Saturday, November 3, 2012


Turns out 3 was the magic age for Halloween to be fun for Will. He had SO. MUCH. FUN! A few weeks before the big day he announced the costumes: I would be a witch, he'd be a princess, and RJ would be the tooth fairy! HA! Luckily that changed a little...he now wanted to be a witch. I kept trying to think of how I could do a boy-ish witch costume....he was adamant that be was NOT a warlock, NOT a wizard...a WITCH! So, we went with it!

He had a blast at his day care, then Daryla picked him up and brought him to the Ellis parade. The kids LOVED seeing him....he did NOT love seeing the Garbage Monster!

After a restful nap, we went trick or treating. My goodness, he loved it this year! He would cackle his way right up to the door, knock, then sweetly say, "Trick or treat!" And always a thank you! At first, he made up a little song and skipped his way from house to house singing, "It's Halloween! It's Halloween!"

At one neighbor's house (who we know, luckily!), he took his treat, then said, "Give my mom one please...then give my dad one, please." Ha! We didn't even practice that! ;)

We passed a lady pushing a stroller (the kid it belonged to was out and trick or treating)....he worriedly looked in, looked up at her, and said, "Um, your baby fell out." His tone was just so funny.

We had a great Halloween!

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