pizza, the deal ends Wednesday....
but park in a safe place!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bless His Heart

Just happened:

RJ: "Hey Wife, when are you thinking of heading to bed?"

Me: "In about an hour. Why? Because you love me so much and can't stand a moment without me?"

RJ: "Well...I was hoping you'd go get us some ice cream..."

Monday, August 23, 2010

Mr. Husband Cox vs. Mr. 4th Grade Cox

So...RJ's brother Greg teaches 4th grade at Ellis (where I teach).

After hearing THREE of my students say, "Teacher, there's your husband!" while pointing to Greg, I decided we needed to have a little talk... I figured I'd be quite the scandal when parents start thinking my husband works there....but then see me with Will and RJ....drama!

So we sat down on the rug and I drew a little diagram. We had a talk about who each "Mr. Cox" is (they deemed "Mr. Husband Cox" and "Mr. 4th Grade Cox" as the new names). We had a talk about what "brother-in-law" means...a little over their heads.

So ensued my stick figure drawing:

Notice RJ holding a computer (of course you can tell that from my art...ha), my weird 50's flip hair, little baby Will next to RJ's foot, and the big red heart...because we're in L-O-V-E! Then there's Mr. 4th Grade Cox over there with the crazy smile (wait...I just noticed that RJ didn't even get a face!) and a pencil...because every teacher holds a pencil all day!

Must have worked...haven't had the husband misunderstanding since!

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Will is definitely his mother's child:

(my endless Diet Coke supply is among his favorite toys in my classroom)

And definitely his father's child:

(mouse in one hand, some computer something or other in the other hand)

Friday, August 20, 2010

"A Logan, Utah Boy"

Today, while doing an "About Me" activity...

Student 1: "I don't know where I'm from..."

Student 2: "Um, I think you're from Logan. Yeah, you look like a Utah boy....a Logan, Utah boy."

Should have asked what makes someone "look" like a "Logan, Utah boy"....I probably don't want to know!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

First Day of School

So...remember how I went to the hospital on the first day of school last year
and missed the second day?! Ha...this year was MUCH better!

Really though, I'm exhausted!
Totally forgot how tiring school is.
But, wanted to blog a few little things to remember the day.

We started off with our first day tradition-breakfast!
We went to Angie's this year and it was F-A-B!
RJ was sweet and made me a lunch too, good eatin'!

Best part of the day was when one of my sweet students just burst out with,
"This place is going to just be great!"
Fist pump and all...he was just SO excited!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

OK...so I don't mean to have a pity party here....but well, here I go!

I just am so worried! We have a tough couple months coming up...RJ will be doing his student teaching, which is so great for him to be nearly graduated. He'll be SO good at it, and I really think he'll enjoy it. But...it's basically like working full-time without getting paid. I lived off a student loan when I did mine. Rough times.

And...so he'll be working a second job, and I'll be working 2 jobs as well too. It will be the first time we have to have Will cared for during the day. We've found a lady I feel really good about, and she lives right by my school...but it will still be rough on us. I can't promise there won't be tears.

And... a few other little things.

I know we're doing what we should, and I know things will work out...the big stuff and the little stuff....I hate to complain. I really think so much of life is how we choose to see it.

SO...I'm allowing myself this ONE chance to complain and stress....then I'm going to remember what my good friend Jenny Grant told me once, "You just do what you have to do." If what we have to do is all of this, then we'll do it. And we'll be happy about it too! (I hope!)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

New Game

Will's fave new game...

He has found the volume dial for the tv.
He cranks it wwwwwaaaaaaaaaayyyyy up,
then looks so proud of himself and laughs!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Best Day at the Zoo!

We had such a fun summer day yesterday...

First we visited Baby Oliver (my cousin's new baby)
at their coffee shop Nobrow....He's adorable!

Then on to Hogle Zoo! Baby Zuri, almost a year old.

My sweet brother Paul works at The Oasis Cafe at the zoo!
It was so fun to see him in action,
and he made us an awesome lunch!

Of course the token measuring up to the gorilla pictures!

My mom and I decided we'd bring Will
every summer and take a picture here.
He was not quite sure what to do...

So he crawled away!

Angie found a pet...Align Center

Will got some sweet monkey shades from his Gma!

We had a great day...love these summer days!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Moldy Grossness!

So....remember the time I left school in June and thought I'd want to leave some Diet Coke in my fridge for when I came in to work during the summer?! Oops.

Can not even describe the horrid smell...and this picture doesn't really do the amount of fuzzy, growing nastiness justice. And that weird liquid at the bottom.

The problem was a Wendy's Frosty that I forgot was in there + unplugging the fridge + my classroom is a sauna in the summer.

I was tempted to throw the whole thing away and buy a new one.
Opted for gloves and sanitizer instead.

I think I'll follow the District Office memo next year to clean out ALL fridges. Oops.