Tuesday, October 28, 2008

How you know your hairspray works...

It was Crazy Hair Day Friday at school....THIS mess lasted until I deep conditioned it out about four times that night. I think I have bald spots.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Did you know that Stayin' Alive has the exact number of beats as recommended for chest compressions in CPR? Ironic....

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Last weekend was so fun...I went home to Salt Lake for my book club. It was so fun to get together with a bunch of girls and chat. Then I stayed at my parents' house for the weekend. It was so fun....here's the weekend in pictures....
Things I love about going home....

Seeing my sweet mom. This is an old picture of us, but I just love her. We had so much fun shopping the day away....We spent 4 or 5 hours in Tai Pan...so fun! I love that we always have PLENTY to talk about and do everytime we're together. I have a secret plan to convince my parents to move closer....like, next door maybe!

My mom is the most empathetic, kind person ever. When I got home, a bed was all set up for me with this card, a flower, and chocolates.

This kid. Love him. I wished, hoped, and prayed for a little brother or sister for years before he got here. He is 9 years younger, so the poor kid had like 4 parents between my mom, dad, my brother, and me! He's SUCH a good kid-so kind, so creative, so intelligent. We used to be SO close when we were younger, and I will always secretly regret moving even a little far away because I think it caused us to lose touch a bit. I love him dearly and admire him. As you can tell, he wasn't super into getting his picture taken!
Getting increasingly annoyed as I try to finagle a good picture and he smiles...while still watching TV!
And he gives up all together!

These beautiful flowers! My mom is growing, well, everything. But this HUGE sunflower is among the garden. Of course, it's long since bloomed...but the seeds inside look super cool.

Body World!
It was so cool...my mom and brothers and I went....it was fascinating. It took a couple hours to go all the way through. My favorite part was the fetuses (is that a word?). They had from 5 weeks from conception-32 weeks old. It was so interesting to see. The one that really got me was the 9 weeks from conception fetus. It was like the size of my thumbnail, and it still had fingers and toes. Wow.

Anyway, great trip home. I miss Salt Lake. I love turning on Beck Street on seeing the view of the city...I feel so "home." Cheesy, I know. I sure am happy in little Logan, but I do love Salt Lake!

How much is a can worth?!

Boy in my class, looking at the back of a book, near the UPC code:
"Hum...teacher, that's interesting. If you pay for the book with money, it costs $3.99. But if you pay for it with cans it costs $4.99. Isn't that weird?"

Me, trying to not laugh: "Oh, actually, it costs $3.99 in the United States...and $4.99 in Canada, it just says CAN to abbreviate."

Him: "OH!" Look of embarrassment on his face.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

A funny moment at school the other day....

Me: "Hey guys, I'm thinking we need to put these away...."

A funny kid in my class: "Yeah, well I'm thinkin' Arby's!"

Too much TV! But a good laugh for all of us!


The other night RJ and I were out to dinner. We were talking about our cat, Rocky. We were remembering how grubby and hammered he was when we adopted him-he had been hit by a car on the highway. There was a few minutes of silence as we both ate, and RJ said, "Remember how skinny you used to be?"

Of course I was horrified! Then it came out, I just thought he said that. What he actually said was, "Remember how skinny he used to be?" referring to ROCKY, not me! Ha! I think I need my hearing checked before I have a big fight with my husband!

Saturday, October 11, 2008


This morning during the news, they played Let it Snow as background music for the weather broadcast. Not ready. Not yet. I'm moving to Hawaii. Permanently 85 degrees. RJ said to send a postcard.
P.S. This text is black because I'm mourning. R.I.P. summer weather

Thursday, October 9, 2008

I'm not so sure...

RJ: "I almost sent you flowers the other day...."

Me: "Hum....why would you even tell me you almost sent me flowers?"

RJ: "Because it's the thought that counts!"

Monday, October 6, 2008

Oh So True...

So I had my blood drawn at the doctor's office the other day, just a routine check-up. I was telling RJ about it and this happened:

Me: "I wonder when they're going to call me back with my blood test results..."

RJ: "They'll probably say, 'We're sorry, Mrs. Cox, there seems to be problem...the vial was full of diet coke....' "

Friday, October 3, 2008

What a letdown...

Every year when it's time to introduce cursive, the kids panic, saying, "I don't know what that says!" So, this year, I thought I'd ease into it, gradually writing predictable, often-used words on the board in cursive so they can begin to recognize letters.

So, yesterday I was writing their "to-do" list on the board. The first item was, "test" (in cursive). As I was writing, I heard,

"Awesome! We all get a treat!"

Then, another student, "It doesn't say treat, it says test!"

I'd take a treat over a spelling test anyday!