Sunday, September 25, 2011


What my father-in-law just said, after coming home with a box of Hostess Ding Dongs....

"Hey, want a know....since you're a blonde?"

Me: "No, thanks....I don't care for them much."

Him: "Why? Cannibalism?"

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Saturday, September 17, 2011


Biggest pet peeve: bad grammar. Especially from companies....shouldn't someone be paid to edit this stuff?!

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

So Will and I went to Einstein's to grab lunch on Saturday. When we walked in, there was a mom and her two adult children eating. We made eye contact and smiled. The mom looked familiar, and must have been thinking the same thing, because she said hi.

A few minutes later, we got back in our car. After putting Will in, I got in the car and fiddled with my phone for a second.

Suddenly the passenger door opened and the mom of the ladies was standing there. She was digging through her purse, then started to get in as she finally looked up. I awkwardly said, "Hi....." she looked up and was beyond embarrassed! We both just started laughing. She said, "Oh I just KNOW my daughters are over there laughing their heads off that I just got in the wrong car!!!" yep, her daughters, two cars over, in a similar silver suv, were laughing and waving!

Good laugh for the day....totally something I would do!

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Friday, September 9, 2011

Book Orders

I'll be honest...I LOVE ordering books from Scholastic book orders. Always have. I loved book order day. I'd circle all my top picks, my mom would do the final selection and write the check...and I'd wait anxiously to see them on my desk.

Still love it.

Only now I order a ton more for my classroom. So I got thinking....where would I get good, cheap books if I wasn't a teacher (and didn't have kids in school)? Then I got thinking some more (it's a rare event!), and thought maybe others are interested in ordering too. And if so....every time someone orders from my class site, my classroom gets a free book! And, well, many of my students don't own any books at home (SAD!), so what I have is what they have daily access to. Thus, I'm continually building up my classroom library.

They have books from $1 (good ones!), and I love the seasonal picks for Will. I've included all age level book from toddler-middle school.

So, if you would like to order any books, go to:
Class Activation Code: GQVLJ

If you order, they will ship to my classroom and I will let you know they are here. Then I can either deliver or you can swing by and grab them. Also, you can pay online. Just click on the "parent" section and put your name as the kid, so I'll know who you are....This time, the deadline is Monday, Sept. 12. But, I'll post each month when I'm doing an order. So if you can't do it this time, there will be other times!

I feel sales-pitch-y, but I promise I have nothing to gain other than books for 22 sweet third graders. So, consider this your community service by providing books to adorable, witty, bright kids....there, two birds with one stone!

Sunday, September 4, 2011


...but I still like it!

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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Servers = Superhuman?

Can we all agree that humans make mistakes? Regardless of occupation, gender, age, intentions.

I get that the very term "server" implies that this person serves customers, a waiter/waitress waits on a customer. But, I've been a bit disgruntled lately about the expectations set on servers. While we really do try our best to serve customers well (it's in our best interest to do so, after all), sometimes things happen beyond our control. Mistakes are made.

Example #1: The other day at Cafe Sabor, the patio was beginning to slow down. So our manager cut one of the servers and rearranged the sections. Within this time, a new table was sat....and their server didn't see them. Servers were confused about old/new sections, miscommunication happened....somehow they were not helped. This was only known when the customers stormed to the front of the restaurant saying/yelling to the manager something along the lines of "This is bullsh*t. Your service sucks and I'm never coming back..............." The calm manager calmly replied that he's sorry for what happened (although he still doesn't know what has happened at this point), and that he'd be happy to help resolve it. The man replies (while yelling) that he's been completely ignored for 10 minutes and he's leaving. Again, the manager says that he'd like a chance to make this right. To which the man storms out, yelling more.

REALLY?! That's really mature. Now, I'm not saying being ignored is ok, at all. Definitely not how we want things to go at Sabor.

BUT....It's also not worth storming around, yelling and swearing at people.

I can assure you, if this man had just stopped any worker, or even the manager, and said, "Hey, we've been here a while and no one has helped us. Can you send our server over?" The server would be horrified and embarrassed, but would have apologized profusely...given them great service, and probably free meals. Problem solved, everyone is happy.

So my point is this: Since servers (and anyone in the service industry, really), are in fact human, and therefore make about a little realistic understanding so the problem can be resolved in a mature way.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Blonde Moments Run in the Family

My mom and I were driving down Main Street in Logan yesterday when we passed Village Inn.

Mom: "You know what I don't get? Why all the new Village Inn signs say '6' on them. What does that mean? I thought they were numbering them, but they all say '6'...."