Thursday, August 9, 2012

Will Funnies

Last night, W was brushing his teeth. He finished and let out a big sigh, then said, "Ah, I feel much better!" I said, "It feels good to have clean teeth!" He replied, "Fantastic, baby!"

Today, we were at City Creek looking at the stream. He spotted a fish and yelled, "SHARK!!!" Stopped some mall traffic!

Last week, we went shopping at Target and discovered that W is "so scared, mom!" to walk on the floor there. The reflection of the lights on the shiny linoleum floor freaks him out. I think it looks like the floor is moving? Not sure, but he scales the shelves trying to avoid the floor, or heads right to the carpet. It's actually kinda cute!

While at Target, I was paying and W found a toy by the check stand. When it came time to put it away, there was another customer blocking the way. Will looked right up at him and said, Move." while motioning with his hand. Luckily the guy was nice, because it was really pretty funny...and embarrassing! We had a little chat about saying, "Excuse me"...especially to strangers!

Will has also started calling me Josè! It's pretty funny to see people's faces when he calls his pale-faced, blonde-haired mom Josè! It started when I said, "No way, Josè!" to him, and he replied, "Yes, Josè!" stuck!

He doesn't understand that someone/something can have more than one today I said, "You are my best guy!" and he said, "No mom, I'm Will!" and the tone he says it in is so cute, it's as if I keep forgetting his name or something!

Speaking of which...we were headed to Salt Lake to see my family. He knew we were seeing "Nana and Bobo", so when I said we were going to Salt Lake, he started crying, "Not go to Salt Lake City, go to Nana's!"

I've been trying to explain to him that "Nana and Bobo" are my parents (despite the circus sounding names!) and that Nick and Paul are my brothers. What an abstract concept! I was talking about it the other day and W said, "Not your brothers, mom. They are my buddies!"

Will has been telling me lately that he wants a baby brother AND a baby sister "at the SAME TIME mom!" Yikes! I asked what their names would is DooDoo and sister is DooDee!

Love this kid!

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