Friday, December 31, 2010

Life Ephiphany....

You know when a moment just comes and kind of "hits" you? Like, "Oh....I get it...." Well, I had one...

Yesterday my mom texted me (my mom texts now, yay!) that she was heading to the viewing of a good friend that had just passed away. It was a blessing really, and this woman was so ready to be with her sweet husband who had already passed.

When I got my mom's text, I was heading to a baptism of my dad's friend's wife, who has been a good family friend for years. I was deep in thought about what makes someone make such a big life decision, especially later in life. ..and pondering when I, too, made this decision.

Will cooed and babbled, "ma ma!" from the backseat and it just kind of hit just comes so full circle and so fast. I don't know, I can't put my epiphany into words (clearly), just goes fast....and sometimes brings some religious clarity, a child (a moment of "how am I old enough to be a mom?!" definitely hit me at this moment too), and soon, the end of life too.

Just made me think.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Day

Again, posterity.....don't mind the abundance of pics....
It will totally be worth it when I print my blog into yearly books....

We started Christmas morning off at our house. Will had fun opening presents....but his favorite thing overall? The cat toys in the pets' stocking! The kitties got some little balls with bells in them and Will thought they were pretty great. Santa stocked his stocking with his fave treats....fruit snacks, dum dum suckers, and mini Nilla wafers...and bubble bath!

We had a nice lazy day with Christmas naps, then headed up to RJ's parents' house for some family fun! We opened gifts....and scratched the entire roll of lottery tickets that his sister Amy bought the family!

Will and Grandpa ate some pie after our delicious turkey dinner!

Amy and Bill

Opening gifts was crazy! Paper and boxes everywhere!
We had a great time and enjoyed getting many great gifts!

Christmas Eve

Totally one of those posts-for-posterity-sake....excuse the abundance of pics!

We had a great holiday season...the celebrations began on Christmas Eve, when we headed to SLC to meet up with my family. We had a lovely dinner at Cafe Trio, then gathered for dessert and presents at my aunt and uncle's house.

Paul was super excited about his new quesadilla maker!

Will and my Uncle Don were apparently having a very serious conversation...

He kept hugging my dad's head!
Will looked like he was selling newspapers....he even wore his leather jacket.

RJ got a massage chair from my parents...He was so excited!

It was so fun to see Will enjoy opening presents....

Will got a super cool Harley Davidson hoodie from his Uncle Nick....

We had a great Christmas Eve with my family...everyone was so very generous and we had a wonderful time!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Friday, December 24, 2010

The Whole Ensemble

Will met "Jingle Bells", The Grinch, and Santa...a lot to take in for one day!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Grinch!

Will was pretty skeptical of the Grinch...

Here Comes Santa Claus....YIKES!

Last year:

Not much has changed this year....

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Dinner Club Fun!

The annual Dinner Club Christmas Party
was held Friday night...SO fun!
Great dinner, lots of laughs, Pictionary, White Elephant....
Just love all these girls.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Please Help!

You guys, I have to tell you....I almost cried. In class. Today. I don't ever cry.

This sweet boy didn't have a coat. He just wears a sweatshirt everyday. I wish it was ethical for me to show you a picture of him, to put a face with a name (well, I can't even write the name!). Anyway, our school just got him one. He proudly came in our classroom with it. He showed me how it's reversible, how it's already labeled with his name. This sweet thing will be warm, and in a "cool" coat that he likes. Warmed my heart. I teared up.

You see, our school (Ellis Elementary in Logan)
has approx. 400 students.
Here's the kicker...

76% of them are at a poverty level.

So, Christmas is obviously a time of great need.

Last year, one of my dear friends called and said that she and her now-husband wanted to sponsor a family. They were SO generous and just went crazy. She of course doesn't want any credit for this kind venture....but I'm going to give it to her anyway, because most of you out there know her....Jenny Olsen took this sweet family under her wing. She went crazy- got them things she knew they needed, and things she knew they'd love. She didn't stop there...she only received info (sizes, likes, etc.) for the children...but being the kind person she is, she also purchased things for the mom and dad, because she didn't want them to go without.

Our school provides "Santa Sacks" for families who don't quite qualify for Sub for Santa, but need the help. In each sack, the child gets a pair of pants, a shirt, underwear, socks, a blanket, a toy, and a book. Each sack costs about $70 to put together.

So....I'm asking for help. These kids are the sweetest things you've ever seen (aren't all kids though?!). I know many of you do many things in your community at this time of year. If you have any extra you can do for these Ellis kids, trust me, it will be appreciated!

You can donate at
Click on donate,
and indicate that is for Ellis Santa Sacks.

I hope your heart is warmed by your own generosity. I can tell you, when we went to drop off the gifts that Jenny and Blaine bought for the family, we all had tears. It was amazing. We did it "doorbell ditching" style by covering their porch with gifts marked "from Santa", festively wrapped of course, and ran! The dad opened the door, gave a wave, and they loaded all their new gifts in. We reveled in the moment! Every time I see that sweet boy at school wearing a shirt I know Jenny so kindly gave him, I just think of how wonderful that experience was!

Thanks for considering donating
even the smallest amount,

anything you can.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thanksgiving Break

We had a great break...started off with BLIZZARD 2010 (say that in a really dramatic voice and you get the idea)....which turned out to be a storm, but with extra wind. did get us a half day..yay!

We were lazy, lazy, lazy! And we loved, loved, loved it.

Thursday we headed to dinner at my aunt's house in Sandy. It was wonderful to see everyone and eat delicious food. Will got to play with phones, take flying lessons, and practice playing with his cousin Oliver.

We stayed at our friend Leila and Landon's house. They were wonderful hosts and kept the candy and games coming! We, unfortunately, kept the squealing toddler coming early in the A.M. Leila said it was "so fun" to wake up to the sounds of a baby in their home. HA!

We had an awesome breakfast at The Original Pancake House....if you haven't been...GO! Delicious pumpkin pancakes. Will spent the day with Grandma and Grandpa Steuri while we shopped, saw a movie, ate, and....went to the JAZZ GAME! So fun. They were down by 19 in the first quarter to the Lakers, so we were a tad worried for RJ's mood on the drive home. Could be a l-o-n-g drive! But, we came ahead and won and it was awesome to see those obnoxious bandwagon Laker fans head on out real quick!

Will trying an olive...

Will does an E.T. impression with his olive....

Cute baby Oliver

Paul teaches Will about his orange fashionable hat...

My mom gets texting lessons.

Will gets Blackberry lessons...

And compares with the iphone....

Will goes on his favorite ride!

...and more Peter Pan style flying....

It was a great a few weeks of Christmas crafts, caroling, Santa wish lists, squirmy third graders (and their teacher too), lots of Diet Coke....and it will be Christmas! Yikes!