Tuesday, May 27, 2008

3 days left! (2 and a half really...)

Funny story...

A volunteer was helping one of my students....as they were talking, he suddenly said, "I want Obama to win. I would vote for him if I was old enough." She asked him why he would vote for him. He replied, "Because I want the brown man to win. I hate being white." I think his family goes to Obama rallies and stuff...he's pretty into politics for an 8 year old....

Saturday, May 24, 2008

4 more days...and a long weekend!

Ok, for today's story I am borrowing a story from my friend, Katie. She was a nanny for a little girl (I think she was 3?). One day, Katie asked her to do something. She said, "No, you can't make me." Katie explained that she was "in charge" and could, in fact, "make" her. The girl got so mad and yelled, "Oh yeah? Well...I...I.....I DON'T EVEN LIKE YOUR HAIR!" That'll show her!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

5 more school days....but who's counting?

So, I'm sitting at my desk at school thinking of something funny that happened at school today....then I got thinking, "Ah...only 5 school days left....a week from tomorrow...." Then I had the grand idea that to pass the time until then, I'm going to try to post a funny kids-say-the-funniest-things story for each day left of the school year....so, enjoy! I hope it will be good for a few laughs!

Today's story...

A gal in my class was walking across the room to get a piece of paper. As she was walking she suddenly started shaking her hips in a funny little strut. I said, "What's with the sassy walk?" and another little boy said, "Oh, that's the booty walk." Maybe you had to be there, but the way he said it was so funny...totally matter of fact. It was one of those great moments when the class was working silently, then burst out laughing when that happened! Ah...funny day....

5 more school days.....

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I need summer so horrendously bad it's ridiculous! I am honestly just like exhausted and so unmotivated! It's nice to see the light at the end of the tunnel now that testing is done and such, but whew....I'm counting the days! SO...As I sat in a bubble bath (it's become a regular ritual these days) last night, I began to think about all the fun things to look forward to...and thought I'd post my ideas....any more suggestions?

  • LONG days at the pool...diet coke, magazine, and ipod in hand!

  • Blogging and not feeling guilty about not doing school or house work

  • Camping

  • St. Louis in July

  • Mini Wendover trips (which are sure the be lucrative...)

  • Long evenings on the patio, icy lemonade in hand!

  • Ordering the super cute Bistro set I want from Target!

  • Then sitting on the Bistro set!

  • BBQs! We used our new grill for the first time last night, and R.J. sat down to dinner and said, "This is the best damn dinner you've ever cooked!" Who needs an oven anyway?!

  • My family's timeshare condo getaway to Park City over the 4th of July

  • Out first anniversary!

  • Waking up whenever I want...everyday!

  • Not having to change out of pajamas all day if I don't want to!

  • Organizing my classroom...long days of uninterrupted work

  • Long walks at night with Dizzy

  • Flip flops being acceptable footwear...all the time

Ah! I feel better already....Any other ideas to add?

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Why my husband is super cool....

Yesterday was RJ's birthday...the big 3-0! So...in honor of my super sweet husband....

1. He is working full time while also going to school online. I really admire his willpower, dedication, and intelligence to continue school to be able to achieve the career he wants.

2. The other day, I left my laundry in the dryer. Instead of pulling it out in a big wrinkled pile, he carefully draped each item over the ledge to be wrinkle-free and therefore iron-free and therefore getting a very happy wife when she got home!

3. When I go to work at Sabor, he cleans the house.

4. He texts me often with little random updates about what he's doing. And always ends with "I love you."

5. I can hear him talking to the pets when he's with them in the other room...it's sweet.

6. When he goes out of the room for anything, he always asks if I need anything...I'm no marriage expert, but I think that's the kind of stuff that keeps marriages going, doing the little day-to-day nice stuff. It doesn't have to be anything big, just little nice stuff that makes a difference.

7. The way he treats the kids at school...he's always so kind and fun. He talks to them respectfully.

8. I get really hyper often and do some ridiculous dancing and singing...and he still likes me anyway!

9. He works so hard at our house to keep it clean and nice.

10. Whenever he rolls over in the middle of the night, he rubs my back.

11. We have a rule that we always say "I love you" when we leave each other or go to sleep. We haven't failed even once.

12. This is getting cheesy....so I'll throw in how much fun we have being goofy and making fun of each other...in a good way!

13. We can be competitive when we need to be...we have a fierce ongoing battle in the card game Speed.

14. How often he surprises me with a diet coke or a treat at school.

15. How I know he'll do anything for me, always!

So....we had a blast celebrating his 30th birthday! I'll post some birthday pics soon (I forgot my camera!). I love my fun husband so much and am so glad we had such a fun day celebrating!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

New Post

Ok...Honestly, I don't really have anything THAT exciting to blog about...but figured that State Farm is getting a little old. But I am currently in love with American Idol and watching David Archuleta sing! Aw! Simon just said, "You didn't just beat the competition tonight....you crushed the competition!"

Ah...In other good news, among my favorite movies, P.S. I Love You comes out today! I know some people didn't really like it, I absolutely LOVED it. You know how your perception of a movie changes based on your mood when you see it? Well, at the time, RJ was out of town (ok, only to Salt Lake, and only for a day....but hey, come on, we're newlyweds!) and I missed him! Plus, I have this mundo GIANT fear of losing him at a young age, and of car accidents too....and the weather was bad that day. SO....off I went to see the movie with my sisters in law, niece, and mother in law....I was totally crying, and I don't normally cry....like, didn't even cry in Titanic (call me cold hearted). Anyway, I just loved the movie, maybe just because I was like in that type of emotional mood...who knows...but, I'm off to wal-mart to buy it!